지코 (ZICO) – 너는 나 나는 너 (I Am You, You Are Me) MV
지코 (ZICO) – 너는 나 나는 너 (I Am You, You Are Me) MV

지코 (ZICO) – 너는 나 나는 너 (I Am You, You Are Me) You’re me, I’m you I’m you, you’re me If we feel the same way We’ll become each other You’re me, I’m you Love the picture Who invented the phrase “it’s gross” Girl, slap me in the face one time Recently, for a few days I have no idea what happened Deleted my ex’s number Used to listen to hip-hop but Now I’m all acoustic Tell me what you want from me When you’re at your most beautiful age You have to experience love to the fullest eh All the jerks in your stories Can’t compare them to me I’ll be good because You’re me, I’m you I’m you, you’re me If we feel the same way We’ll become each other You’re me, I’m you Love the picture Who invented the phrase “it’s gross” My friends tell me, it’s the best time I do not worry Being too happy is the only problem Look, I’m swearing less I pull my pants up I don’t smile at everyone Stop looking at your mirror, nothing to fix You’re the prettiest without any make-up on If my mom saw me She would freak out I’ll save my expressions Actually, all it needs is Your name written down I believe in destiny I don’t do relationships That can be told by a fortune teller yeah Your obsessed ex-boyfriend Wouldn’t wonder around your house no more I’ll be that good Because You’re me, I’m you I’m you, you’re me If we feel the same way We’ll become each other You’re me, I’m you Love the picture Who invented the phrase “it’s gross” Kissy kissy all night With unclean faces Greet the morning arrive together (good morning) You’re seriously beautiful Bring that mouth over here, mwah! You’re me, I’m you I’m you, you’re me If we feel the same way We’ll become each other You’re me, I’m you Love the picture Who invented the phrase “it’s gross” Let me talk to you (yeah) I am you, you are me Translated by HIPHOPLE.com

100 thoughts on “지코 (ZICO) – 너는 나 나는 너 (I Am You, You Are Me) MV”

  1. Pablo Palma says:

    Anyone else from 2035? :V

  2. 소율ღ says:

    주황머리 미쳤어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  3. Queen Taengoo says:

    The title in korean is literally a tongue twister lol
    "neoneun na naneun neo"

  4. ZHRA ALI says:

    i will forever love this

  5. Sabryna Thaynara says:

    olha, a partir de hoje, zico sou tua fã…tão bom descobrir novos talentos assim…

  6. Sunnyside Bugs says:

    just having a 6 weeks straight wearing same outfit colors with someone in my class. and i remember this song 🤦🏻‍♀️ but i love him tho.. hehe

  7. Teayeon•sama ` says:

    2019 ???✔✔

  8. ᄒᄉᄒゆん says:



  9. 桃Momo says:

    ZICO is just too cute that I wanna kiss him right on his lips

  10. uhh no says:

    the best❤

  11. krappers_ is_vida says:

    Non nago nan noya
    Nan noya non naga
    Maumi gadamiom urilsiel urgarder goya, lalala♥♥

  12. krappers_ is_vida says:

    "yeah I am you
    You are me "
    Brazil love you♥

  13. Enkhjin Egv says:

    i think it feels me like for seolhyun😂😂😂

  14. Andres Reyes says:


  15. Andres Reyes says:


  16. 뚜니뚜니 says:

    바지도 올려입고 우쭈쭈 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. Lauvinno says:

    Why so cute🤔🤔

  18. Amina Haris says:

    I love this song

  19. 피리 says:

    이때 와꾸 포텐 터졌었는데…,,,,유 아 마이 엔젤..

  20. aka lil sex says:

    이건 진짜 씹띵곡이지 초6때 존나 들었었다 벌써 4년이 다 돼가는데 하나도 안촌스러

  21. pathetic fat says:

    Don’t know how i reached here but his guy captured my heart 😍

  22. perfect blue says:

    Ты – это я, Я – это ты; И никогоооо не надо нам

  23. ᄏ어쩌라고 says:


  24. tata 0000 says:

    ㅡ크으으으으으 점따

  25. Camilla dhar says:

    Perfect even as rapper and as well singer good job my boy💗💗💗💗💗🌹🌹🌹

  26. Ngọc Vũ says:


  27. 두유노 송하나 says:

    혹시 코빅 보고 들으러 온사람

  28. Samwise Gamgee says:

    Love how playful yet deep this song is. ZICO is always so creative. ❤

  29. 조수영 says:

    여자 예쁜데 누구신지 아시는분?

  30. Dewi Kusuma Pratiwi says:

    I know Zico because he is Rap Monster’s friend. And his songs oke too.

  31. judy 666 says:

    지코 오빠 이 뮤지비디오에서 겁나 멋있게 찍었네요~열일 하셨네요~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ최고당~!!!!!!

  32. Brittany Tricks says:

    The instrumental is sending me to mars rn

    It’s too good, I’ve almost it to Pluto-

  33. Magical ChickenNugget says:

    Zico : wears the same clothes as him
    The Girl : this is some gourmet shoot

  34. 연필깎이 says:

  35. Suffi Azlan says:

    Zico is so cuteee

  36. Carla Fassi says:

    Everything he makes is genius, but I can't believe this has more likes than anti

  37. sтʀᴀωвᴇʀʀʏ우유 says:

    sa guria num debutou n?

  38. 스태바노메간 says:

    the girl is so fucking adorable, fuck he is too, THEYRE BOTH SO CUTE I LOVE THIS

  39. BT A says:

    They really take time to finally talk to each other

  40. MY - NO says:

    نظراته 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  41. eventually says:

    아 존아 섹시해 시발

  42. 이연우 says:

    편의점 알바가 조끼를 안입넹

  43. sergio suaza sanchez says:

    No se como termine acá: v

  44. Joanna Grace Beringuel says:

    zico will always be the death of meeeeee aAHHHH

  45. ғishy Ollie says:

    he basically sings about twin flame ayy ♥

  46. kapochi shi says:

    i dont know why. seeing this mv remind me about gd and dara lol😂 #spreadlove #nohate #goodvibesonly

  47. 랄랄르ᅡ says:

    anyone kimjaeone

  48. 방탄소년단RV_Seokjeonmin7 says:


  49. 나나 says:

    개조아 노래 내 최애다 진짜 천재아티스트 지아코 ㅠ

  50. ღ월궁항아ღ says:

    뮤비 참 잘만들었어

  51. Eda Menteş says:


  52. Caitie Mark says:

    😢 when I was happy

  53. 잠순이 says:

    여주분 존예다/// 부럽기도 하네요ㅠㅠ 지코 mv 주인공이라니♡

  54. 옐유는못말려 says:

    아 ㅠㅠ 저 뮤비에 나온 사람이 지코였구나 ㅠㅠ 지코 몰랐을때 코노에서 노래부르는데 딴 뮤비나와서 이뮤비 나왔는데 보고 " 어 !! 저 남자 분 잘생겼다 누구지 .. " 이러다가 검색해도 안나오길래 .. 포기했는데 지코였구낭 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  55. Natalia Nicole says:

    This is one of my favorite Zico songs and MV. He's just so cute and such a baby. Everytime he opens his mouth he delivers a bop no matter what genre it is.♡

  56. Coca Cola says:


  57. Peaceful Grapes says:


  58. J kim says:


  59. jhope says:

    I came back because of jikook

  60. Melissa Hernandez says:

    It’s 2019 & still go back to this mv 🥰!! ZICO you are soooooo cute! I love love your face! when you give that look w/ your eyebrows I melt!!!

  61. K K says:

    Who are you? I am you? You are me? No i am you

  62. Joanna Grace Beringuel says:

    ughhhh zico is such a bae😭❤️ his beauty is ethereal argh i love him so much!!!!

  63. Bella Im says:

    December 2019??

  64. Han Haechan says:

    tbh if i was the cashier I'd be like calling him out for stalking me…

  65. yolandie says:

    This song gives me disney vibes smh <3

  66. Natalie Red says:

    This is literally ear candy 🤩🔥

  67. Happy Debby says:

    "Being to happy is the only problem"


  68. Rock Lee says:


  69. Miraculous_ posts says:


  70. Aly says:

    Love this song!!
    I am you 👉🏻💜👈🏻 you are me

  71. cathy C says:

    Zico, at certain moments, looks very similar to Ju-seung Lee and it takes me back to Pinocchio and then my heart becomes happy from all the goodness.

  72. Latina Charm says:

    Acabo de ver un vídeo de Zico y me gustó por ello estoy aqui

  73. Park Jimin says:


  74. Park Jimin says:

    Vietnam ❤😚

  75. Stefhani Marquez Sedeño says:

    Alguien que hable español y que me diga que ama esta cancion….😍😍😍❤❤

  76. ellipsis says:

    After zico's "interview" with kids i think I'm falling in love

  77. Vania Cadilhe says:


  78. Carmen Condori Mendoza says:


  79. Kevin Fuk The Token Evil Teammate says:

    Virgos sure are choosy who allow people to their life, if it is for safety purposes, which is tolerable.

  80. Ngọc Vũ says:


  81. Agust D says:

    Canta hermoso 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  82. Ketsia Akoa says:

    ok I stop my nonsense now

  83. m a r i n a says:

    I think I just felt in love

  84. Ayu Hrdynti says:

    Block B, i miss u sooooo much :"(

  85. 최민성 says:

    2019 12.1

  86. tori kimchi says:


  87. Mia says:

    I am you,i see me in you

  88. Ton H says:


  89. Chaira Ayuman says:

    2:04 awwweeeee

  90. 세빈SEBIN says:

    지아코 조회수 오진다

  91. 뉸뉸뉴 says:

    밴드 사러 들어왔을때 너무 순둥이 같아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ심장아파ㅠㅠㅠ

  92. jikook says:

    que voz…

  93. Yui Momose says:


  94. Yin Yin says:

    12-12-2019 does anyone still hear?

  95. Louisse says:

    2014-2016 kpop songs are gold really, I miss this era so much

  96. ju n says:

    December 2019?

  97. ulgogi says:

    whos the girl?

  98. Saloni K says:

    Ok but they have an amazing sense of Fashion

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