⚠️Tire Blowout: Cheap Dodge Charger Wheels SPLIT IN HALF During Car Chase
⚠️Tire Blowout: Cheap Dodge Charger Wheels SPLIT IN HALF During Car Chase

Go ahead whatever F**k f**k I Am so fucking glad – it could have ended really bad Yeah, you know we need to change the tire, it’s f**ked So YouTube yeah, you see that um The f**king rock there just blew out a tire It’s good that I save that but anyways we got to deal with this right now, so First I Have no idea if this is actually pointing towards this Okay, hopefully we can actually get it off. Yeah Those bolts could be really jammed in there If well I just it may not be a lot more load than is normally under just because there’s no tire. Well. You know what? But it just seems like it’s jammed I need a breaker bar to open the breaker bar here basically Let me see well. That’s a good sign. That’s You know what? Two-piece wheels baby, holy s**t f**k an entire wheel Man I mean of course I mean it’s a lot of weight to just Directly on the wheel I’ve never f**king seen this in my life It’s I don’t even know he can take this out look. It’s completely just broke and it failed and here basically Once we get indoors. We’ll get a better look at that But for now let’s all let’s work on what’s important Yeah

16 thoughts on “⚠️Tire Blowout: Cheap Dodge Charger Wheels SPLIT IN HALF During Car Chase”

  1. Ridge Chaser says:

    The “fun” incident happens at 2:30 if you want to skip the Civic chase. I’ll answer any questions within a reasonable time – and yes, the Dodge wheels are actually made in China! 🇨🇳
    My Instagram page @ridgechaser has more story time and pics for those interested

  2. Wendy Lutchmansingh says:

    Did you begin to panic when the tire blew out?

  3. no more says:

    Typical Chrysler junk

  4. SuperMechguy says:

    Nani?!?! Shitty Chrysler Wheel!?!?!

    Glad you guys were ok

  5. Charles-Dylan Mactutus says:

    Yep ya definitely railed a rock right there

  6. Solo Wong says:

    Was the impact to the wheel a direct or indirect hit? Glad that this incident was not any worse and great to see you guys back!

  7. AWDfreak says:

    Wait a minute, those are stock wheels? And are they steel or alloys? That's quite concerning, because if they are stock, the Dodge Charger Pursuit used by law enforcement might have the same problems happen to them. Also, how did you guys verify the country of origin? Grateful it happened on the straight and that you could live to caution everyone using your YouTube channel.

  8. Peter Crockett says:

    (remember – retired truck driver here) This is why Big trucks ALL use Aluminium wheels as they generally won't ever do that. Yes, they 'will' crack with age (time to replace) – but in service that's usually a million plus miles.

    Buying wheels is not a place to go cheap and skimp on either. Just like tires. The whole chain and the weakest link concept…

    Funny how "they" always said 'stock' was best…

  9. Tessemi says:

    Thats a ace combat music right??

  10. H5SKB4RU says:

    Wow guys, you're lucky the rim prevented the brakes from going to the ground,you surely kept your cool there.

    But…what happened exactly?

  11. Rowland0 The Kurgan says:

    Man big car to have cheap mags on, that Honda would get away with it good save though 😀

  12. ゴールデンクマ says:

    did you not do a pre-run of the road you planned to drive on to check for road conditions? that rock could have been moved out of the way.

  13. Packa Towel says:

    from all the sounds of all them little rocks pelting your window from following the civic,that would've been enough of a sign that some bigger dwaynes will be lurking on the road tbh (>-<)

  14. Nero says:

    I can practically hear the rock chips… uhh :/

  15. Salazar Street says:

    Nice save

  16. Alex Games says:


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