Roi, where are you? What’s up youTube! Today I’m going to be filling my bathtub with it’s fidgets spinners! 1283 fidget spinners! Well, these fidget spinners are not ordinary fidget spinners, They are guava juice fidget spinners, of course they light up like that And then you can spin it, and then make this cool little effect look at that Can you see that ooh, due popular demand? I filled my bathtub with fidget spinners the trend is kinda like you know, kinda is flying away right now But it’s still pretty cool because I have a whole bunch of guava juice fidget spinners. Look at this look at that wow Look at all these fidget spinners wow so really quick if you want one of these fidget spinners go to guavajuice box.com if you want one and yes you are going to be getting one of these fidget spinners that I took a bath in which Is pretty amazing so you get one you can be like hey? You see this fidget spinner right here this fidget spinner specifically Guava juice took a bath with this and then you can pull up the video. I was like oh Oh that’s my fidget spinner right there that one, I also have my own action figure right here This is the roi glowy and gooey action figure. GuavaJuicebox.com. Ayy There you go Roi just chill right there real quick I’ve never seen so many fidget spinners in a bathtub Um I am just going to just dive right into it, and I’m just going to have some fun here we go. Oh (Grunts) ok this is kinda uncomfortable, but it’s fun. Oh my goodness check it out. I’m spinning two fidget spinners at the same time, hey roi, are you okay? Yeah, these fidget spinners are not overwhelming you right now You don’t need saving or anything. No, you’re good very good. Oh Man, dude honestly, this is very uncomfortable. This is a cool idea having a bathtub full of fidget spinners. Which is very very? Uncomfortable make sure you get your guava juice fidgets video cuz this is pretty odd I’m just going to bathe in these fidget spinners for a bit hold on Woo woo alright good night y’all I made a song about fidget spinners if you have not seen it, please watch it I’ll leave it in the link in the description below, but if you don’t know how it goes it goes like this I love fidget spinners from my head to my toes I even love one spinning right here on my nose, got one on my left, another on my right I’ll be out here spinning from the morning to the night Hold up for a minute and just watch me as I spin it, if you want a smoothie than just holla and I’ll blend it Pay some greens, collard beans, butter, lettuce, spinach, cop bout a hundred of the fidgets that keep spinnin Custom fidget spinners, so you know that no one’s got em’ I toss one in the air and just catch it from the bottom got these fidget spinners And they spinnin’ all around if I pick one up, then you know it’s going down They were going to do find my roi challenge. What happens is I put this roi action figure Underneath there and the only way I can get him is with my mouth so let’s count down in three two one go yeah Roi where are you? I got him, Yes, whoever gets those fidget spinners down here There’s a little bit of my my sweat, so I’m sorry a little piece of me will be in those fidget spinners So get it while it still last Alright guys I don’t want to do a full cannonball because I will just break all these so I’m going to do a mini Cannon ball So here we go. This is the guava juice fidget spinner Cannonball and three four eight and GOO I love fidget spinners! I love fidget spinners thank you everyone for watching today’s video. It was great. I’m bathing myself in fidget spinners I have way too many and you guys Deserve some, so get yours and let me know if you get one tag me on Twitter instagram I’ll make sure to like your comments this and yeah shoutouts to billy. I’ll see y’all next time. Stay Juicy! Music Plays for outro

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