⛵️Time to make a decision about our DIESEL TANK (USA meet up dates and venues) #119
⛵️Time to make a decision about our DIESEL TANK (USA meet up dates and venues) #119

So, today we are gonna show you how we
transformed out diesel tank from this into this. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny
shipping container house. Made possible by our Patreons (Thank you!!) So, we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! As you can see the boat is a mess inside. Check it out. Everything here is open. That’s the water
tank. That’s a future story. Yeah, future story. All around here, there, everywhere. It’s hardly even to walk inside of the boat. So, I think it’s easier for us just to go
outside and tell this story outside, right? So, let’s go outside. I don’t know if you guys remember but a
few months ago we opened up our diesel tank. And it wasn’t looking pretty. I mean… it wasn’t that bad, but it was a problem, that back then we didn’t know how to solve. If you guys have no idea what we’re talking about I think it’s just easier, like always, to pause this video and go back to this one and then there we explain the whole situation. We had a lot of bubbles on the
paint we had some rust… We explained it there. Pretty much at one point we needed to solve this problem and this is for the past months the worst problem we have I think. Yeah. Because it’s something that we didn’t really know how to solve and how to deal with. I think the best option to deal with the problem of the painting would be using the sandblasting machine. Yeah, the sandblasting is the only way you can come back to the raw metal, 100% raw metal and give a perfect treatment
on the top of it. But in Brazil at least the sandblasting is prohibited. Wait. It’s not that you cannot sandblast. You can sandblast. But outside of a factory or in a not controlled environment you cannot use dry sandblasting. So, we were gonna use wet sandblasting. Yeah, you can have like… you know the small cabins for sandblasting but we cannot take the boat to the small machine. Because our diesel tank is
the bottom of the hull of the boat. So, that means that it’s the boat itself. So, we decided we wanted to talk to the guy that has… you know him already, the guy that sandblasted our hatches. And he had a portable sandblasting machine. And he said once that he had all the pieces to put together a wet sandblasting machine
that we could take inside of the boat. This is good news. That was good news for a while. He said he could put it together but it took him, I don’t know… the past 4 months. He always needs something else like a small piece that he need to machine and this and that. And it started taking too long to get the machine ready until he had an idea. Which was? His neighbor’s machine. Yeah, we didn’t know that but his neighbor had a Italian machine that is a portable wet sand blasting machine ready to be used. And good news we found the best material to use in that. So, let’s show you first the material we wanted to use for sandblasting. Good news! Great news actually. We found a material to use in a sandblaster. We’re not gonna use sand actually, it’s
gonna be material called garnet. It’s a mineral. And we found out that in the marina someone used this material I think like 6 or 7 years ago and they had some leftovers on the… I’m gonna show you. It’s like a treasure hunt. Let’s go. There are a lot of ants here. Finally. We are drying some garnet because it seems that this afternoon we are gonna test this sandblasting machine. It’s pretty cool. 1 hour later… It’s about time to take off the impurities. Let’s see if it works. So, this is a mosquito net. It’s pretty good for this. It’s pretty good. It’s really really good actually. We are drying garnet for… I think 3 hours now. I’m pretty tired. This is how it needs to be. And this is the wet one. It sticks on the hand. And if you… Can you grab this? It doesn’t stick on the hand. So the plan was perfect. We had the machine, we had the garnet. Yeah, everything was in our hand to start doing what we needed to do, right? So after maybe a month he had the machine ready so we could do
a test. So… I mean before that we dried the garnet for like 3 days straight on the sun and we did all the preparation and we… It was a lot of work to get prepared to do the first test. And we went to his shop and we did the first test on one of the lids of the diesel tank. And it went (well) really good. It went really really well. Actually it took out perfectly the sand, I mean the paint. And that
was really good. So we decided it was about time to bring
the machine to the boat and give it a try. What a nice day, right? What a nice day, yeah. Theoretically it was a nice day. And that’s what happened. It’s about time to get the boat ready. For? We’ve been waiting to sandblast the
diesel tank for over 2 months I guess. So now, today in the morning I ran a test outside of the boat on the shop and the machine works so good. So now we want to get the boat ready because we’re gonna make a small mess inside of here. But it’s gonna be worth. Even though it’s gonna be sandblast with water… Sandblasting with water and sand. It used to make a small mess. So, it’s better to have plastic all over. All the holes and all… you know. You will see it. Let’s get the boat ready. Finally! After 2 months. Do you guys know what that means? We are gonna sandblast the tank, that’s what it means. Are you ready for the first test? Finally So, how is the sandblast going? Terrible. It’s not going. It’s just getting stuck. I think the sand is just stuck. It’s not working. We tried to sand there but it doesn’t take the rust off it. And it takes some sand out of the machine as well. Well. Even tough it was working, it was not working properly. What she means is that the machine works but it’s a really tough machine to get it done properly. And we thought it wouldn’t make any mess on the boat and to be honest it did some mess with it. Because even though it’s wet you still get some garnet and some particles around. And it was always… the nozzle was always stuck, we couldn’t get it to work properly because it was just… At first we thought it was us, we didn’t know what we were doing. So we decided to take the machine back to
the guy that rented us the machine. We spent 2 hours trying to use this and regulating the pressure and everything. And we couldn’t make it work. So we went back to the shop,
his shop and he did another test. And then he couldn’t make it also to work. The thing is the garnet was just getting stuck in the nozzle and it was it was really tricky. So, we decided… if we use this machine we need someone that always uses this machine so the person knows how to use it and know how to fix it and we can do it a proper job. It was between Christmas and New Year. And we couldn’t find the right person because they are all busy working in or in vacations or whatever. And we decided that it was about time to do something. We needed to finish the diesel tank. We could not wait anymore. So we gave to the guy that rent us the machine and we said: “We either start by Monday or we won’t do this way”. And then we decided not to do this way. And then it was the time that he twisted his ankle. Right when we were gonna start doing the job ourselves I got hurt. You guys know that already. I fall inside off a hatch and I twisted my ankle and I couldn’t walk for like almostva month. And then we decided that we needed help. So we hired one of the
guys that painted our boat. The guy that actually cleaned the diesel tank for us. And as he is on vacations for his company, the company that he works for, the one that painted our boat, he had no job and he wanted to
work to make some extra money. So, it was good for him, it
was good for us, the price is fair I think. We paid like around 25 US dollars
for a day of work. So we paid him by day that he works. And we started doing the
hard way. The hard work. It was just a mix of everything you can imagine, just like the test we did on this video. The thing is after doing that test… that test that we shot this video was like 3 or 4 months ago I think . 3 months ago? 4. Maybe 4 months ago. And until today no rust came back. It’s still perfect. The paint job was really really well done. And we really believed that it won’t come back. So we gave up on trying to
sandblast the diesel tanks. And in the other hand… On the other hand or in the other hand? On the other hand is… We think it’s less risky even though we don’t take a hundred percent of the paint off, it’s less risky to do this way then wet sandblasting. Let me explain it. Wet sandblasting takes the paint off but also gets the plate wet. That means we needed to have any special kind of paint in order to be able to paint a humid surface. We can only find paints to paint humid surface that are not allowed to be inside of a diesel tank. And when we find a paint that is for diesel tanks they’re not allowed to paint on the wet surface. That means that… we didn’t find any
kind of paint here that does both things. That you can paint on a wet surface like
a not wet but a humid surface, and at the same time not be a bad paint for diesel tanks. So, we decided to paint it with the same paint we did the test that is Interline 850 from International and do it dry, not wet sandblasting. We just used angle grinder… We did a lot of tests as well. Each part is a different way. In one square we… Eduardo used needle gun and paint remover, paint stripper. And in the end just a sand paper. Angle grinder sometimes. Hand sand and… Orbital sander… everything you can imagine. The first square was the worst one with rust. So… In the end it was mostly a mix in
between the paint stripper and the needle gun. The needle gun is really good
when the paint’s dry. It’s a lot of needles with a compressor that tic tic tic. I don’t know how to
do the noise but it’s much louder than that. It’s really really loud. You can get
crazy inside of the boat. And it shakes a lot. Poor Eduardo. In the end… Eduardo, thanks so much. The job was really well done. Paint stripper Needle gun So, this was the worst part of the diesel tank. There were some rust spots here. And now it’s like this and we’re gonna paint it now. So, we took… Eduardo took one day just to
clean this. And now Duca is preparing the painting. Baby steps. One day we’ll get
there. One day we’ll have a full tank painted full of diesel. Tomorrow we are planing on doing 2 at the same time. Let’s hope. If we can do tomorrow we do 2 on the next day and then we just have the big part and then we’re done with the diesel tank. I’m dreaming. So this is where we are living. I don’t know if you can hear me but that’s the only clean spot of the entire boat. Because after this door it’s the mess. Check it out. Meanwhile. Someone is out working here. What are you doing? Sorry? What are you doing? Cleaning. Buying the gasket for the tank lids. And right now we have the tank with
3 coats of diesel tank paint, that’s perfect done. All the edges, everything is
ready. The only thing that’s missing is that
the guy with the sandblasting machine. He’s gonna sandblast, dry sandblast the lids inside of his small cabin. And then he’s gonna paint it
there and then we’re gonna install it. But of course it’s not ready yet. And we are still waiting for the gasket to arrive. Because the gasket for the diesel
tank needs to be a special kind of gasket, because otherwise the diesel will
just corrode the rubber, the gasket. So, we are waiting for this kind of a gasket
that is… Nitrile. Nitrile rubber or something like that. Pure nitrile rubber. You can use it for diesel tanks. We bought it like 3 weeks ago and it still… Supposedly it’s gonna arrive this week. But this week, when you watch this video, we are probably gonna be on our way to the States. We’re gonna spend 10 days in the US. So we are not gonna do that in time. But at least now you understood our way of thinking… Because when you refit a boat it’s just all about the process of solving problems and making decisions. That’s the most important thing that’s what we do every day all day: it’s just decision after decision and the boat the result of the decisions you make. And I think if we just show you us painting that the diesel tank it doesn’t make sense. I think it’s better for you to understand why we did and how we thought about it. Of course it’s not a perfect solution. No, the perfect solution would be to take all the furniture off and just sandblast the whole thing and treat. Sometimes it’s not possible to… it’s
raining on the camera right now. That’s not good. But sometimes it’s just not possible to do
the way we wish we could do it. There is another thing. The paint we are using… we need to have the correct humidity to use this and our friend Fred Borrow? Lent us an air conditioner portable one. Do you remember the guy we stayed at his boat for a week when I broke my fo… I twist my ankle? We were staying at our friend’s boat on the next marina and he has a huge air conditioning on his boat, like a residential one, just as he works
on a boat because here is really hot right now. And he used to have a smaller unit
and he let us use now. So now we have an air conditioning inside of the boat and that was perfect. Because we’ve been painting the inside part of the boat for over 3 weeks now. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside, if it’s hot, if it’s
humid. Because we turn on the air conditioning and it takes all the humidity off. So we always have a controlled humidity inside and that’s really good, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to finish diesel tank so fast. Because here everyday rains a little bit and then there is humidity and it’s not good for painting. We said painting the inside of the boat. The truth is we are not only doing the diesel tanks. But that’s something for a future episode. We’re painting the water tank, we are painting all the… how do we call it? The bilges. A 100% of the bilges, all the toilets on the bottom. It’s a big painting job because we don’t want to paint the inside part of the steel of the boat for a long time. So, we are doing a really good job on that. And we are also working on some welds outside. Yeah, we’ve been saying that we were
working on some welds for a while now. But at one point you’re gonna see it. It’s
really nice. Maybe in the next video. I think maybe next week’s video is gonna be about a really nice welding job that we… It’s like… It’s not something that we needed but it’s something that we really wanted. Because it’s gonna be a lot… it’s gonna… In our way of seeing the boats gonna be a lot safer to walk around. I’m talking too much. I think that’s it
for today, right? We talked too much already. I mean, I talked too much as usual. I try it sometimes but it’s real life you know. He talks a lot. It’s just the way it’s. It’s a funny story. I actually started properly speaking when I was only 4 years old. So I started it late and now I’m just getting back… you know… You are talking for all this period. Done for today. So, let’s welcome on board our new
Patreons for this week. Welcome on board: Tony, Brian, Kaspars. And also we need to speak some Portuguese today. We want to welcome on board our new Apoiadores. Because we have also a Brazilian platform for… Patreons. It’s not Patreons, it’s… Supporters. Yeah. So, we want to thank… It’s actually weird to speak in Portuguese. We want to thank and to welcome on board, Edson and Rubens. Edson and Rubens. Thanks a lot! And we also want to thank again Ravic for
his donation through our PayPal. Thanks a lot, Ravic. We really appreciate your support. So, as we said last week we are going to the United States. But now we have specific
dates and locations to meet you guys for 3 meet ups. That’s gonna be really
cool. So the first one is gonna be a hangout in the boat show. Miami Boat Show in the 15th of February from 1:00 to 3:00PM at tent C 628. That’s gonna be
the tent from Propspeed. We’re gonna be there with them. And we’re gonna meet wherever whoever… Whoever wants to stop by. You don’t need to confirm it, you just show up and we’re gonna be there to hang out with you guys. That’s gonna be awesome. The second one? The second one is a brunch in Fort Lauderdale on the 16th, on Sunday. Get ready to eat a lot. So, basically… of course we cannot afford to pay brunch for everyone, so each one pay for yourself, for your brunch. But, you pay one price and you eat as much as you can. And you drink a lot as well: tequilas and margueritas. You can drink and eat as much as you want
from 11:30 to 3:00 p.m.. And in the description below there is the name of the restaurant, the name of the place the address… All the informations on a
Facebook event. So, you can confirm so we can make sure we know how many people are gonna show up. The third one? There is a limited space for this one. The restaurant cannot afford 300 people there. So it’s better just to confirm just so you get we get organized. And the third one? The third one is gonna be in New York. This is gonna be a cool one. Actually it’s Port Chester. It’s on the… one hour from New York. One hour by train they say. We got invited by UK sailmakers do a presentation about our project, about our sailplanes. We are going to be there actually discussing the sailplanes of our boat. So we can make the sails of the boat, because we’re gonna have all brand new sails. And on Saturday, February we’re gonna have an event on their loft from 4 to 6p.m. And we’re gonna just talk about the journey we’ve been doing for 3 years and… About our channel… Whatever you want to ask us you just can… you can go there and ask us. We’re gonna talk about the YouTube channel, how we run the channel,
how our work is, how our daily life it, what are our plans for the future, how the boat is going… And so on. As you can tell I talk a lot, so you’re gonna hear me talking for 2 hours. It’s a long episode this time. Long live episode. So, we hope we see you there, guys. For today that’s it because we’re rambling already. So, we see you next week on the 15th and then 16th and then 22nd. We still don’t know what’s gonna be, we didn’t edit any video yet. We need to edit a video. We are gonna be late because of the trip, but it’s gonna be fine. We always find a way. See you guys next week. We are gonna edit it on the airplane for sure. We need to edit a video in the airplane… But we see you guys next week in person now. That’s pretty good. See you guys next weeks. Join the crew

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  63. Graziano Ferrari says:

    Choose a new disel tank in ABS material? isn't more sure and practical for maintenance

  64. Graziano Ferrari says:

    Choose a new disel tank in ABS material? isn't more sure and practical for maintenance

  65. Graziano Ferrari says:

    Choose a new disel tank in ABS material? isn't more sure and practical for maintenance

  66. Graziano Ferrari says:

    Choose a new disel tank in ABS material? isn't more sure and practical for maintenance

  67. sapper7378 says:

    Nothing seems to phase you no matter how much of a problem it is. Outstanding job, guys.

  68. malachy1847 says:

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  73. dynamite650 says:

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  74. Dan Elisha says:

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  76. Merc 015837 says:

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    I don't want to be negative, I love your channel and I'm really excited to see you get your boat back in the water, I just feel like you gave yourselves a massive headache here that you could have avoided.

  79. Jason Simonds says:

    "Nigh-Trial" or Ny-Try-all .. an elastomer designed to deal with grease and oils. Did you consider using a sealant instead of a gasket?

  80. Micheal Bee says:

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    Thanks for sharing so many details, this gives to learn a lot. Making a boat is hard but also an adventure, with materials, machines, workers, people, and the boat is awaking day after day…
    Very useful and joyful channel !

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  89. Jan Roar Bernhardsen says:

    Wow what a big job. I dont think i will paint a dieseltank 🙂 I think you are clever, never giving up. I wish that you will have easier task now, so you will end up in the ocean . Enjoying your beautiful boat. I wish you an nice week. Best wishes from Jan in Norway

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  94. Tom Pudney says:


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