Микро турбина В ГАРАЖЕ – битва за реактивную тягу
Микро турбина В ГАРАЖЕ – битва за реактивную тягу

Greetings lovers of turbo jet thrust! Today, guys, your day! Decomposed and I will do the third version of the jet engine. This engine should be the most successful. See what a nozzle apparatus? There are more blades and they are at a much greater angle. The gap is smaller. The pressure inside the combustion chamber in theory should be higher. And, in general, this engine should work best. It will work if all other indicators are correct. And I made these conclusions based on the experience of the two past engines. If something goes wrong with it, will have to draw some more conclusions. Let’s get down to assembling a jet micro engine. The combustion chamber once again decided to modify a little. Welded evaporating tubes. This time there will be 10 of them again. Tubes of larger diameter. Well, from this end I flattened them so that they were flat, so that the exit was flat. I do not know how much it will affect. Let’s see guys. I am experimenting and trying to achieve the best result. It is possible to weld by welding in an integral design. Here I have everything ready. And the nozzle unit here will be the most powerful. While model number three is being prepared, model number two has been disassembled, friends. And already improved it a little. What touched improvements? First of all, one can say that I brewed (closed) through these large openings. The sum of the areas of all the holes is here and in the inner ring, It turns out much more than the inlet. The third option will have a larger compressor impeller and everything is fine here. Well, here, as it turned out, does not want to create pressure. It (pressure) still does not want to be created due to the fact that the nozzle apparatus there, inside, is the coolest (located). Well, unfortunately, guys, before I did not know where to start and did just that. The inscription on the screen “Designed for better bandwidth.” Now, analyzing all this data, I can already guess what could be better. That is, here, here it would be best to put this nozzle apparatus, with a large number of openings and with a small cross section. The inscription on the screen “designed for more pressure.” That is the general section is very small here. Two times less than on this turbine. Here I am saved by installing an impeller with small flow sections. And she did not work badly with brewed holes. That is, I reduced the amount of air. Reduced flow inside the combustion chamber. From above it turns out now more pressure. And under great pressure air goes in there (through these holes). Everything mixes better and burns better. Now I have done some more improvement. Namely: I bent at an angle and increased the diameter here. See what big holes here! In order to better, again, everything swirled here and used to start burning in the combustion chamber. In short, now I collect. And we, while preparing the third option, we run the second option again. And let’s see how it works. As you can see, I already experiment and sometimes I spend without you. But, friends, you do not miss anything! We will try on a new technology to fully generate gas. I’ll add warm water here. Water will prevent the cylinder temperature from dropping and will be uniformly generated. Because I’m already tired of the fact that he instantly gets cold (cools). After that, inside the pressure drops and the engine pressure drops. We lose power, we lose cravings. Earlier, when I tested this second engine instance, there was almost no pressure here. That is, it was no more than 0.1 bar. Now, I think we will surpass this figure. Because I made a number of improvements. I give a little gas. Guys, it is somehow unstable, but it works! Works to full development of the cylinder, while he lies in the water. This is 5-7 minutes of work. Found another small problem. In short, served too much oil. I thickened (made thicker) it and now it is served less than it. And this train stopped appearing here, burnout ceased to be outside the combustion chamber. That is, there is so much kerosene with oil there that it ignites and burns outside. It should be less significantly served. And then the engine is much more stable, no lumbago. And there is no instability with temperature. Now guaranteed temperature of about 700 degrees Celsius. And even lower at idle naturally. In general, I am gaining experience slowly. Anyway, you need to make a new engine, so we continue. All the routine that happens on the desktop, I will not show you guys. I will show you only the differences. And show engine improvements. You see what kind of combustion chamber? Beautiful girl! I made 10 evaporative tubes. But the collector is still 5 pipe. Further. Twisted the thread. Because some trials, which I did without you showed which is at least as good. Theoretically it should be even better. Better, better! I will not hide. Further. Here, here, so bent the holes. These holes may be superfluous. It may be necessary to embed, wall up some of them. It is moving. Drilling now small holes under the screws m2, to mount these two parts here. And the oil system slightly upgraded. Practice has shown that I supply too much oil. Because of this, even the flame is unstable sometimes. Lubrication, of course, boldly modernized. Now the tube is very close to the balls. At the moment, she even slightly wedged, clings. But I think a small lapping will happen. and the oil will be right up close to the balls. His (oil) can be served in small quantities. That is, it will not carry into the system. Because the air in the channel is moving in this direction. And the biggest problem is to lubricate exactly that bearing (this one). And the rear bearing is always lubricated, and everything is always normal with it. It would seem he is hot … But, no less, the truth of life is that the back is hot and it withstands better than the front (cold). I say for those who will create something similar in the future. I see some bloggers keep trying to make your little turbojet. I have not seen such small ones, but others do a little more. In general, I wanted to say? Practice has shown that ordinary tin does not melt here and is quite normal for itself. And here and there, where did the oil system. Constantly there is a current of fluid through the tubes. And it does not melt the metal. It does not turn into a liquid, fly away, scatter. Everything is working fine. The third engine is already going on under this scheme. It is desirable to do this by high-temperature soldering. But I can not do thin tubes. For some reason they are sealed inside. Therefore, in these matters I use an ordinary soldering iron. And everything turns out well. The holes are very small and “drink a lot of blood” (create problems). But I adapt myself. And now I calmly do it. Not even two days to spend on it. I think I’ll manage in one night. The problem is that you need to combine everything, all surfaces. To cogs come in tension. And cogs here m2. Set bought on Aliexpress. I use very small cogs. Large simply do not fit. See how little space there is. Jewelry work. But nothing, the third engine is doing. It came to the case. The body will be the same green, which I showed in the video about the anodizing of aluminum. Now the main thing is not to spoil it. Because it is beautiful, already the final copy, the final version. Drilled the whole body. It seems to be all successful. You can remove the protection. And you can assemble into a single structure. The engine, except for the assembly, is ready. See how it all fits, all the holes clearly converge. Micro candle. Are we going to start now? No, guys, I want to show you this engine again. Green we later test today. Just want to brag. I want to connect it and show how it works great now! This is actually not real, this is fantastic! Initially, he did not want to work at all! As usual, they all do not want to work at the beginning. How not to dream, but just because they do not begin to work. It is necessary to “bring to mind” (finish), we can say that this is brought (completed). We start !!! 740 grams of thrust. This is not a joke. 800 grams of thrust! 600 degrees! 0.75 bar. It works very hard. Friends, this engine can be said to be fully working. Because 800 grams of traction is not a joke. He raises almost three of his weight. Works baby! I will not improve this engine. Leave as it is. Still, it is better than the first copy. And now we put the third micro turbo jet engine. Here he is, handsome, already on the stand. I propose to see what happens, what he gives out. We have everything. Some gas. Although the temperature is prohibitive, but it can be said that it started the first time. Because he worked on self support. And this is the only engine of the three, but what’s there, of the four, which started right away guys. True, the temperature was 780 degrees Celsius. I did not have time to quickly shoot it on video. On the valve, something happened and gave a lot of fuel, overheating went. And here it is necessary to do everything smoothly. This homemade micro engine gives very good signs of life. But you need to finish. It can be seen that everything is not so simple here, everything is not so smooth. But better than usual. Now I’ll try to run a couple more times. If it does not work out, then probably before the next video will suffer. Because I guess you need to make global alterations. This impeller is big and will have to be redone. And redo the item with which it is in contact. 0.5 bar. Yeah, the “stoker” he certainly notable. But the trick is that he does not want to stabilize the temperature The temperature is slowly growing, growing, growing and growing. And there is no end to this process. Although the impeller was not so red. Gives, one might say, signs of life. Even once, this jet engine stabilized altogether at once. About half a minute he worked without heating. Something needs to be improved a little in it. Still, the impeller, this one here compressor impeller, requires a decrease. Can’t turbine scroll through it. Have you seen how it worked well on the previous jet engine? The temperature was generally cold. It was cool! Well, here rises and rises, and nothing can be done about it. I will finalize (finish). Then, again, there will be tests. In the next video on the profile topic, we will again deal with this green “baby.” I will redo a couple of parts. I have it all guys. Who was interested, subscribe to the channel. Support “like”) Bye everyone, see you soon! Igor Negoda

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