王一博被潑油漆被點香,沒有工作室,“樂華太子爺”身份從何而來? |貴圈四姨太|#王一博#
王一博被潑油漆被點香,沒有工作室,“樂華太子爺”身份從何而來? |貴圈四姨太|#王一博#

Hello everyone, welcome to the wonderful content that Mrs. Si brought to you today Because of “Chen Qingling”, let everyone recognize Wang Yibo Because of the explosion of “Chen Qingling”, Wang Yibo became the top class, As an artist of Lehua, because Boom has unique resources, Two days ago, Wang Yibo’s magazine sales reached 870,000. Sales exceeded 25.11 million, seeing such outstanding results, While many people lamented Wang Yibo’s popularity, Don’t forget to say that it is indeed the Prince of Lehua. If “Prince” resources are the best, Compared with other artists in Lehua, Wang Yibo It can really be called “Prince”, But if he is because of “Prince Leroy”, Resources are so good, that aunt doesn’t agree. Never denied that Lehua’s discovery of Wang Yibo, At least, you are a visionary company. But no one will forget those new hatreds. At the age of 14, Wang Yibo was promoted to the top 16 in hip-hop competitions. Therefore, he was selected by Lehua and became one of the many trainees. Later, I went to Korea to study with my team members. At that time, Wang Yibo claimed to be “Wang Tiantian”, It is really sweet to coquettishly sell to my brothers. But the reality is cruel. During the performance, he was splashed with paint. A group of silly children thought they were adding special effects, It is conceivable how great the shock when knowing the truth after the fact, When trainees, everyone is in first class, Only Wang Yibo did economy class by himself, and did not arrange assistants. Wang Yibo had no choice but to hungry for the announcement, Restricted Han order became restricted Wang Yiboling, All Korean teammates in the group have jobs, Others are doing variety shows on film, Wang Yibo, a Chinese, picking his feet at home, The promised New Year is more work and more announcements. “Everyday Up” also went with two teammates and Wang Yibo, Low-key and polite, Versatile, but not much. Sincere and honest, not artificial, Wang Yibo, who was selected by Mangotai himself, joined the brothers Tiantian This is Wang Yibo’s own job and has nothing to do with the company. Unexpectedly, with mango, The company is more ignorant, returning to China for two full years, Except for Tian Tian upward, Wang Yibo has no exposure. He trained for 3 years. He is a dancer in the group and has a strong and stubborn personality. But persisted for two years under unfair treatment. “Taste of the World is Qinghuan” is Wang Yibo’s first male drama series No. 2, Wu Dawei said that the director saw Wang Yibo among many people at first glance. The temperament is unique, clean and aura, but the company does not even have basic publicity. Until the “Taste of the World is Qinghuan” won the second annual rating, Just remembered to enlarge the poster. The TV series is over, and it is in an unplanned state of stocking. Once a week, “Daily Up” becomes us The only time to see the fresh Wang Yibo. He spoke less and less, It ’s like a small sapling that secretly stores energy in the soil and waits for germination We all believe that he will grow into a towering tree that will be seen by everyone, But we do n’t know, How long will it take to end this day of invisible sky? “Creation 101” is a show of Wang Yibo’s ability, Throughout the entertainment, Wang Yibo’s dance also ranked well. Lehua may not have thought that so many beautiful sisters, Wang Yibo, a green leaf instructor, can burst out. Treat trainees, be serious and responsible, treat dance, strictly not careless, Facing the fragility of the girls, she is gentle and considerate, Why does such a mentor not burst? At the same time, “Chen Qingling” was filmed, and the shape of Reuters was flying all over the sky. The manuscript that scolds him for being ugly can be placed outside the fifth ring. Lehua still pretended not to see it. The crew had a fire accident, and Wang Yibo ’s name became a shield. Hot search for birthday for 3 days, Click into it are all obscenities of Heizi Water Army, Not to mention that the crew is a demon, is Lehua not responsible? Why don’t people bully others and catch Wang Yibo and let go? It’s not because people know that Wang Yibo has no one to care about and no one asks. After “Creation 101” ended, popularity came and went fast, After “Chen Qingling” was shot, I put “Accompany You to the Top of the World”, This is when the fans go the most. Blame Wang Yibo? He also wanted to do more activities, but the company did not give him this opportunity. He can only film one after another, Fear of going back to when you didn’t work. Blame the fans? Sister Moto spent so many days with Wang Yibo, how could they be willing to leave? It’s just that the enthusiasm has been consumed, less than a last resort, People who want to give up their hearts for years. To say thank you, Thank you Lehua for choosing Wang Yibo from the millions. Let us see such a good person. With a clean heart without a trace of dust, No word can describe the complete Wang Yibo, He was born to be an idol, It is a lion that will choose to stand up even after being defeated countless times, You say he’s warm, he’s intriguing danger, you say he’s decadent, He wanted to prove to the world, Wang Yibo is not a vase, he wants to do his best. He has infinite possibilities, It’s hard to imagine why Wang Yibo would stay there? He seems to be always full of signals, With a single order, you can make a huge wave. But others give him a touch of warmth, and he will remember it for a long time, When you see someone else ’s dad, you will be sad and cry. The motorcycle race broke down and trembled under the helmet, Like jealous and sour noodles with garlic, Hate eating carrots, afraid of bugs and black ghosts. Most of the time, they are very obedient children. Like never being aggrieved or suffering, But is that really the case? No, Wang Yibo just has a gold heart, From a messy life, Discover that little bit of love, Carefully take it out with your little soft hand and put it in your arms, Working hard to manage my life, Do not want to regret or surrender, he has come to now, relying on himself. Calm temperament, not everyone can have, The confidence is given to myself. Wang Yibo, who has been in the entertainment industry for ten years, When facing reporters, I still go straight, Really straight boy, an old reporter joked: “Looking at Wang Yibo’s interview, it aroused the feeling when interviewing Faye Wong.” When the reporter asked: “Are you a fan?” Wang Yibo did not hesitate to think: “No favor.” But this “no pet fan” big boy When donating helmets for charity auctions, Quietly asked for a cap on the auction amount, worried that fans would spend too much money. And younger fans said that when they were in a group show in Hengdian Wang Yibo was persuaded to go back to school. Regarding not red, Wang Yibo said this: “Actually, I have been preparing for the day when it is not popular, May go to open a store selling motorcycles, It is also possible to run a dance training course, Until the day I couldn’t jump. ” Attentiveness and love will make a person shine, Today, Wang Yibo has become popular. But still maintains the simplicity and love of dance, He felt that he just did what he liked seriously. As an entertainer, Wang Yibo was on a schedule full of announcements. I can make time to ride a motorcycle and I can do that. The level of love and seriousness is evident. Regarding motorcycle racing, Wang Yibo’s original words were “just like a sentence in Flying Speed, I don’t want to win first, I just don’t want to lose. ” In addition to motorcycles, Wang Yibo ’s other passion is skateboarding. Once he has identified something, he will try his best to practice it. And you are not allowed to just stay at the level of casual play. So, he started walking with a skateboard everywhere. During the shooting, After confirming that the site is “slidable” with the naked eye, it began to slide without anybody else. In a practice video, he challenged twice in a row to successfully slide down the stairs. Excited to throw the skateboard directly on the ground, Cheers high with every friend present, It was a time when Wang Yibo, which the public could see, was not so “cold.” At the Weibo Night Gala on January 11, 2020, Wang Yibo gets Sina Weibo by night Weibo male god of the year, Weibo annual hot character award. The latest news is that Wang Yibo boarded GQ Thailand The cover of the Thai GQ February magazine, It is the third Chinese male artist to appear on the cover of GQ Thailand. Previously it was Peng Yuyan and Jin Chengwu. Singer, dancer, host, motorcycle rider, skateboarder, The lions of 1997 are getting more and more labels. The little child began to radiate his light. At the end comes two quotes worthy of your little lion: “I never thought about how serious I was, I’m just doing what I like. ” “I hope you can always do what you like, just like I did, Work hard for your favorite things. ” Alright, that ’s it for today ’s video If you like Sister Auntie ’s videos, please subscribe and follow Auntie Fourth will update the wonderful entertainment information every day

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    Hello Mrs. Si
    Thank you so much for your wonderful world of Wang Yibo. For me he is one of a kind, his hardships, perseverance and dedication of the things he loves to do, is payed off. He deserves all the glory and success his having now. Especially that he doesn’t have easy way to be successful, as you said in your video, being defeated countless time and he went to prove to the world to succeed , in away is a good thing at least he will never forget how he stated and that he will be humble.
    Yes he have cold attitude and personality, but I think you need to have that to survive in showbiz industry, but as you said he have a gold heart 💚
    He already grow into a towing tree that everyone seen, I think he will be there for a long time, because he is versatile and all around entertainer and not afraid of learning new things, hats off for Yibo 💜💙❤️💚💋

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    💚 Wang Yibo, He's One of The Sweetest Man in The Entertainment Industry Too. Even though he doesn't talk much, because he knows how scary and crazy the world is, He Still has A Heart of Gold 💛. He's So Precious and Deserves Alot of Love and Respect from Everyone too. People are just So Mean and Cruel nowadays. Wang Yibo Dear, just do what's best for you and know that you are worth so much more than what people think. 💗

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    真實的王一博👍 不爭不搶,蹅蹅實實地做好自己,小獅子💚總有一天長成狮子王。贊👍

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