1994-2004 Mustang OPR Replacement Front Lower Ball Joint Review
1994-2004 Mustang OPR Replacement Front Lower Ball Joint Review

So OPR’s front lower ball joint end that we’re
taking a look at today is going to be a good quality, factory-style replacement for the
Mustang owner out there that’s on a budget, and that need to replace a worn out or a broken
joint. So some typical signs of a bad ball joint
can easily be characterized by the following. You’re going to be hearing some clunking. You might have some bad vibrations. But from personal experience, what I’ve felt
in the past is that the steering wheel has a tendency to travel a little bit easier. Now, looking ahead to the installation, despite
how small this sucker is, it’s going to be a pretty involved one out of three wrenches
on our difficulty meter here, and you should expect to be wrenching for about four hours. So manufactured from factory-style equipment,
this direct fit replacement is going to be manufactured out of a block of fine-grain,
high alloy steel. That’s going to be for strength, as well as
durability. Now, this is also going to feature a powdered
metal gusher bearing with grooves. What that essentially means is that it’s going
to allow grease to flow through the joint to the stud, to ensure you’re going to have
a long life out of this part. Now, additionally, this is going to feature
a patented press-in cover plate, which is going to help minimize deflection and give
you better overall steering feel. Now, a great thing about this ball joint is
that it is going to feature a grease relief valve, so you can flush out dirt and debris
to extend its life. Now, the boot itself is going to be made out
of a polyurethane compound that’s going to be able to withstand dirt, abrasion, as well
as high temperatures. Now, doing my job here, guys, I do want to
call it out that this is a factory-style replacement, compared to the Whiteline option that we do
have back on the website. It’s going to be a difference of about $5. But between the OPR to the Whiteline, your
main difference is only going to be the pressed-in cover plates. But on the flipside of the equation here,
in comparison to the Steeda offering, that’s going to run about $140. But that unit is going to be geared towards
a lowered car, and they’re essentially going to help get your suspension geometry back
into check, give you better steering feel, as well as improve the handling overall. Looking at the pricing here, expect to be
spending about $40 to $50 to get these onto your car per side. I will mention that if you were to pick these
up from your local dealer, you would be looking at closer to around $100. Installation-wise, you should expect to be
wrenching for about three to four hours. It is a very straightforward job, and we will
be giving it one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter here. Now, looking ahead here, guys, you’re going
to need the entire toolbox. There’s so much needed that I’m going to have
it listed right here. But at a glance here, guys, you’re going to
have to get that car off the ground. You’re going to need to pull your wheels,
tires, caliper, rotor. You’re also going to need to disconnect the
bottom of the strut from the spindle, as well as pulling out your factory spring. But once everything is out of the way, it’s
more or less just going to be getting your new ball joint end in place and reinstalling
everything in the opposite order, then you’re good to go. So that’s going to wrap up my quick review
of OPR’s front lower ball joint end, fitting your 1994 through 2004 Mustang, which can
be found right here at americanmuscle.com.

5 thoughts on “1994-2004 Mustang OPR Replacement Front Lower Ball Joint Review”

  1. XSlashDashX says:

    These are really good ball joints. I put them on my girlfriends 03 GT at 120K miles and currently at 150K miles with no problems and drives 10x better then it did before. Would buy these again for sure!

  2. kgm says:

    Dont ever buy a ball joint without a crown nut trust me

  3. AwakeDude911 says:

    if your not good at turning a wrench then these will be a pain in your a$$holes. they are not fun to do !!!

  4. Timberwolf Powler says:

    He acts like all that is easy… it's not. I hired the work out and went fishing.

  5. mackinass916 says:

    Theres a grinding noise when i do u turns could this be the issue ?

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