#108 [Audi A6] Ремонт после ДТП Body Repair
#108 [Audi A6] Ремонт после ДТП Body Repair

Hello everybody. Today we have repair expensive enough for its time Audi A6 car of the late 90s. The car had an accident with public transport, hooking the bus right side. In a collision, the front right wheel it was he who received enough severe damage to the body. Hooked the bottom of the front pillar, and went to the threshold. All this part went inside to the salon, and the stand went up. Also suffered not a fresh front wing. Got the hood, headlight and front to the bumper.
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Then Audi caught up with the VAZ 2114 from behind hitting the rear bumper and fender in the area trunk, respectively, split and back light. This repair is very budget because only the donor was brought in by the owner, cheap chinese front wing very bad front bumper, headlight and taillight. Try from assemble these car parts. You on AutoCraft channel, we begin repairs. Putting the car on the slipway, removing the dashboard and under disassembling the salon, we saw large folds in the floor area and very severely deformed threshold in the middle doorway. Hacking a small floor under the counter hole to hook, we drag this corner threshold and stand out so that you can in the hole put the chain in and grabbing like should try to straighten the body, pulling as much body out as possible we needed. We rearranged the tower slipway and began to pull damaged node forward at about 45 degrees. Threshold had to be trimmed with inner and outer parties as the car is strong enough, albeit more than 20 years have passed since its release. Opening at the threshold of the window we chisel hem an amplifier in the crease area to make it easier was to straighten the damaged place. [AutoCraft] Tapping folds and checking with dimensions bring the body to the right for us position. After that we get to work with a donor. [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] In good condition, we got a donor, he is a little more than we need but it gives us the opportunity to cut just the part that we need. Mark up and start cutting. [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] So how to work with a large donor uncomfortable, we cut a piece a little more and after that we open threshold and we separate all unnecessary. Having opened the internal cavity, it becomes clear how the machine is canned. Approximately 3-4 millimeters throughout, threshold spilled with preservative something based on paraffin. He’s in enough solid but easy to remove chisel. We are trying do not remove all preservative, but only in those places where welding will be carried out. [AutoCraft] Cutting out the amplifier, we tried to do so that future seams are not on one line but walked up the stairs. We get inner seam of the threshold and outer is at a distance from each other approximately 30 centimeters. Cutting off unnecessary part of the floor that is on body in front, where the jack is placed, we saw how thick the metal is layered there. Highly a thick cutlet is obtained. 2 mm metal 3 pieces and they do not lie all clamped together, fit to each other with some gaps. In those times, the metal obviously did not spare. [AutoCraft] Having prepared the donor, we go to work with bodywork. We mark the places of future welding and cut out the damaged node. [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] By accessing the damaged internal body parts reach and dirting. This is the threshold prepared for welding. Lining is welded on the outer seam, in sealant cleaned in welding area preservative removed in the form of wax. [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] At the counter, as there are only two metal decided to make a seam obliquely under 45 degrees. [AutoCraft] Put the donor in place, checking with dimensions and start the first build. Setting the wing it became clear that without making the front part we don’t succeed in boiling the donor. Lifting up the front of the wing flange and having laden it, we install a wing and set the hood to close. Check the gaps. By the gaps, it became clear that the frontal strut glass is higher than it should be by 4 millimeters, this can be seen in the gap between the frame of the door and the pillar itself. [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] Again we remove the wing and the door, not to crush the rack wrapped it former seat belt and through special unit pulled the rack, while backing down middle rack since we didn’t have to lower the entire right side of the car way down. Leaving the whole car in one the position we lower only the frontal strut glass. Lowering it down by exposing the body as we need to start scalding. Completely weld the seam on the wheel side, also entirely weld the seam in the front racks on the passenger side. In the middle of the doorway with an inner we still have an open operation so that we can weld amplifier. First, weld the first amplifier that has almost a threshold shape; it is semicircular. We apply a wide patch to the seam and weld. After that, weld the vertical amplifier. Having finished from the inside, we pass to weld the threshold from the outside. Having finished with welding, we begin again assembly. Since the donor bumper was without amplifier we had to restore many times already beaten stock aluminum amplifier, customize brackets hood and using bad old bumper to expose clearances on the front. The front part was made as a gift, as it we needed more than the owner, because that it became clear that even gaps in the right side would not work set without putting gaps in the face. [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] Making sure everything worked out as necessary, we again removed the door and the wing, cleaned the welding and applied the primers. First acidic soil to the entire open metal, after primer-filler. [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] The seams closed completely. And those that located in the cabin, and those that are outside. [AutoCraft] Inside the interior, the lower seam is the same as the entire outer seam was closed sealant, then to all available the holes were flooded with an anti-corrosion compound. [AutoCraft] These are seams primed and sealant applied. To the places where subsequently will be painted it’s a threshold and a stand we did not apply sealant. [AutoCraft] Finished with front end go to the back. It can be seen that jammed the bottom of the wing, in the hatch area there is a fold inside the wing the radio is clamped. We will extract radio tape recorder. Having made a special grip, pull the wing out. Customer requested make the right gaps on the door and trunk lid. We will make gaps, change lamp. Straightening the wing is not included in our work. [AutoCraft] [AutoCraft] By changing the position of the slipway tower, change in this direction of the hood slightly flatten the wing and attach its kind we need. Since we do not have neither the bumper bracket nor the bumper itself in fair condition, we cannot deduce wing for sure. Therefore, installing a bumper and flashlight we check all the gaps and planes with left side. Since the customer we did not paint we fully assembled the car. [AutoCraft] Such an end result of our work. it turned out. [AutoCraft] It looks like welded in the doorway us donor. The door opens and closes easily even gaps. [AutoCraft] Decent enough, considering the parts, gaps in the face. [AutoCraft] Friends, I remind you, we try to shoot interesting videos for you, and you in your turn click something under the video, write comments or at least write +. We proceed to repair the next car, see you soon! [AutoCraft]

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  1. AutoCraft # Авторемесло says:

    На стапеле авто простояло 12 рабочих дней и 2 дня сборка/разборка.

  2. Vinsant Vega says:

    Хирург ) 👍🏻

  3. алексей лукашин says:

    Как всегда 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Даниил Лихачев says:

    Как всегда прекрасная работа!!! Респект автокрафту)

  5. Alexandr EAD says:

    Интересно, а сколько стоить будет такое удовольствие?

  6. Владислав Сикора says:

    Я бы на металл её порезал…

  7. Михаил к says:

    Без денег, зато на Ауди))))

  8. Алексей says:

    Не важно какая машина,старенькая или из новых,подход к ней на высшем уровне.
    Ребята,вы молодцы!

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  10. Евгений Кулаков says:

    Все на высоте, жаль клиент у вас не красился. Хотелось бы посмотреть на восставшую из пепла

  11. Сергей Щербинин says:

    Молодцы, успехов и здоровья в новом году!!!!!

  12. Бауыржан Серикбаев says:

    Хорошая работа

  13. Alex Ser says:

    супер, надо к вам заехать

  14. Игорь Герасименко says:

    Не увидел как машина была зафиксирована на стапеле, т.к не было кантов на пороге. Были адаптеры???

  15. Евгения Антонова says:

    Сколько обошлась такая работа.???????

  16. Рус Автомеханик У-КА says:


  17. Леха Поляков says:

    Так классно! Молодец! Вот что значит опыт и руки из плеч)

  18. Леха Поляков says:

    Сколько стоил такой ремонт?

  19. Den Alexeyev says:


  20. Максим Соловьев says:

    Отличная работа. Из говна сделали почти конфету. Молодцы. И отношение к работе хорошее все замазали промавилили

  21. lllKvazarlll says:

    Ребята , молодцы . Вот хозяин авто либо не может найти денег на машину , либо жадный . Но судя по тому , что красить авто ему будут армяне в гараже , он всё-таки зажал денег на норм восстановление . Наверное на продажу тачка

  22. Ариф Рустамов says:

    Очень хорошо зделали с учетом того что хозяйн ауди жмот

  23. Серёга Карабзол says:

    Приветствую мда смотрю ваши видео ну просто завараживающе в чужих руках так легко и классно на самом деле это тяжело спасибо за видео можно было бы поставить больше одного лайка я бы их наштамповал бы спасибо за видео класс

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    Вы очень круто делаете,всегда смотрю и поражаюсь!

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    Дядька – профессиональный кузовщик, мирового уровня! Умеет, работает без лишних движений!

  28. Алексей says:

    странно ремонтировать такое авто

  29. Мститель says:


  30. Гор Захарян says:

    Красавцы, подписка👍

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    Я такую же А-жесть на столб намотал ели слепили

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  33. Валентин Шаповалов says:

    работа хорошая! а машина неухоженная отодранная вся))

  34. Артём Кириченко says:

    За что люблю АУДИ, они сильно деформируются, но спасают жизни…

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    Молодец видно что к работе относится ответственно

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    На европейской помойке можно найти дешевле и в ассортименте))).
    А по работе, зачёт, без вопросов!!! И может хозяину тачка дорога как память, но финансов нет…….

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    Ну и от вас тоже.
    Скажите а в Обнинске вы занимаетесь ремонтом двигателей z18xer?

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