Uh, it’s me, it’s me, too! Yes, Valery look carefully!) I’ll never forgive you! NO – COH – YES! Very interesting, how is he? Valera, it’s what’s happening here? Look! Is that a coconut in the oven ?! HAY! What are you, Valerie, coconut can not shove it in the oven! Let’s I’ll open it at last. No! It’s my hairy sweet, and I myself will open it, okay ?! Yeah … yeah … What would this do today? Spinner. Again?! A 6 Hello guys, today we do with Valera spinner gelatin! Well, yes, normally you do not get anything! Valera! What? And why did not you ask? And, for sure! Guys, you have signed up ?! All Valery ran away! The last time Lego-spinner for some reason did not work … By the way, for some reason you did not give me to eat it? !! Well … Okay … Can you eat. That’s the same) Well, let me try to make a spinner of gelatin Yeah, and then Valery long Lego-spinner try to eat. form will be necessary for the manufacture of the spinner to me, and I will do shape from plasticine Now I’m trying to pressure our nimu spinner!
Here, now I’m in her dented our spinner That’s what I eventually got!
That’s what I finally came Now I will make a basis for our jelly spinner
Now I will make a basis for our jelly spinner I vysyplyu gelatin in a saucepan
The gelatin I vysaplyu pot and now need to add water gelatin
And now we need to add water gelatin here are so many, I believe that will be enough and he spinner I make green red Why we still red red red candy red Valera candies? Where? yes it’s me by the way and I have thought to eat he thought shorter will be our green spinner now prevent but some countries like gelatin porridge true green yeah and you forgot to add the secret ingredent what? sweet Valera sugar is harmfully And I will fetch a useful sugar here What are you dragged? Fructose Of course it is not entirely useful but let’s try Now I really do not understand that the fructose can change? all! what all? said everything and anything that has stuck so let our gelatin until swell and I also try to make the spinner of conventional construction and silicone starch Now I’ll open it. Srezhu superfluous there and squeezed our silicone plastic disposable cup behold I will add little red dye hinder horoshenichko and mixed with starch to the silicone hardens quickly a couple of spoonfuls should be enough No okozalos malovoto, we must also Now I lay it on the table and will be mixed Horoshenichko mixed, leveled, and now I’m going to do silicone spinner spinner I am now made to the sample and neatly cut out knife Done! but the truth is that not enough bearing spinner Now I’ll put it yes this is the easiest way to spoil bearing Guys, let me try to blind him, but I think that does not
It happens because silicone has already started to harden. Interestingly, and where Valery hiding? About poor Coco Nut (a reference to the “poor Erik” phrase) Valera, is what are you doing? in Hamlet play What is it like? Well, look, beat or not to beat, that’s the coconut! Laadno let me until our melted gelatin. Finish green foam now you need to get out of here so take the mold and into the bearing poloshu it must horoshenichko push something to the gelatin did not get inside and did not spoil another bearing oh yeah totally forgot, you must first put a flat board Well as usual I almost ruined my spinner I almost believed Valera now I zalyu neatly teaspoon our green gelatin and let is now set, and we’ll wait which again takes place there Valera! What? I’ve been inventing automatic candy machine poedatelnuyu Ah, it is clear Well, it’s been 2:00, let’s I’ll get our spinner, and see what’s happened. yes Valery looks closely So, Valera, enough to misbehave But his main akkuratninko pull out and not break Here it is about kids turns Yes, of course he vraschyaetsya plohovoto, it is too easy, the menie it we turned it and revolves jelly. But why silicone is not released. Guys, can you know some way to how we can make silicone spinner? Well? What? Come lick spinner Come on! Well? Well ok It is clear, give it to myself I will try


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    Паша: может кто-то много жрёт?😏😏😏
    Валера: ой какой ты шутник Паша!😒

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