🔥Live with Ryan🔥 Discussing Gun Topics from the Week Ep. 001
🔥Live with Ryan🔥 Discussing Gun Topics from the Week Ep. 001

What up, guys? So, I’m just trying to get this set up on Facebook, too. So that’s why it’s a little bit strange here in a second. But as soon as I can figure this out, Then we’re gonna get started. You can’t turn your phone while recording, how stupid is that? Facebook. All right, what’s up guys? So it’s the first live video that I’m gonna do and I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the stuff that’s going on nationally and in Florida that has to do with guns. You know, we heard about the shooting that happened at the mall in Birmingham, Alabama. Young guy, 21 years old, hears gunshots inside of the mall and like most sheepdogs, most people that carry a gun – this guy ran into action. He drew the gun, which apparently multiple people drew guns, You know, that’s that’s why we carry a firearm, right? So this guy pulled his gun, cop comes around the corner, Shoots him in the face and this young guy is dead. It really sucks. and you know It’s something that I talk about a lot in my courses that just because you’re a good guy and just because you have a gun, doesn’t mean that you’re going to survive a violent encounter like this. You know, the reason I carry a gun and I carry a gun everyday, everywhere that I go is Because of an active shooter threat that happened at my church about ten years ago. And you know, I may never need my firearm again. But if I do need it, I definitely want to know that it’s there and I want to know that I can take action and actually defend myself. So, what’s up Farrell Cruz, Jenni good to see you guys. Again, I’m new at this so I may be doing this and acting like an idiot. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. So, um It’s scary. This kid drew his gun. He ended up getting killed and it really sucks. We and you know, what? I find interesting is people are jumping on social media and they’re really blasting conservatives and especially the NRA and saying you know, We promote that a good guy with a gun is the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun. Well, this was a good guy with a gun, drew it and ended up getting killed. And you know what? It’s true. So, I do believe the only way to stop these bad guys is to have your own firearm and to be able to defend yourself. I don’t know. What you guys think? but, It also doesn’t mean that you’re gonna survive. It’s a pretty crappy situation Now the other major thing that is going on right now is there is a political committee here in Florida that is pushing to ban assault weapons in the entire state of Florida. Now, what they and I find it really funny that I’m wearing this shirt today that I’m talking about this but they define an assault weapon as any rifle or shotgun That can shoot or hold ten rounds of ammunition at a time or more. What do you guys think? And you know, they’re doing this because of the Parkland shooting that happened down in Miami. That kid, Nicolas Cruz, used an AR-15 to kill all those people and they think that by making this Illegal that somehow it’s going to prevent a mass shooting from ever happening again. What do you guys think? Do you really think that if we make a specific firearm illegal, That it’s gonna stop a bad guy from ever doing this again? I just don’t think I’ve never heard of a bad guy that was gonna go rob a bank and then decided, You know what? Let me just look into the laws real quick. Oh shit. Did you know that robbing a bank is illegal, I guess I can’t do this. I don’t think it matters. I think we can pass whatever laws we want to pass and bad guys are gonna do Whatever the hell they want to do. So, I really don’t get it. I don’t get the mindset and you know, I wrote down a couple quick little numbers, and I know I’ve talked about this stuff before, but in 2016, there were 15,129 murders that occurred in the United States. So Edward Edgar just said drugs are illegal and people still use them Exactly. It’s the point, dude. Nobody cares. Murder is illegal and bad guys still go commit murder. They do not care what the laws are but the question is How do we get these anti-gun people to kind of understand that? Like, what is the logic that they are seeing of why we need to take away an AR-15? Before I even get to these numbers, I find it super comical and I kind of believe they do it on purpose — Why are we not talking more about the fact that the sheriff at the Parkland shooting did not respond or did not go inside of the building when they knew that Nicholas Cruz was in there killing people? Why don’t we talk about that? Why don’t we talk about the fact that the Sheriff’s Department went to Nicholas Cruz’s home, Was it 25 times? Was it 30 times and they chose not to arrest this kid? You know, Nicholas Cruz slit his wrists apparently and the school is going to Baker at them and they which would have Prevented him from legally owning guns and they decided not to Baker Act them So would that one incident have stopped this entire mass shooting from happening? I think potentially, maybe. So 15,000 murders occur every single year, out of those, 403 occur with a rifle. So, that is literally 3 percent. 3 percent of all murders are occurring with a rifle and that’s not even talking about an AR-15, an AK-47, that could be a Remington bolt-action 700. It could be anything, right? So even if we banned all rifles in the state of Florida, we would literally be Saving 3 percent of the people. Which is just kind of crazy. What’s up Fort Myers. Good to see ya. so Right now in 2016, 1,591 people were murdered with a knife. So 400 were murdered with a rifle and over 1500 were murdered with a knife. Seems pretty simple to me. Maybe we need to make knives illegal, which is kind of what You’re absolutely right. The FBI did fail to do their job, but why don’t we talk about that? Why? Because it doesn’t fit the agenda of gun control and of all the nonsense that they are trying to promote and I find it really comical also, you know They love to use this term assault weapon. This is an assault weapon, a military style weapon. Why do you guys think they keep using that specific term? What do you think their end goal is with using that word? Does anybody know? So, here’s what I really believe. If you remember in 1934, They passed the National Firearms Act which makes machine guns eleague are makes machine guns, silencers, short-barrel rifles.. Yeah. It gets the emotions going and it gets people super upset and people have already attributed it to a very negative kind of thing. Right. Oh, is that Paisley? Hey Paisley, what’s up, sweetie? So, um, In 1934. They made a decision with the National Firearms Act to make Machine guns, short-barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns — no longer protected under the Second Amendment. They say that they are simply just not protected. What’s up, Steve? So, I believe the reason they keep trying to throw this term out of assault weapon, My kids are texting me stuff right now, it’s messing me up. So what’s up kids? So they’re using the term assault weapon, military style weapon, because they’re trying to get it Classified in that NFA act from the 30s and that way they can actually take these guns away and disarm us. I don’t know if you guys have ever read this. I stumbled across this on the internet the other day. So, the US Supreme Court during the Heller decision Here’s one of their quotes and I won’t read the whole thing, but I’ll kind of summarize it for you. It says — ‘Ordinarily, when called for militia service, able-bodied men were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves…’ So, it had to be guns that they owned. Guns that they had at their house. ‘bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.’ So, even the Supreme Court says that because an AR-15 is considered common use, Because it is probably the number selling rifle in the country, Because it is in common use and we need it if something bad ever happened we had to go join the militia that that is covered under the Second Amendment, but for some reason, these people keep attacking it. They keep coming for it and honestly, you know, I think many gun owners are a little bit lazy. I think we kind of think that they’re never gonna take this away from us. If we don’t fight for it, They’re gonna get it one day and we have to really fight for our rights to keep our guns, To keep our rifles, and to be able to defend ourselves that it’s think it’s really foolish. Did you guys hear about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in California? Which you know, the Ninth Circuit is a very liberal Appellate court or whatever it is. So California attempted to pass a assault, hi capacity magazine ban that was supposed to go into effect I believe July of this year and what the Supreme Court said kind of in summary is that violent gun use is Constitutionally protected means of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from criminals. The phrase gun violence may not be invoked as a Tallis ematic. I don’t know what that word means. to justify any exercise of power. So they’re already blasting the California government and saying you gotta Stop calling these weapons – assault weapons and stop pretending that just because it was used in one or two crimes, That we have to get rid of them. What do you think, Steve? So, do you guys think That by getting rid of an AR-15, we are actually going to reduce any of the violence or any of the nonsense that’s going on. Nothing? You know, they’re trying to get this on the ballot. You don’t escape. So I got one no. What is a solution to the mass shootings at schools? You know, I love to ask this question during my courses and I get all kinds of crazy answers. So I’ve got another no from Russell. So what is this solution though? You know, I have three little kids. nine, seven and four and Shit scares me. It really scares me to think about so armed teachers and half security. I agree. I agree. I think somebody needs have guns. Armed guards. Yeah. You know I brought my daughter flowers last year for a birthday or I tried to and when I walked in, I said to the lady, you know, can I bring these flowers up to Paisley’s class? And this lady who’s probably, you know, 60 she said no, you can’t come into the building and I thought to myself, Could you stop me? Is there anybody in this office that could physically stop me from just walking past you? and God forbid, if I was willing to hurt somebody, there’s nobody up here that could stop me and you know My kids have a guard at their school too. Sheriff’s deputy, right? But when I’ve gone there recently, the sheriff is literally parked in the front of the school. I’m sure he’s on his phone or his computer or whatever. If gunshots happened inside of the building, How long is it gonna take for that do to even respond? I think it’s gonna be awhile. I mean, it’s gonna be awhile. So, it’s a little bit more than just having an armed guard. I think we got a really secure our schools. It takes too long. I agree. You know, I heard a story that in Israel, they had a mass shooting back in the 90s and their solution to stopping the mass shootings from occurring again was to put armed military at all the schools. I mean, I’m not interested in picking a fight with some IDF guy. I don’t want my kids to be going to an armed, you know military school, but I want them to be safe. Israel does have incredible security why and this is probably not a term I should be using on a recording but Israel is not *** around with this Problem. I think we One police officer for the entire school doesn’t work. I agree. I think it’s foolish and Also again, let’s talk about the Parkland shooting. If you have a cop that is a coward and is afraid to run into the building and do his damn job, Does it really matter? It doesn’t so I bet you that guy, you know Probably thought this was never gonna happen. He probably skimped on his training a lot. He was just lazy because he’s just there to get a paycheck. Then when him and his buddies heard the gunshots, he just said ‘shit. I’m not going. You going? Nope? All right.’ We’re just going to stay here, man. I was gonna write a report. So it’s more than having armed people. I think we need to have people that are willing to go in there and die and fight and bleed to really make this stuff To make it happen. So, you know guys, it’s scary out there. This is why we have to carry our firearm 100… Metal detectors. You know, I agree. I went to high school in Las Vegas, and we didn’t have metal detectors But literally, it was not possible to get into the school. So there were big gates and we had to go through. Once the school bell rang, all those gates were locked. You would have to go up and buzz a little buzzer, If you were late. They look at you in the camera verify everything and then let you in. We have a lot of fights but we didn’t really have gun stuff so I agree metal detectors. Maybe we’re just at that point nowadays. It’s sad to say but It’s very true that they don’t enforce them. I can tell you guys this firsthand. So, I owned a retail gun store in Tampa for five years. I had a guy come into my gun store one day. He was super weird. He walks right up to me And he said can you teach me Everything there is to know about an AR-15? I said, ‘Bro, that’s just wade, you know, that’s gonna take us a long time. I can show you some stuff but I can’t teach you everything.’ So I started showing him these little things and He said ‘what would I do if I walked into a room and there were 30 cows inside of the room? How would I kill all the cows really quickly?’ How kind of question is that dude. So I said I’m not gonna answer that. But at this point, the other 20 customers that are in the store you could tell that they’re nervous. Everybody’s kind of alert level has been raised. So, I’m continuing to kind of chat with this guy and Of course, it’s a red flag, but then he comes back a couple minutes later, And he said, ‘What if I walked into a room and there were five cows, Do I just hold the gun like this and go like that to kill him?’ And I said buddy, you sound like a terrorist. Get the hell out of the store, and I’m calling the police so I Immediately called tipped Tampa Police, and I said, I explained to them what happened I said I have audio, I have video surveillance of this kid. You know, what’s the next step? He’s gonna hurt somebody. We got a stop him. You know what their answer was to me? Yeah good for me, but it didn’t do anything because they said did he commit a crime? No, I guess not and they said well unless he commits a crime, there’s really nothing that we can do as law enforcement. I said okay. but So I hung up I then called ATF and I told them the exact same story and they said Rach there’s nothing that we can do Unless this individual has actually committed a crime. So, you know What are we supposed to do as gun owners, as gun store owners, when we have somebody that throws up a red flag? And the government does not give us the ability Well, you’re right. Common sense. It is a massive problem right now. And if you guys remember and I may be quoting this wrong, But after the pulse nightclub shooting didn’t a gun store owner come up come forward and say that he rejected the shooter? Shooter tried to buy a gun at his store. He told them no because he felt uncomfortable and you know what do we do as gun owners when we feel or Identify somebody that is a potential threat and we don’t have the ability to actually get that person Removed, watched or whatever the deal is? There has to be solutions. We have to really fight for the next couple years and make sure we don’t have some Stupid gun laws go forward in our state and in our country. Because they are after us. They are after us and I want my kids to be able to enjoy the same rights that I have and you know Ross Spano Who’s a congressman here in the Brandon area? He said something really interesting at an event I was at with him and he said that the Second Amendment Really is the most important amendment out of all of them. And you know, when you think about it, it is kind of true, right? So what’s up, Greg? Greg’s my cousin from California. Haven’t seen him in a long time, man. So the Second Amendment really is the most important Amendment that we have in our Constitution because it allows us to protect all of the other constitutional rights. So, just imagine. If all of a sudden some president got in the office or whatever and said, Women are no longer allowed to vote Or black people. We don’t want black people to vote anymore, how do we fight that and how do we go to war with our own government if We don’t have the weapons and the tools that we need to do so, right? We would all go ballistic if anybody came forward and said some crap like that. I just had a guy in my class that Sort of emigrated from Cuba. Have I ever thought about becoming a police officer? Yeah my entire life. I wanted to be a DEA agent and then I found out that I have done way too many drugs to be working for the DEA. Yeah, that’s that’s probably not gonna happen. So, one of my students. He was a Neuroscientist in Cuba. The Cuban government sent him over to the United States to go to some brain Conference and as soon as he got here, he said screw it, I am never going back. So now the guy lives in Florida and he was telling me how Amazing it is to live in the United States and to have the ability to have our guns. So Gilliam said stand your ground has no place in civilized society. Yeah, and how idiotic is that, right? and I really, it drives me nuts. I don’t know if you guys saw but I was interviewed on ABC News the other day, And I said to the reporter because this is the first time I’ve spoken to this reporter I said, you know I really hope you’re just gonna let me talk and not edit the heck out of this and really spin it to your agenda. Well, that’s what they did. So I really let loose on them about what stand-your-ground means and what it does not mean. So stand your ground does not mean we have the right to shoot someone. What stand your ground means is we no longer have a obligation to retreat from a place that we have a reasonable expectation to be. The old law, prior to 2005, basically said that if somebody walked up to you in a parking lot tried to rob you, attack you, stab you – you would be Obligated to run away from the bad guy before you could defend yourself. I think we can all agree that that is Absolutely idiotic. I am NOT gonna run away while some Person, is it trying to attack me or my family? So that’s the old law. Stand your ground says — I am allowed to stay where I am and defend myself From an attacker who’s using unlawful force or unlawful deadly force, right? Now stand your ground could mean if somebody walked up to you and just punch you in the face, You have a right to legally fist fight that individual and protect yourself. Now if somebody comes up and tries to stab you, they could potentially kill you in my opinion, which means we have a legal Right to use deadly force and engage that person with a firearm, with a knife, whatever we’re gonna do. I think Gilliam was just playing kind of politics a little bit. I made a video about it on YouTube. I think he was just trying to manipulate the anti-gun people that are really upset right now but it’s scary because I think most people don’t fully understand stand your ground and if they Threw it out there for a vote, I think people would vote against it, which is Not a.. what is AFSF? Air Force. Was a called security forces that was not security forces. No, I was a POL troop. So I was pumping gas like a champion rock star. Yeah, so I hope you guys enjoyed this live video. I am going to start doing these live videos every Thursday at 4 o’clock Eastern Standard Time and we’re just gonna kind of chat. Yeah, it was really scary. But you know one of the thing that’s really bad about what’s going on right now these new people that are gonna come into office. The woman that got elected to be in charge of the concealed carry process in Florida is actually a known anti-gun individual. Which the concealed carry process has been running really, really smooth in the last couple years and I kind of think it’s gonna come to a screeching halt. So if you don’t have your permit, go somewhere and get your permit as soon as you can. Next week, join me on Thursday 4 o’clock Eastern Standard Time. We’re gonna talk about some So Nicki Fred how so house how is she gonna slow it down? I think so. I may be wrong. I heard they were doing a recount an investigation on her, but I don’t know if it’s actually gone all the way through yet. So, where’s the store located? I’ve got an office off of Robertson and Lithia Pine Crest. I don’t know. I don’t know if the scientists can like over ruler and and I don’t think that she can make concealed carry illegal in Florida. I don’t think that that’s the you know, she has the ability to do that. But I do think they can kind of stop working I think that they can start dragging their feet a little bit and just make the process hard. I literally have students right now get their permit approved within days of even applying with the state days. I mean, that’s just unbelievable. And I don’t think she’s going to keep the same momentum to kind of make that happen. So if you don’t have your carry permit, get it immediately. Somewhere. Somehow. Because it’s gonna become more difficult in the next coming years. Thanks guys for watching. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube. We’ve got a lot of great content coming out. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and I hope you guys like this. If you liked it, give a thumbs up or whatever So that I kind of know and I’ll see you next week. So it took you 24 hours, that’s pretty badass, that’s cool. Awesome. Thanks guys. Have a great weekend

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  1. Michael says:

    By the way you need to get your facts straight Parkland is not in Miami it's much closer to Fort Lauderdale that would be the biggest city. You are a very likeable guy knowledgeable man speak from the heart and have a good working basis for advising people. You should have twice or three times the amount of listeners that you have now because everybody would benefit.

  2. Frank Rosado says:

    I see a civil war coming real soon if the dems keep up with that shit.

  3. Papo de Armas says:

    I think this rifle ban is simply ridiculous. nothing but another infringement on our rights. puzzles me how these politicians swear to uphold and respect the constitution but all they do is go against it, that should be a crime. theres NO LOGIC in banning ar15s…

  4. Ken P says:

    None if this is about preventing crime. It's all about the guns and getting rid of as many as they can. Guns are the only inanimate object they blame like this and it's by design. They don't try to ban cars or alcohol because people drive drunk.

    None of these bans are going to have any effect on violent crime. Look at England. They had an issue with "gun crime" so they banned guns. What happened?….crimes committed using knives went up. Now they are restricting knives and have knife buybacks and dropoff locations. And criminals in England can still get their hands on guns anyway. The only people that new laws affect are "law abiding" people who are then rendered defenseless. People intent on harming or killing others, pay no attention to laws, no matter how many you create. Murder is pretty much the worst crime there is so someone intent on committing murder is not going to be stopped by any other law.

  5. Christopher Norbits says:

    Great video, sometimes being a good witness is the best option….can we carry more than one with a ccw?

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