10 Fastest Electric Skateboards with Dangerous Speed (45 MPH)
10 Fastest Electric Skateboards with Dangerous Speed (45 MPH)

Giving credit where credits due, Boosted Boards
really kickstarted an entire category of viable electric vehicles, primarily because of improved
battery technology, electric skateboards went from pipe dream to your city, zipping by with
that characteristic mmmp. They’re everywhere. Your standard electric board maxes our around
20 mph, but a new generation of high performance boards are emerging, packing as much juice
as possible onto the deck, and quite frankly, they’re getting SCARY. Here are ten of the
fastest high performance models, ranked from slowest to fastest. The GTR series from Evolve comes in two flavors
when you’re choosing a design: a bamboo deck and a carbon one with two sets of wheels
available: street and off road, so there are plenty of options if you want to customize
this board. The street model is built for pavement maxes our around 26mph and all terrain
with beefier wheels hits about 22, but can tackle light off road terrain like grass and
gravel. This board has Plenty of power to shoot you up a 30% gradient hill, which is
pretty steep. This electric board from OG of this game Boosted
has a very sleek and premium design aesthetic, making it an excellent four wheeled vehicle
that you could ride for a practical commute or even for the thrill of its top speed of
24 miles per hour, which isn’t too shabby. The extra flexible deck of this skateboard
makes for an energetic and responsive ride that will help riders feel safe and stable
while maneuvering aggressively at high speeds and on downward tracks. 3.9-inch wheels, regenerative breaking and
a top speed of up to 26 miles per hour are the main features that make Meepo NLS a worth
trying super-fast electric skateboard. And at a prince point of only $499, this gadget
is a little beast that can easily compete against the behemoths of the market. Seeing
all of Meepo’s features we can definitely recommend it as a beginner board for the enthusiasts
who are just starting to ride. Presented as the first electric board with
AI built into it, the Xtnd is lightweight, extremely cool and has a charging time of
only 60 minutes, which is both amazing and very convenient at the same time. The top
speed this skateboard can reach is 28 miles per hour and is intended to revolutionize
urban transportation as we know it. The real catch is that this intelligent electric board
is not only speedy but it is also able to continually improve itself as you use it. We cannot deny the fact that the Eway caught
our eye from the first moment we saw it, its ebony black deck and the shiny smooth wheels
making it an exquisite looking vehicle. This is very impressive considering the fact that
this electric skateboard is made to be taken on rugged roads and rocky paths. With a competitive
speed of around 29 miles per hour we can safely say that the X1 Pro is that perfect mid ranged
electric board that can be enjoyed both by professionals and by novices. After studying its specifications, we came
to the conclusion that Enertion Raptor 2.1 is the holy grail of boards for technical
enthusiasts and tinkerers, with its fully modular, open source and programmable electronic
propulsion system this is the perfect project board if you want to dive under the hood and
do some modding and make adjustments. In other words: this electric vehicle is the material
of dreams. A maximum speed of up to 30 miles per hour will more than suffice when taking
this electric skateboard out for a ride. Fiik Spine sports a highly distinct design,
with a black deck made of specially engineered carbon flex and four bright yellow wheels
80mm or 3.1 inches wide. Only two hours are needed to fully charge this board that can
reach the maximum speed of 30 miles per hour and can be used for a range of 25 miles. The
Australian made Fiik is made to not require a lot of maintenance and this is why it’s
an ideal board for the durability minded. With four motors, one driving each wheel,
this Baja Board model definitely knows how to take off, accelerating from 0 to 30 miles
per hour in less than 3 seconds, a pretty impressive record to be honest, and very hard
test to pull off since you really can’t stay on this thing full throttle. Moreover,
the alloy suspension structure makes it a board good enough to be taken on the rockiest,
most bumpy tracks, but we do recommend that you ride it only if you are an experienced
boarder because this baby knows how to take you for a spin! The Carvon Evo 4Wheel Drive is an extremely
fast vehicle, going at about 50 miles per hour while also having an innovative technology
behind its design that makes it way easier to steer and just extra stable on the road.
Taking into consideration its jaw dropping speed you might think that the Evo’s battery
will die after 5 miles, but this is definitely not the case, because it’s going to last
for a good 25 miles, which is more than amazing if you ask us. It’s truly mind boggling that an electric
skateboard is able to actually reach speeds of up to 68 miles per hour! Actually, this
is downright insane and unbelievable, but you better believe it because the NGV Nextboard
is very real and it’s a beast of a skateboard, made to be the fastest electric board in the
world and intended to satisfy even the most daring and adventurous skateboarders on the
face of the earth. Electric skateboard technology has really
come a long way in these last few years and some of these boards are ridiculously fast.
We’ve included links to the boards in the description below. Please like, comment, subscribe
and all that stuff. Have a good day and thanks for watching guys.

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