2005-2009 Mustang Magnaflow Exhaust Sound Clip Muffler-Delete Axle-back (GT; GT500) Review
2005-2009 Mustang Magnaflow Exhaust Sound Clip Muffler-Delete Axle-back (GT; GT500) Review

Hey, Justin here with AmericanMuscle.com,
here with a quick break down and sound clip of Magnaflow’s muffler deleting axle back
exhaust, fitting all 2005-2009 Mustang GTs, all 2007-2009 GT500’s.Ok let’s get the obvious
out of the way, if you’re looking for a mild or quiet exhaust, you’ve come to the wrong
place, the muffler deleting axle back from Magnaflow will give your 3 valve one of the
most aggressive tones imaginable with the cats in place. Remove the cats, and the sound
gets even crazier, of course any time you do that you’re running the risk of getting
some rasp, but that’s to be expected any time you delete the cats and remove the mufflers.
At first glance you can see that this exhaust is really nothing more than a fancy street
pipe, all exiting out there brightly polished 3 ½” tips. I know that some of you may be
thinking the price is a little on the high side considering such a simple design, but
you have to factor in Magnaflow’s top notch quality and construction, in addition to the
perfect fitment which do factor into the price. Speaking of the construction, Magnaflow went
full stainless, from the 2.5″ mandrel bent tubing, to those brightly polished 3 ½” tips
I just mentioned. That stainless construction is going to save you a few pounds versus your
factory axle back, in addition to looking good and resisting corrosion for years to
come. This is a fairly easy install here considering you’re only replacing the Axle-back portion
of your exhaust, with that said, just be sure to leave yourself about an hour to get everything
bolted up. Now let’s hear how the Magnaflow muffler deleting axle back sounds compared
to our factory exhaust.

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