101 Facts About John Wick
101 Facts About John Wick

greetings mother factors my name is Sam
and today I’m going to be having a chat with you all about one of the best
action movie franchises of recent years he’s weird he’s feared he’s got a patchy
beard it’s John wick yes the action movie juggernaut has been making a stir
in the world of cinematic murder and mayhem for quite a while now so I think
it’s high time that the soft-spoken assassin gets the one-on-one fact
treatment but how does the John wick we see in the films differ from the
original character how did the filmmakers create music out of gun shots
and what’s the best way to get henchman brains off your fine Italian suit ask
you for a friend called John wick to enter through those questions gonna be
answered so strap in strap up and strap up something else as we prepare to count
through 101 facts about John wick number one John wick is an American film
franchise which consists of three action thriller movies created by screenwriter
Derek Kolstad and directed by stuntman and director chadster hell ski the first
film also included stuntman and filmmaker David leach as an uncredited
co-director it’s an action movie made by stuntman so as you can imagine the
series is an adrenaline-fueled white-knuckle cinematic hell ride just
my two cents number two the series began in 2014 with the release of the first
film entitled simply John wick the film stars Keanu Reeves as the eponymous lead
character I retired but deadly hitman seeking revenge after rushing gangsters
steal his prized vintage Mustang and kill a beloved beagle puppy given to him
by his terminally ill wife before she tragically passed away much sad very
vengeance number three the story is reminiscent of an incident that occurred
in Texas involving former Navy SEAL marcus luttrell who wrote a book
entitled lone survivor about his fireteams ordeal during Operation Red
Wings in Afghanistan in 2005 in the early hours of the 1st of April 2009 a
group of men shot and killed latrell’s yellow labrador puppy who made named
Daisy after the members of his team who had
been killed number 4 upon finding the body of his murdered dog luttrell armed
himself with two handguns and chased the perpetrators through four counties in
his truck until they were apprehended by the police and ultimately charged with
animal cruelty number 5 the film was originally going to be titled scorn but
this changed when Keanu Reeves kept telling people he was filming a movie
called John wick I guess they thought it was easier than arguing with him I mean
generally how I deal with Keanu he’s such a ballbuster Arthur Goldberg heart
of gold number six the health skin leech were hired to work on the film because
of reefs who worked with them on the near-legendary 1999 sci-fi classic The
Matrix the health scheme particular was Reeves stunt double in the films Reeves
supported their appointment backing the veteran stuntmen for their very first
directing gig as Keanu is a good guy number seven
Karl star was inspired by classic noir films such as the 1949 British film noir
classic the third man as well as scenes of revenge and redemption and the
typical character development found in the works of Alistair MacLean and
Stephen King it’s all very well researched and aboveboard guys number
eight South Korean cinema also had a large influence on the film Park
chan-wook’s the Benjen trilogy and lee gond arms the man from nowhere’ inspired
the film signature minimalist composition and graphic nature number
nine furthermore the classic Clint Eastwood film the good the bad and the
ugly inspired the specific like a backstory for wick the filmmakers
decided to keep it simple was the hell’s he saying he wanted to leave wicks
history open to the audience’s imagination number ten somewhat
surprisingly one of the film’s producers was American actress and businesswoman
Eva Longoria known for her work as Gabrielle in the acclaimed comedy drama
TV series Desperate Housewives though the filmmakers never actually met
Longoria she’s credited as a producer owing to the money she invested into the
film the hell ski is said of Longoria we thank her for writing the check classy
number 11 the character of John wick was named after coal studs grandfather 88
year old John wick apparently the real wick was tickled by the idea of having a
movie character named after him adding that it was his 15 minutes of fame he
further stated that the fact that John wick is a hit man was the frosting on
the cake haha nice guy number 12 incidentally the surname wick is similar
to the surname that the character Steve Austin plays in the 2013 film the
package which is Tommy wick ah both movies were written by Derrick Cole
start number 13 apparently Derrick Cole sad had no specific actor in mind for
the lead role when the film was just a speculative script posted admitted that
kind of counterproductive Lee really he always writes with a deceased actor in
mind for the role as he grew up watching old black-and-white films starring
actors who’ve long since passed away as a result the role of John wick was
originally written for the iconic actor all newman who sadly passed away in 2008
number 14 in the original script the character of John wick was actually an
older retired killer in his 60s or 70s Thunder Road executive basil in when ik
changed this however arguing that the characters age wasn’t relevant and that
a veteran actor in his 40s would be a better fit especially considering the
physicality of the role number 15 wig starring wife Helen was portrayed by
Bridget Moynahan who leach described as the heart of the movie as part of her
performance as Helen Moynihan refused to read the rest of the script following
her character’s death and she wanted to fully commit to the role of a wife who
only saw good in her criminal husband ah that’s sweet I guess but also she really
didn’t be much of the script then did she number 16 the role of Viggo Tarasov
the film’s primary antagonist was filmed by Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist the
guy’s personality was already a counterbalance to wick single-mindedness
his costume reflects this smart and stylish but with colours and jewelry the
reflective it goes quirkiness in comparison to Wick’s that’s creative
wardrobe number 17 as the health keenly took concerned with how viewers would
react to all them you know violent murders in the film when casting the
role of Viggo Tarasov son iosef Tarasov they specifically cast
someone who looked like a and I’m quoting here sorry Alfie Allen great
prick yikes imagine coming out on your resume number 18
veteran actor Lance Reddick plays the polite composed but quite me
intimidating Sharona the concierge at the Continental Hotel
which caters exclusively to the criminal underworld when asked about the role
read excited that the Kenyan accent he adopted helped and the formality
required for the character whom he said was first and foremost elegant however
he also made it clear that sharone was a killer and a survivor basically someone
you just want to mess with number 19 many characters in John wick a named
after figure from the greco-roman world of classical antiquity as mentioned
Lance Reddick plays the hotel manager sharone which is a reference to Greek
mythology in which sharone is the ferryman of Hades whom you must pay for
safe passage this is why Chiron put the gold corners pocket at the hotel as John
was innocent paying for safe passage yeah see highbrow stuff here number 20
incidentally in 2013 the year before playing Sharona and John wick Reddick
also appeared in American Horror Story as voodoo deity Papa Legba both Papa
Legba and Sharona considered psycho pops which are entities that
and the borders between the living in the dead and guide the deceased to the
afterlife not many people can say they played a psychopomp let alone two of
them number 21 the greco-roman theme continues with Willem Dafoe and John
Leguizamo who respectively played the characters of John Wick’s mentor Marcus
and the chop shop owner or Elio together their names were a reference to Marcus
Aurelius a renowned Roman Emperor number twenty-two Oh incidentally Willem Dafoe
and John Leguizamo share the same birthday of the 22nd of July good for
them hey it’s a fact okay number 23
some have even suggested that John wicks like wife Helen could be a nod to Helen
of Troy the figure from Greek mythology fabled to be the most beautiful woman in
the world nope she’s called Jennifer so beetle in fact it started a war this is
somewhat indirectly the case for John wick who only begins his final and
escapades after the memory of his wife is insulted but the killing of his puppy
Daisy number 24 Daisy the dog that John wick
owns in the movie was faithfully portrayed by beagle puppy named Andy who
prevailed over dozens of other beagles Hunab himself the role I’ve heard of
chart actors but this is ridiculous in myself up number 25 my corona Daisy was
originally going to be much older in the film at around 18 years old roughly
equivalent to a human being in their 80s or 90s who’s also changed from the movie
showing Daisy’s a sprightly young puppy rather than a trembling old pooch
banging on the doors to doggy heaven number 26 in order to get the shot in
which Daisy jumps up onto the bed and licks wix face the filmmakers had to rub
bacon grease on Keanu Reeves his face and beard so that Andy would scamper
over to the actors pillow and give him a proper good lick I kind of had the
suspicion that Andy enjoyed filming that scene a little more than Reeves did
number 27 in order to imbue the film with reminders of wix late wife the
filmmakers worked in an overarching Daisy motif into John wick that
constantly links back to Helen there’s a Daisy symbol in the hospital room
there’s a Daisy symbol in the coffee mug and wicks house and when the card
arrives from Helen there’s a daisy symbol on it too
number 28 originally the studio did not want Daisy to die taking the position
that while the deaths of literally dozens of people throughout the film was
all in good fun the killing of a dog was simply too violent leeches to Health’s
key refused to change the script though due to the fact that it’s pretty
integral to the film giving us one of the main reasons wick embarks on the
yank killing spree in the first place number
29 the studio also didn’t want Reeves to have a beard in the film which was
another thing that the filmmakers had to fight for maintaining the wix face per
contributed at the grittiness of the film the studio didn’t like it though
because they disapproved of their lead stars face being partially covered
apparently unfamiliar with the concept of hair number 30
Reeves prepared for the demanding role of John wick by training with Navy SEALs
for eight hours a day for four whole months
this included weapons a martial arts training that focused on the sort of
close combat gunfights John wick faces in the film number 31 John wick was shot
entirely with aerial xxt cameras in order to capture the high budget fight
scenes and fast paced action cinematographer Jonathan Sela worked
with Sahel Steve’s idea that they wanted to create a visual contrast between John
wicks happy home life and the world he gets drawn into using much darker
lighting in the underworld scenes along with a constantly moving camera number
32 the filmmakers also used different lenses on the same camera when filming
night and day scenes giving the daylight a hazy look that they felt was more
cinematic yeah there you go a fact about the actual filmmaking process it’s not
all behind the scenes goofing around fact on 101 we’re respectable number 33
throughout the film wick is dressed in smart stylish suit to allow him to fit
into any scenario without standing out Reeves described it as funeral and
priestly while maintaining a sleek look of a killer hot number 34 originally
meant to be dressed in combat gear the henchman in the film were eventually
kept in suit because of sleet said John wick is a film about men in suits this
is all part of the stylish yet gritty underworld that fits the noir genre Nana
Bashara sleek stylish killer most of the time I just have to settle for a
disembodied voice or fact boy number 35 Willem Dafoe’s character is in his
bathrobe making a health juice when Viggo comes knocking this was in
addition by Dafoe who wanted to play his character as an old-school assassin
focused on staying on top of his game it’s the Health DCI that this is one of
the benefits of working with an experienced cast as they provide useful
additions that an experienced directors may not have identified number 36 the
film was shot in a number of notable locations in New York City for instance
the red circle bar is actually the New York County Circuit Court building the
Russian mob bosses house and Paul scene was shot on top of the James hotel
the Continental Hotel is the beaver building also known as Coco exchange
number 37 incidentally the red circle bar is a clear reference to another of
the film’s main influences the circle ruch a 1970 franco-italian crime film
set mostly in pari paris number 38 in the film which shows himself to be an
expert at close combat fighting and switches between judoka japanese
jiu-jitsu and brazilian jiu-jitsu all of which are martial arts
disciplines that specialize in throws and choke holds liters the house key
said that this was done to make wick stand out as Brazilian jiu-jitsu and
judo fighting styles are much more believable to watch in comparison to
other fighting styles like boxing or kickboxing which require much more
editing to hide punches and kicks which aren’t actually landing number 39 John
wick also smoothly transitions between several shooting styles depending on the
situation during close quarters battles and while moving through tight hallways
he employs what’s called the center axis relock stance which was developed
specifically for combat when moving and shooting at longer ranges though he
changes into more traditional Weaver and isosceles stances which were created for
competitive shooting competitions number 40 the tattoo on Rick’s back is a Latin
phrase Fortis Fortuna and Eve at which literally translates to fortune favors
the strong numerous military units throughout the world uses phrase as
their motto which could possibly be a reflection of wicks military background
number 41 production on John wick only had access to two Mustangs and weren’t
an outer damage either of them no cheeky multi Mustang pie laps I’m afraid your
meeting Oh playing a march to Keanu Reeves long and illustrious history of
saying in films many of the film’s characters say Oh in a similar fashion
whenever Tom wicks name is mentioned however the filmmakers deliberately
avoided having John wick say it himself number 43 Keanu Reeves has stated that
for John wick he performed 90% of his own stunts he and I have that in common
we’re basically indistinguishable number 44 if that wasn’t bad ass enough Keanu
Reeves learn to memorize the nightclub fight sequence on the very day the scene
was filmed that takes dedication determination and a very very large
paycheck in nation number 45 not only that when shooting
the top-level nightclub fight sequence one of the most intense moments in the
film Reeves actually had the flu I was running a fever of 104 degrees
Fahrenheit he did all of that and he had the man flu fair play to him number 46
during the fight scene that went wrong Michael Knight vest cut his entire head
open she knows entire head Shirley which
apparently left his here resting on his right shoulder huh Mike this entry
required 80 stitches and some of the last scenes had to be reshot to hide his
presumably enormous scarf number 47 the security guard who waved wake on to the
airport runway can be seen reading the 1970 thriller Shibumi written by rod
Whitaker under the pen-name Trevanian Shibumi tells the story of a retired
Master Assassin dragged back into the game hmm where have I heard that before
number 48 during the safe house scene the
character’s username displayed on the top right is neo now that right there is
a tiny little reference to Reeves iconic character in the Matrix trilogy number
49 according to the director’s commentary the first cut of the movie
was 2 hours and 20 minutes long meaning that’s roughly 40 minutes had to be cut
from the movie this includes much of the ending fight between John and Big O
which was originally much longer before it was cut down out of each answer house
key agreed the Big O should have really posed too much of a physical threat to
wick himself number favored a david leitch also revealed that a lot of
footage cut from the film was simply shot to brick walking stating that
there’s a ton of great shots on the cutting room floor they’re just Keanu
Reeves walking in cool environments I mean yeah fair enough number 51 most
sources state that John Wick’s killed count in the movies a staggering 84
that’s what happens when you kill people’s dogs guys just avoid it if I
were you number 52 the film’s total body counts including the people who are
killed by any of the characters is an even more disturbing 119 that means that
just over 70 percent of the death in the film were caused by wick himself number
53 made on a budget of up to 30 million dollars the first John wick film grossed
a tasty eighty eight point eight million dollars worldwide and holds an 87
percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes making the film both a critical
and commercial success woohoo glad everything worked out number
fifty-four lines gates collaborated with overkilled
software to include John wick as a playable character in the 2013 heist
videogame payday 2 a character that is capable of several special abilities
unique to him wick was added to the game just two days before the movie’s wide
release number 55 in 2017 leeches – hell scheme mentioned in an interview with
screen junkies that there was alternate ending for the film in which John wick
simply shoots and kills Tarasov however the pair ultimately decided to have
Wiccan Tarasov have a good old-fashioned fistfight in the rain oh so romantic
number 56 in the same interview legions to health ski also stated that the body
count in the original script was much much lower and may finish low was only
six deaths that’s that would have been rubbish more murder please number 57 not
only that’s the healthy also mentioned that John wick didn’t even have any
dialogue for the first 25 pages of the original script eventually it was
decided though that wick would actually need to talk in the movie number 58 in
2017 the second film in the John wick series was released imaginatively titled
John wick chapter two carrying on from the first film John wick finds himself
at the mercy of Italian crime lord Santino deantonio who tasks him with the
assassination of his sister which as you can imagine gets prepper messy very
quickly number 59 however the film nearly ended up being a story about wick
and some form of daughter figure or another romantic interest not the same
time I hope it was rewritten though to make sure that the franchise continued
to be fresh and original rather than lowering itself to stale cliches in
which an aging male badass must somehow protect a beautiful woman number 60 to
prepare for his role in John wick to Remus built on his previous job
experience with a three-month training regimen consisting of judo Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu marksmanship and driving Reeves also trained with the famed Machado
brothers who are known for choreographing numerous movie fight
scenes number 61 the name of the film’s main antagonist
Santino Dantonio is itself a sarcastic little joke of its own the bodies first
named Santino literally translates into little st.
while Dantonio himself is quite at the opposite number 62 as already stated the
actor who plays Russian mafia boss Viggo Tarasov was the Swedish actor Michael
Mike fist incidentally the actor who plays his
brother Abraham Tarasov is Peter Stormare who is
also a talented Swede apparently the Swedish are particularly good at playing
Russian mobsters who knew number 63 actress Ruby Rose plays the sinister and
conspicuously mute bodyguard and hitwoman Aries a character who
originally had a few quippy sassy lines avoid demeanor was modified into a mute
character who use sign language apparently Rose was originally not best
pleased to be made mute but the hell ski praised her for trusting his judgment
what do you think though which you preferred Ares to speak or do you think
she was more intimidating it’s a strong and silent type let us know in our smash
tastic youtube poll Nintendo 64 while preparing for John wick numero dos
Reeves went to visit Laurence Fishburne an old friend from The Matrix franchise
apparently Fishburne brought up how amazing the first John wick was which
prompted Reeves to reach out to Sahel Sookie who jumped at the chance to
recruit the one an Oni Morpheus in fact the role of the Bowery King was thought
up specifically for Fishburne himself number 65 in addition to Tehran Marcus
Aurelio and Helen the greco-roman theme continues in Chapter two with several
more characters catching appropriately classical names the previous ero engined
Aries was the Greek god of war casseon is likely reference to the Roman st.
John Cassian and Franco Niro’s character Julius is almost certainly a nod to
Julius Caesar none are 66 somewhat interestingly the title of the movie
doesn’t appear on screen until 14 minutes into the film well I thought I
was interesting number 67 after the opening title sequence John wick scar
can be seen to have an inspection sticker with an expiration date of
October 2014 this is a nod to the release date of the original John wick
move a number 68 the DJ performing at the exclusive Colonel party in Rome and
John wick chapter 2 Isla Castlevania who incidentally wrote the theme tunes for
the first – John wick movies number 69 yeah I’m thinking I’m back the fight in
the museum couldn’t help myself sorry it’s actually time with the music in the
scene which is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons the healthy had the percussion removed
and replaced by Wix gunshots this required a very tight edit that proved a
challenge for the filmmakers the hell Ski took it in his stride however
stating we got nothing else to do which I
yes is through number 70 the rooftop garden scene in which John wick
confronts Winston played by English actor Ian McShane uses the same location
to which spider-man takes Mary Jane after saving her from falling to her
death following the attacks for the Green Goblin in the original 2002
spider-man movie number 71 according to stir hell ski one of the first ideas he
had for Chapter two even before the film and a story was to recreate the mirror
room fight between Lee and mr. harm from the 1973 martial arts action classic
Enter the Dragon this idea was realized in the form of the Hannie impressive
fight scene in the museum mirror exhibition which is full of spinning
mirrors for wick to vandalize with bullets number 72 as you can imagine
however shooting a compelling action scene within a Hall of Moving mirrors
wasn’t the easiest of tasks the scene took months to plan with everyone turns
to hell skin son coordinator JJ Perry not to do it but they went and did it
anyway Mishima because I had nothing else to do
the scene took five whole days to film which was 10% of the entire 50-day
filming schedule number 73 when the Somali heir played by British actor and
comedian preacher Serafina which mentions that wick was familiar with the
German varietals he’s making an offhand reference to wick using a heckler & koch
p30 l handgun for most of the first John wick and part of the second number 74
interestingly John wick chapter 2 was partially filmed in Montreal the largest
city in the Canadian province of Quebec various locations and landmarks from the
city appear in the film for instance the scene in which John
wick is chased through the subway system was partially filmed in the plaster arts
metro for obvious reasons some locations French signs were replaced with the
typical New York City’s subway signs in English number 75 in a scene in the
locker room the Bowery King stands in front of to open lockers one with a red
shampoo and the other with the blue shampoo bottle which serves as a nice
little raft of the famous pill scene in the first matrix film in which both
Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne had starring roles coincidence
surely that can’t be a coincidence insane in fact a coincidence number 76
soon after that scene John wick says to the Bowery King so I guess you have a
choice this phrase or variations of it was a constant theme within the Matrix
trilogy number 77 Bart White’s there’s even more matrix references in it in the
Bowery Kings office a pair of circular glasses can be spotted on the desk which
some have suggested or a reference to the black circular specs that more
feeis where’s in the matrix number 78 the John wick : chapter 2 Reeves decided
to up the ante stump wise stating that he performed around 95% of the Sun
worked for this movie in comparison to the frankly pathetic 90 percent he did
in the first film number 79 indeed there are only two stunts in which a dedicated
professional was brought in the first was the scene wherein Witt gets hit by a
car I mean yeah fair enough number 80 the second scene Reeves didn’t
shoot though was the scene in which he’s thrown down stairs by casseon who is
played by the actor and acclaimed rapper common frankly I’d be honored to that
common throw me down a flight of stairs we can make it happen common come on
common number 81 the fight between Wickham Kassian in Rome contains a
stay-away which forms one of the iconic areas of the popular Italy map from the
counter-strike game series yeah I know right highbrow how not r82 in one of the
final scenes of the movie wick meets Winston at the pathetic Anton in New
York’s Central Park and asks him why he’s not already dead in response
Winston says because I deemed it not to be then signals to one of his
subordinates who direct everyone in the area to freeze and look at John this
scene is eerily similar to one from yes that’s right again the matrix in which
Morpheus describes the neo the nature of the matrix before freezing their
environment immediately stopping everyone around them both scenes also
take place next to a fountain number 83 in the subway when the seven million
dollar contract is being sent worldwide you can see a poster bearing the image
of chains a character from payday 2 overkill software but John wick in their
game I guess it’s only fair that stew helps keep at payday 2 in their film
number 84 most sources put John wick skill count in chapter 2 at 128 which is
as you may have already realized significantly higher than the first film
he just loves killing that John wick number 85
however someone suggested that while which kills more people in chapter 2
he’s a touch less efficient in his murderous rampages compared to the first
one wall our intrepid assassin hit his intended target 86% of the time in John
wick that stat dropped down to only 84 chapter 2 number 86 in order to avoid an
18 rating from the British BBFC 23 seconds of the film involving Gianna
Dantonio had to be removed from the film’s theatrical release in the UK
apparently we’re here in the UK just far too sensitive to behold such horrors and
we must be protected by our almighty censors all hail the
BBFC the Noah’s for what’s best for us number 87
upon release John wick chapter 2 garnered Alma’s universal praise banking
itself respectable 89% rating over from Tomatoes made on a budget forty million
dollars the film ultimately gross one hundred seventy one point two million
dollars worldwide making the sequel an even bigger critical and commercial
success than the first number eighty-eight for some strange reason the
Australian distributor of the film entertainment one or e one originally
planned on releasing the film directly to DVD when news of this in assault was
made public a one’s Facebook Twitter and web sites were flooded with emails and
messages from angry fans who demanded that the film was given a fair dinkum
shot at us react to release in Australia albeit lates downunder eventually did
decide to give this film theatrical release well-deserved number 89 of
course the carnage will not end with John wick chapter 2 it’s a third movie
is currently on its way entitled John wick chapter three Parabellum 1 the film
follows wick as he continues to run from the scores of assassins eager to bump
him off forcing him to fight his way out of New York with assistance from Sofia
one of the few assassins who still trusts him number 99 90 staff segi has
stated that he got the film subtitled para bellum from the famous fourth
century Roman military quote civis possum para bellum which means if you
want peace prepare for war God pity mo number 91 Halle Berry wanted
a role in the 3rd influence of John wick so badly she has to be in the film
before he even had a story apparently Berry visits it’s a health scheme New
York and outright asked him to be in the film and when the film was finalized
five months later the house key got back in contact with Barry to ask her to play
Sofia to which she agreed straight away number 92 apparently one of the largest
fight scenes in the movie sees Keanu Reeves going toe-to-toe with one of the
most interesting additions to the cast in form of boba and Mirjana bitch he by
the way is a Serb emotional basketball player who currently plays for the
Philadelphia 67’s no 76ers long way around
standing isn’t intimidating seven-foot 3 magenta bitch will play an assassin I
mean who could have guessed that who might have a little more trouble thing
hidden than the others number 93 in addition to Halle Berry and
the big basketball man Parabellum also feature a number of other recognizable
faces this includes Asia Kate Dillon who played a white supremacist and Lawrence
at the new black Jace Mantzoukas he betrayed the comically
tortured cop Adrian pimento in Brooklyn nine-nine and veteran actress Angelica
Houston who is arguably most fondly remembered it’s Morticia in The Addams
Family movies my darling Jennifer Lawrence is probably too busy polishing
her Oscar not even ISM noble is he for apparently Parabellum starts off just
under an hour after the end of John wick chapter 2 and also the fact that Lovejoy
sat the bounty on John to be open in one hour number 95 while the first John wick
Phil Mader 84 deaths and the second 128 sounds key stated that the third is
scheduled to be even deadlier than that get ready for a lot of Moyer guys gonna
be a bloodbath number 96 since Reeves Fishburne answer he’ll ski
all worked on the matrix it’s no surprise that the matrix Easter egg fest
continues with Parabellum about halfway through the trailer Winston asks quick
what he needs to which wick responds guns lots of guns not only are both
lines lifted wide void from the matrix they even spoken at the exact same his
speed number 97 the trailer for Parabellum also contains several shots
of Bernie vicious-looking attack dogs belonging to Sofia these movie pooches
are trained only to bite at Greenbelt Crowe play strategically on an actor’s
body which could then be digitally altered out in the post-production stage
as a result there was a very important onset role during the filming of the
scenes involving these dogs don’t wear green another 98 in order to make
Sophia’s command of our attack dogs as believable as possible the filmmakers
decided to forego having an onset trainer and instead had Barry spend
months training the dogs herself so when you see them follow on a Sophia’s
commands in the film they really are following her commands number 99 nine
nine nine nine nine on the 14th of August 2018 a photo appeared on the John
wick Twitter accounts which showed a McShane and Laurence Fishburne standing
together accompanied by the caption out friends new enemies this could mean that
wick will have two very powerful friends in his corner or alternatively he might
be facing the combined might of the Bowery King and Winston or in my mind
Bill Foster and Lovejoy number 100 there no no Nanette
Keanu Reeves has stated in its feast that he does not want the John wick
franchise to be tarnished by endless equals it steadily diminishing quality
and as such the series most likely conclude with the third film number 101
however don’t fret my little John wick fanatics the
continued success of the John wick series has led to the development of a
John wick spin-off TV series called the Continental also produced by Lionsgate
it’s believed that this will cover bricks past as well as the wider
criminal world and though the show will very likely feature appearances for he
only reads and perhaps even e McShane the lead role will apparently be an
entirely new character called one chick yeah that was 101 facts about John wick
who’s your favorite assassin could you survive a night at the Continental am i
wearing my trousers too tight let me know the answered all those questions in
the comments down below also remember to give this video a like and subscribe to
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    12:25 I got Fortune Favors the Brave

  11. Chris Harrison says:

    I can't believe you missed the Bruce Lee reference in the casting of a 7-foot basketball player trying to kill our hero. Bruce fought kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Game Of Death (1978)

  12. Gianluca Pirrotta says:

    More than juggernaut he's like a one man army

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  14. average Canadian says:


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  17. MrGhostFedora says:

    Fact #102: Fortnite made a new mode called "Wick's Bounty" to help advertise the movie. Your team (or yourself if you picked the solo mode) go around killing people and collecting the coins that they drop. If you started getting more coins your location will appear on the map to lead more people to kill you. You get 3 respawns and your character wears a suit in this mode. Their are a set of challenges that came with the mode, the rewards being a coin back bling, an umbrella glider, a wrap for your guns or vehicles, and xp. Sadly you can no longer play this mode, as the mode's deadline expired yesterday.

  18. Josh Ravenhill says:

    If John Wick has a patchy beard all men with and hoping for facial hair are fucked.

  19. Fuzzwuzzle says:

    I personally don't really want to know anything about John, the TV show would be cool if they only have him checking in or checking out and you'll occasionally just hear the odd story for me that would be the best way to do it

  20. esteban ortiz says:

    The name perabelum of the third could also be a nod to the 9mm perabelum cartridge, as it's the most common pistol round in the world(and the one wich John uses the most

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    Fact 1: He's a human
    Fact 2: He's male
    Fact 3: He used to be a baby
    Fact 4: He has long hair
    Fact 5: He has 3 movies
    Fact 6: He used a gun
    Fact 7: He has a beard
    Fact 8: His puppy died
    Fact 9: His wife died
    Fact 10: He uses an iPhone 5s

  28. Rui Almeida says:

    And it also has a shitload of Aikido

  29. Manny Camacho says:

    The scene with the subway is not in Canada that's the Occulus in New York City. Which is under the Freedom Tower. You can see the bone like structure of the ceiling and the ridiculously long display screen along the wall in the scene.

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    #69 Vivaldi´s 4 seasons has no percussion on it, as originally composed. Thought I clarify that.

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    John wick pulls out a bubble blower
    Bad guys:”no I’m sorry.”

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    I didn't like the first two John Wick films very much. They were ok but I didn't really get the hype. I said in my review that I enjoyed this one a lot because of the variety in the action scenes, 1 and 2 just felt like guy in a black suit shooting a ton of other guys in black suits in the head over and over again.

  55. HaVOK says:

    Reeves also learnt Krav Maga for the fight scenes

  56. David James says:

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  57. Roddy B says:

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  58. NovemberRain says:

    #92 would most def be a homage to the ledgendary fight Bruce Lee had with another basketballplayer Abdul Kareem-jabbar in Game of Death

  59. Sleipnir says:

    I'm impressed by your ability to butcher the pronunciation of both a German and a French word in the same fact. (number 73, 20:54)

  60. paintBallprepperTMV AwomanIsAntichrist says:

    The real fact is God control's Satan, he made him after all and Satan has to ask permission to do anything. There for John wick has the help of God. Samson killed over 1000 people with a jaw bone.

  61. droopy aguacat3 says:

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    Please edit this vid. ty

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    Who's here after they announced a fourth film?

  70. Matthew Randall says:


  71. Pearl Dragon says:

    While I love the/your energetic delivery, Charon not pronounced 'Sha-rone', it's 'Ka-ron'. If it was meant to be said a 'Sha-rone' it would have an 'E' at the end of it. 'In Greek mythology, Charon or Kharon (/ˈkɛərɒn, -ən/; Greek Χάρων) is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.' (Wikipedia).

    It doesn't take away from the video's purpose itself, but it's grating to hear it said that way – like how a rock music lover would cringe if I went around saying 'The Ramonees' instead of 'The Ramones' (Ra-moans) 😛

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    John Wick: Yeah,…I'mpretty fn pissed.

  78. Peter J. says:

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  79. Antony Drossos says:

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    and again

  80. LukeR says:

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  81. Joseph LaFrance says:

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  82. Stinger Johnny says:

    Ares was more unique and interesting as a mute imo. Gave her an identity as more than just another goon.

  83. Roy Jaggers says:

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  84. Míchele Cobré says:

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  86. Julian Baxter says:

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  88. Jacqueline Gill says:

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  89. Ben Moss says:

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  90. efhraim santiago says:

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  91. Don Wilson says:

    Yes, way too tight.

  92. Thomas Hill says:

    Question Do all the killers use the same make of hand gun BECAUSE JOHN SEAMS TO USE THE OTHER KILLERS CLIPS FOR HIS GUN?. and yes he does take other guns from the killers.

  93. QuipsAndSalsa 007 says:

    16:22 read the end credits, post credits scene on the script. It says: “Nick Fury appears at his house and asks whether he wants to start avenging dogs from all over the world”

  94. Nardi Nardstrums says:

    Little did he know…they’re coming out with a fourth installment lol

  95. Dermit Kalink says:

    John wick was retired, until Santino wanted him to kill Gianna. He was technically retired the first film.

  96. chanel henderson says:

    one of the best film franchises EVER!

  97. chanel henderson says:

    one of the best film franchises EVER!

  98. SnapDragon says:

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  100. francia antony says:


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