★Winning Super Rare Fidget Spinners From The Claw Machine!! + Crazy Fidget Spinner Unboxing/Review!!
★Winning Super Rare Fidget Spinners From The Claw Machine!! + Crazy Fidget Spinner Unboxing/Review!!

Winning Super Rare Fidget Spinners From The Claw Machine!! + Crazy Fidget Spinner Unboxing/Review!!

100 thoughts on “★Winning Super Rare Fidget Spinners From The Claw Machine!! + Crazy Fidget Spinner Unboxing/Review!!”

  1. LITTLE E says:

    Can i have a fidget spinner please

  2. Vicky Tagle says:

    Very good

  3. Jack Joseph B says:

    Can I have the rainbow one

  4. Jack Joseph B says:


  5. black green says:

    U are the best

  6. black green says:

    Can I get a figet spinner

  7. Judas Quen says:

    so much for me

  8. Derian Rivas says:


  9. Christy Lang says:


  10. wolf pals tv says:

    My name is Genesis

  11. basti ramos says:

    I would like the pointy fidget spinner

  12. Ja'von McCleod says:

    Not sure 👎👎👎👎👎

  13. robert puente says:


  14. Lette Harmon says:


  15. Oriell Harris says:

    Can I have one or two fidget spinner

  16. Krazy Kid says:

    The one with only two arms thats not actually rare like if you agree EDIT: okay now i see that it light up it looks rare

  17. Brody Akridge says:

    I want a digit spinner

  18. Money Memph says:

    That claw is we

  19. Domenic Vega says:

    How many spiners do you have

  20. Psycho Cracked says:

    I would like a rainbow fidget spinner

  21. Dora Specht says:

    I won't won

  22. Kennedy/Raven Blyth says:

    I love your vlogs and can I have a figet spinner please

  23. Kennedy/Raven Blyth says:

    Your hair looks awesome

  24. Leevi Hartikainen says:

    i want one

  25. Gisela Bridges says:

    I sub and nodofcatias

  26. cameron Roche says:


  27. ramki venkat says:

    Are you from lab rats the Netflix show

  28. Christain Attocknie says:

    can you get me a figet spinner

  29. Jax Howe says:

    Figet spinner I love your vids so much please give me one of a kind

  30. Princess Kendricks says:

    You should be happy that you do that to dinosaur and Finch Hannah spidget finner

  31. Princess Kendricks says:

    You can just tell all of fidget spinner from out the claw machine stellar

  32. hellcat 324 says:

    I want the last spiner my address is :FL 33065 7961 44th ct apartment 2 coral springs

  33. Ryan Rhino says:

    That music

  34. WTB IMMORTAL7 says:

    Sware that I did not so but I think it's possible

  35. Justin Garcia says:

    No and fidget are dumb

  36. Justin Garcia says:

    I have the last 1

  37. xErroR Gaming says:


  38. Savage boy says:

    Aye lake your videos and aye subscribe

  39. Vickie Pfleuger says:

    And can I have a fidget

  40. Vickie Pfleuger says:

    Address is Forestville NY and I live on Pearl Street 46

  41. Vickie Pfleuger says:

    I want the second one you got

  42. Ji Hye Lim says:

    Plz fidget spinner

  43. vicente valentin Juarez says:


  44. vicente valentin Juarez says:

    I would to

  45. Scott Ashwin says:

    You are so cool

  46. The MortalYT says:

    You are the best!!!!

  47. jack hannah says:

    you can get it but maby not

  48. jerome ricaux says:


  49. MyLifeasCharlieAnderson says:

    Nice camera. Hee Hee

  50. MyLifeasCharlieAnderson says:

    Not really cause its burried

  51. naseem Bano says:


  52. Videos with ELLiot says:


  53. Blake Steane says:

    Can I get one your the best youtuber

  54. Aiden Torres says:

    Hi can I get one

  55. Tee The Jammer says:


  56. Dominic Hatton says:


  57. Brayden Hofstetter says:

    Can I win a digit spinner

  58. Samantha Refior Hohn says:


  59. Josia Mirla says:

    Hi can i get one

  60. Rem Estopace says:

    I'm from Philippines can i have one of your fidget spinner?

  61. Nancy Howard says:


  62. Nina Triyana says:

    that is at home?

  63. Ray Anthony says:

    fidget spinner

  64. Isaac Cobian says:

    Hi can I get one fidget spinnet

  65. Isaac Cobian says:

    First try

  66. X man Smith says:

    Can I plz have a stuffed animal

  67. Alexander Carrera says:


  68. Wingrove Family says:


  69. frances silva says:

    You look like a girl by your eye brows

  70. frances silva says:

    I want one now

  71. Felicia Willard says:


  72. Amethyst Hay says:

    Every claw machine I play the claw is so loose when you actually pick it up it falls.

  73. Sean Alvarico says:


  74. Elijah Olavarria says:

    I don't think he got it 😤

  75. connor Dell says:

    I wood like a fijit spiner

  76. Yasael Vasquez says:


  77. Yasael Vasquez says:


  78. Adam Maciejewski says:

    I like your channel a lot

  79. Nate Boross says:


  80. Enrique 2009 says:


  81. Nate Mora says:

    Can,you,give me a fidget spinner

  82. Kathy English says:

    You is so beautiful!!

  83. Robby Lhamon says:

    I want to spend planner

  84. Vicky Peraino says:

    At 71 I have no idea how they work. I believe you can get 7 spiners

  85. TOXIC GAMING says:

    Yes It is possible

  86. Project Zorgo PZ1 says:

    My moms getting me some

  87. Kimber 10MM says:

    Weird shit right here…………………… No wonder kids are messed up, watchin this crazyness

  88. Tom Dalton says:

    Eny thing is possible

  89. Keneisha Jones-Chin says:


  90. Jackson Russell says:

    Clawtuber: gets the first fidget spinner. Clawtuber: I don’t care about the dinosaur. Dinosaur: ooooooof

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