🔥Live with Ryan🔥 Discussing Gun Topics from the Week Ep. 001
🔥Live with Ryan🔥 Discussing Gun Topics from the Week Ep. 001

5 thoughts on “🔥Live with Ryan🔥 Discussing Gun Topics from the Week Ep. 001”

  1. Michael says:

    By the way you need to get your facts straight Parkland is not in Miami it's much closer to Fort Lauderdale that would be the biggest city. You are a very likeable guy knowledgeable man speak from the heart and have a good working basis for advising people. You should have twice or three times the amount of listeners that you have now because everybody would benefit.

  2. Frank Rosado says:

    I see a civil war coming real soon if the dems keep up with that shit.

  3. Papo de Armas says:

    I think this rifle ban is simply ridiculous. nothing but another infringement on our rights. puzzles me how these politicians swear to uphold and respect the constitution but all they do is go against it, that should be a crime. theres NO LOGIC in banning ar15s…

  4. Ken P says:

    None if this is about preventing crime. It's all about the guns and getting rid of as many as they can. Guns are the only inanimate object they blame like this and it's by design. They don't try to ban cars or alcohol because people drive drunk.

    None of these bans are going to have any effect on violent crime. Look at England. They had an issue with "gun crime" so they banned guns. What happened?….crimes committed using knives went up. Now they are restricting knives and have knife buybacks and dropoff locations. And criminals in England can still get their hands on guns anyway. The only people that new laws affect are "law abiding" people who are then rendered defenseless. People intent on harming or killing others, pay no attention to laws, no matter how many you create. Murder is pretty much the worst crime there is so someone intent on committing murder is not going to be stopped by any other law.

  5. Christopher Norbits says:

    Great video, sometimes being a good witness is the best option….can we carry more than one with a ccw?

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