2002-2006 Ford Expedition Explorer Mercury Mountaineer Dorman Steering Column Repair Kit 905-104

Woman: If you’re tired of purchasing parts
from the dealer, Dorman has the parts you thought were dealer only. Go to dormanproducts.com and sign up to receive
monthly new product announcement emails featuring formerly dealer only parts now available in
the aftermarket. Get with the program. Be the first to know. [silence] To begin the installation of the auto trans
shift lever bracket, remove the steering wheel including the airbag assembly. At the back side of the broken shift lever,
there is a lock ring that needs to be pried for removal. A screwdriver can be used to start the process,
and you may also need a Dremel tool. Slide off the broken shift lever bracket. Note there is a brass colored lever that will
need to be reused on the back side of the bracket. Add grease to the shaft of the bracket. Reinstall the bracket into the column. [silence] Reinstall the brass colored lever in the same
position that it came from. [silence] Using snap ring pliers, use the supplied snap
ring and install in the same place where the lock ring was removed. [silence] It is recommended that a mirror is used to
make sure that the snap ring is completely engaged in the groove of the shift lever bracket. Reinstall the shift lever. Replace the pin. Some force may be needed. Rotate the shift lever bracket to the drive
position to ease in the replacement of the shift lever. Test to make sure that you do not have any
binding through the entire sweep of the shift lever. Reinstall the lower cover to the upper cover
of the steering column. Reinstall the steering wheel and airbag assembly. [silence]

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