10 BANNED Roller Coasters You Can’t Ride Anymore!
10 BANNED Roller Coasters You Can’t Ride Anymore!

10 banned roller coasters you can’t ride anymore

100 thoughts on “10 BANNED Roller Coasters You Can’t Ride Anymore!”

  1. Extreme Trends says:

    Have you taken a ride on any of the roller coasters?

  2. Wolf Boy346 says:

    See seee seeeee people are crazy for making these rides

  3. Wolf Boy346 says:

    People make these to kill people

  4. Aaron Lewis says:

    I wouldn't want to go on any one of them.

  5. alexandra Tullett says:

    The way he said Lancashire 😂 lmao

  6. Emmanuel James says:

    Yeah, "nightmare" describes that ride perfectly!!! 😂😂😂😂

  7. Cockatoo Spock says:

    I was on the Seeviper! It was so scary

  8. Prince Chan says:


  9. Gacha Honey says:

    My mom went on the one in Vegas and she said it was fun

  10. Savage King says:

    I just went to Kings Island today

  11. Brayden Campbell says:

    Do top 5 water slides you can't ride

  12. Drobium77 says:

    You're english, how the heck do you not know how to pronounce 'Derbyshire'?

  13. Awesome Cam says:

    The 5th one is still opened.

  14. Awesome Cam says:

    U know being banned means you can reopen it.

  15. Neve Moran says:

    The wooden one at Kings Island is actually still there people still Ride on it

  16. Lisa Smith says:

    So GP

  17. Busher50 says:

    That version of the corkscrew will never be made again

  18. HN7810 cr7 terkece says:

    ih ngeri

  19. 100 youtubers suck NO LIKES No youtubers like shit says:

    But i leave manila and no more scary but i still remember it the scary people

  20. Darian Okorie says:

    Picture got me dang it

  21. PiCkLe ChIn says:

    You talk too much. Just tell us when how where name and what happened then you'll be good. We don't care about how popular it was or how many people rode it.

  22. Sankhanil Chakraborty says:

    Nightmare scary name

  23. Bobur Kamol says:


  24. Carlenna Brattin says:

    I'm afraid go on rollercoaster now

  25. Danielle P says:

    The ride at sea world you can't even get close to the whole area is closed

  26. Snakeydh says:


  27. luis playz roblox bossgameing says:

    the september 7 was scary cus i was born 3 days before that

  28. wsimm1127 says:

    Me and my sister love love rollercoasters

  29. xVera _ says:

    Seaworld coast gold sorry its gold coast

  30. ZaCorya Graham says:

    Listen at 2:54

  31. Jizela Lopez says:

    kings island gangg🤪💍

  32. sheri bowen says:

    This is so scary

  33. Carlos Takayama18 says:


  34. Nyra says:

    What about mayhem mountain?

  35. Nolan Muncaster says:

    I went on steamin demon and it was so fun

  36. Diantae Lawrence says:

    I live near DerbyShire lol

  37. Kylie Weiddo says:

    I thought the part when the roller coaster feel down was satisfying🥳. 2:44

  38. Ryanisagod says:

    2 thounannwelve

  39. Jennifer Hernandez says:

    The rolar costers in Florida we can't ride here any more

  40. OkayCharlie says:

    I’ve been on the wipe out my friend pissed himself

  41. Gacha Sean says:

    Omg my birthday 2009

  42. Icey Cream says:

    This is why i never go on rollercoasters or any rides that include hights

    Im keeping my ass safe

  43. Theresa Rattigan says:

    I came here and it is scary I wanted to go home

  44. uhhh it's sodium chloride says:

    Mention the mummy as the fastest be cuz it is 48 mph

  45. Stephen Gill says:

    Great video. That Highroller coaster, YIKES!!!

  46. Goofykid Rocket says:

    I’m from New Orleans

  47. Minti Xxx says:


  48. stewart cunningham says:

    Now this is scary

  49. Jayden Andrade says:


  50. rosanna for the go says:

    Good some of them are before my birth is on 2012

  51. isaiah mckinley says:

    #4 is also now known as the dominator in kings dominion va

  52. Cc Gang says:

    I live in New Orleans

  53. lara grove says:

    2:54 yeaahh!

  54. Evan Hugh says:

    There all boomerangs and corkscrews

  55. prest0n1976 Preston says:

    i've been of wipe out!!!

  56. Killer Slade says:

    Im not going ever on big roller coaster I’m not get decapataded

  57. best boy jackgamer jacker carder gamer says:

    One that I got on was 385ft long and I made it we all made it and I said we are not going back I 😭😭😭😭😭 on the ride 😱😱😱

  58. best boy jackgamer jacker carder gamer says:

    scp is real it is in usa east and textis and in the ice of the Arctic is scp 97 or 79 and scp 106 340 777 310 758 521 760 941 1003 and 592 1049 5069 and 8040

  59. Gacha Spngebob says:

    okay that kings island one yeah they still have that one at kings dominion its called twisted timbers

  60. Lisa Krotzer says:

    I see the Corck screw all the time in the silverwood theme park!😕

  61. Brayden Summitt says:

    Son of Beast's loop was steel not wooden.

  62. Jamie’s Gatcha cookies says:

    Most of the roller coasters were not even banned

  63. Phil Roach says:

    Retards shouldn’t be allowed to speak!

  64. ANNE Eilerman says:

    Me;I now love roller coasters

    Me after: returning my KI pass

  65. Mr Oofman says:

    Aww Rip Son or Beast (Oof)

  66. Krista Skripconoka says:

    I ride on tayto park roler coaster I'll never ride on it again!!!!😵

  67. Krista Skripconoka says:

    No they were banned because they broke down and people were about to die!

  68. Krista Skripconoka says:

    Sorry but that is banned 😅

  69. Maria Cruz says:

    That is sad😥

  70. GamergirlSQUAD!!!! Trina a says:

    OMG I went on the corkscrew at Michigan advantagers i was dying screaming

  71. Nezli random channel says:

    Oh man you know😒😝😇

  72. Nezli random channel says:


  73. Rajesh Rajesh says:

    go dog……………….

  74. Kittys- How to and more! says:

    My brother was born in 2009

  75. Lil Aryanna UwU says:

    O noe I was born in 2009

  76. Callum Barker says:

    The big one in Blackpool pleasure beach is still open but is taller than the Statue of Liberty and is just over 250ft and you get speeds of up to 85mph!!!

  77. Lockwrath says:

    " Many loops and hoops" omg learn terminology

  78. Isabella Krieg says:

    U know I actually went on the wooden won “son of beast” my parents said I should go on that one bc I was scared of roller coasters so they said I would get over my fear if I went on that one and after that roller coaster I realized they are so fun soo now I live roller caosters

  79. litkingjackso says:

    The jester wasn’t banded

  80. Khairul Rizal says:

    Yes evryeone dead😂😂😂

  81. Will Glass says:

    You said Gold Coast wrong

  82. Ryan Lanceta says:


  83. signalwalid25 trainz says:

    son of beast loop was removed in 2006 for new trains


    lol insane roller coasters

  85. nine year old says:

    Banned i dont care i will ride

  86. coolstyle jimmy says:

    I was breathing hard the whole video. Absolutely. Terrifying.

  87. MandY33 says:

    My dad went on the corkscrew

  88. Leanne Pereira says:

    2:14 wtf its at La ronde in montreal canada (the monstrr) and my dad did it

  89. Amariah princess world is so cute says:

    Number two really called Nightmare and it really made someone get energy

  90. Beverly Lampert says:

    Im kind of scard of the loops
    And I would fall

  91. Les Bateman says:


  92. Phillup Screw driver says:

    10:39 is that real

  93. TsK ScOpE says:

    I was expecting wayyy higher Costers then that… I’ve road an over 200 feet rollercoaster.

  94. Tanvir Haider says:


  95. Grandestears says:

    "coast ghost queenlands australia"

  96. Phantom Coasters says:


  97. Jake Hedleston says:

    umm the corkscrew is still open, its in ohio, at ceader point

  98. #winteruenice 993 says:

    Well on 4:27 i saw i girl knows that you rec.

  99. TTVFramez says:

    Any enthusiast here cringing

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