you [Applause] sorry sorry excuse for a service or the wrought iron or the first ascent 142 496 next I barely tower hold short of runway 9 landing traffic warrior 2 for 9 or 6 x-ray runway 9 full-length cleared for takeoff or your 2 for 9 and 6 X right our salads that warrior two parts of rape face your stress wheels just fell off it was Roger worried to 496 experts are yeah yeah warrior to 496 x-ray the while coaches said that you’re right Maine is now missing from the airplane it is falling off the airplane so your intentions can I circle back to where warrior 9 is successfully affirmative are you a solo ma’am a bakudo pilots over yeah ok justice it’ll be okay just go ahead and circle the airport for now make a right turn to circle we’re going to get some people out to help you’ll pay pattern altitude 1100 and you can make a right turn out okay 49 and 6x rate just server we’re going to get some people out to help you everything will be okay [Music] nine or six x-ray just continue to circles go ahead and fly overhead the air from way just like you would be flying a normal pattern but just maintain your altitude we’re going to get someone out on the frequency to help you alright and the Niner 6x I just continue circling it we’ve got prophecy and instructor that should be able to come up on frequency all right all right and six er x-ray just a 906 extra I’m sorry just continue circling we do have someone that will be able to hopefully get on the radio and help you with the landing all right all right and North Atlantic can be are you able to come over to the tower and come up here okay well just give him escort over we have a dc-3 that they want to try and get him before her but she’s still circling so we would prefer to have you up here 96 X right there yeah okay 96 X oh we have one of the instructors up here Greg he just wants to make sure how you’re doing okay hey Maggie this Greg how are you doing like that yeah listen it’s going to be okay so you’ve got plenty of fuel you got the aircraft under control so you’re just going to continue circling John’s John’s going to be here shortly and we’ll keep you we’ll keep you updated but we’ll work it out for us Beverly Tarascon 181 well currently is quite a ways out for the South just wondering yes by the airport we’ll be good to go in a little bit first one anyone Beverly shower we’re just gonna head bring you in enter the rice downwind for runway nine and we’re gonna bring you in before this aircraft land so just enter the right now and maintain 1000 just go yeah regular pattern altitude and we’ll bring you in around her okay so well we’re still currently with approach they have us on heading for analysis called us the head of sweet initiatives excuse us alternates but we’ll talk to you in a minute hey in Seneca I mean that warrior nine or six x-rays there’s a dc-3 that’s off to your right he’ll be landing so just extend down a little bit and you can just maintain your alt and fly behind him all right all right if ever liter come off 181 now with you but they’re bringing right downwind runway night don’t want anyone Roger report midfield on the Doan report that feels office how I cut off someone anyone and a warrior nine and six x-ray you can turn it back into the field this time I want you to circle to the north or to the left all right all right thank Colonel 180 was a bit field right down with rough way I don’t want anyone runway no include alone oh wait I clearly that’s what anyone Kanwar you’re 9 to 6 x3 on this path I’m gonna have you circle to the left I do have 2 aircraft coming up from the south that will be landing just circle to left we do have some instructors up here so just continue to do the circling like you are you doing a good job okay more than nine to six x-rays you can just go ahead and make that left turn now for the face and then over fly the runway again I do have traffic coming up from the south all right all right that’s what we thought it was three four three four [Music] suppose he told us you know folks who are here with us aircraft can barely tar Sagan if the scrubbers are three four three four or Beverly Hospital is something Fusco grandma enough for three four ident room for three four I turn to the right down for runway 9 where our survival scream 4 3 4 runway 9 Kirtland a little after runway 544 yes I could pop off at our ramp yes 4 3 4 negative and plan on exiting at runway one-six I’ve emerged II vehicles on socks are to you that the accident Bravo or a runway one-six I do that for people absolutely so if I quit I’ll answer was working for John 4:3 for affirmative runway 9 clearance OS forty nine and six x-ray won’t be much longer are you doing a really good job we do have these two instructors up here so we’ll be helping you here shortly alright [Music] Maggie this is John how you doing okay you’re doing a great job flying the airplane keep doing what you’re doing they’re gonna stage the equipment and I just in case anything is needed there but we’re just going to wait we’re going to take our time here we got plenty of time you get plenty of fuel we get plenty of daylight so just try to relax and you always heard me say go back to basics so we’re going to work the basics here as much as possible okay so maybe it’s Joan again they just did a final sweep of the runway to make sure there’s nothing out there that’s going to cause any problems I can see a tank at altitude lining up the runway so once you just continue down like you normally do what I’m thinking is just have it fly down the length of nine like you’re doing right now and then when you’re comfortable I’m a heavy turn and to the left and enter a left on win on zero nine would that work for you okay and I’ll tell you not much of an Ionian maybe suggest when you might want to start to turn crosswind and down when we’re going to do this just like we did I know it’s hard to say this but treat it like a much as like a normal landing as you can so the power settings we’ve always done the pitch to the airspeed keep everything as normal as you can so making the other things is some we’ve looked at the part we pulled that off the round we’ve looked at if the Leeson’s looked at it Greg and I have looked at the airplanes with binoculars so it’s your right wheel that’s missing so as you end the plus-side years you get a little bit of a left crosswind so if you use your normal left wing crosslink correction that means the left side will touch down first and you’re just going to ease the right side down it’s gonna try to pull to the right so be prepared to use a bluff for as much left rudder and left brakes as you have to do to try to keep it on the centerline okay Maggie will do a left crosswind turn and you’ll be flying approximately a heading of three six zero so maybe you’re in a better position than I am to call when you want to turn left on wind but give yourself plenty of room you don’t want to cut the base too tight so as you turn downwind make sure like the left wing to just the left wing tips just touching the runway that should give you sufficient space you know like that as much as normal as possible what’s real good Maggie you could enough spacing out there I think so yeah we’re not going to rush everything this is going to be perfectly normal if something looks wrong I’ll tell you to do a go-around but we’re gonna do a perfectly normal landing here yeah once you reduce about two thousand twenty one hundred rpm and under the way dark driver flaps and trim it for about eighty okay Maggie let me know when you’re comfortable when you trimmed up okay so just like we’ve done it a lot of hundreds of those hundreds of times before just kind of look back over the left wing you want to be about a 45 degree angle from 9:00 and then bring the power back let me say about 1700 because there’s not a lot of wind here and just a normal turn the bay seems you’d be doing a left turn to a heading of one eight zero for that base leg and everything is looking good Maggie hang in there keep doing what you’ve been trained to do okay second notch of flaps and trim for about 75 okay Maggie is a turning final what do you feel higher do you feel well okay let’s reduce the pilots bring back to about thirteen fourteen hundred seventy five initially tell Maggie when you’re comfortable go to full flaps that’s okay you’re doing a great job just remember that zero nine draining point very light winds Maggie variable a light left cross one so that’s all to your advantage he’s doing great keep doing what you’re doing you’re doing a perfect job mate just treat it like a normal landing it’s going to try to pull the right so when math went out the left main touches now right main touches now a beautiful job Maggie you get a whole bunch of people clapping for you up here so I just make sure you set the Maggs off shut the master off and get out of the aircraft and away from it as clear as you can great work thank you pick up Maggie excellent does you


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    Walt Taraska “Maggie’s Dad”

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