2005-2010 Mustang Flowmaster Outlaw Series Axle-Back (GT, GT500) Review
2005-2010 Mustang Flowmaster Outlaw Series Axle-Back (GT, GT500) Review

Hey everyone I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com,
and today we’re going to be breaking down the Outlaw series Axle-back from Flowmaster
for the 2005-2010 Mustang GT. Flowmaster calls this their most aggressive Axle-back system
available for the late model 46 Mustangs. This entire kit centers around these two outlaw
series mufflers, which to the casual observer, hardly resemble mufflers at all, but rather
highly engineered resonant tubes, which are responsible for that super aggressive tone.
Like many other Flowmaster kits the Outlaw series features 409 grade steel construction
and 2.5” mandrel bent tubing. It also features this very sleek black finish, which is going
to be great at resisting corrosion. Everything exits out of these dual 4” polished tips,
embossed with that classic Flowmaster logo. Installation of this Axle-back is very straight
forward and should only take you about an hour using some basic hand tools. Now let’s
hear how the Outlaw series from Flowmaster sounds compared to your factory exhaust.

21 thoughts on “2005-2010 Mustang Flowmaster Outlaw Series Axle-Back (GT, GT500) Review”

  1. hippiestomper17 says:

    Can you guys work on getting the flowmaster Cat-backs please. I don't wanna order from Amazon.
    part # 819112

  2. PickledEggz says:

    was this with the cats on? or an x-pipe?

  3. Plantbasedyota says:

    You guys should put or try spin tech mufflers on a gt.. they should way better than flows..

  4. 07mustanggtorange says:

    Sooo bad ass…

  5. Manual Breathing says:

    Flow are always so raspy -_-

  6. Bryan Dunn says:

    And some people like that, it just depends on the person.

  7. IIIElectusIII says:

    Flows are raspy, but once you let the car run for a good minute, the popping goes away…

  8. natesslowfox says:

    These are like SLP loud mouths….with no fiberglass or anything, They sound amazing, but you would probably want to keep your cats to keep the noise down lol

  9. 07mustanggtorange says:


  10. damon323 says:

    OHHHH YEEEEEAAAAH!!!!! Daddy likey!!!

  11. BeastGT87 says:

    factory h pipe with cats.

  12. Dominic Yu says:

    are these ca legal?

  13. faisal saad says:

    the sound is not to law and i dont find the deep tone on it Do not buy this and wasting your money Please, Please

  14. tleach006 says:

    I have these on my 06 GT best mufflers I ever heard on a Mustang without gutting the whole exhaust system from the front to the back.

    Mustang on 24's & Flowmaster Outlaws

  15. Juan M says:

    are these axle backs just for sound or do they actually give u a couple HP?

  16. Addy Muñoz says:

    I got my Outlaw Axleback Series installed yesterday, took them just 30 minutes to install them, I have a 2008 Mustang GT but mine doesn't have the crackle sound like this one. Sounds the same tho and I love it!

  17. ThatRed3V says:

    Your shirt man…the right sleeve…just fix the end there.

  18. Sam Fisher says:

    if I upgrade from single stock exhaust to this duel exhaust will I need a new bumper?

  19. aeroman568 says:

    Put this on with longtubes and a catless h pipe. Would do a sound video but my phone doesn't pick up a cold start it is insanely loud.

  20. Justin E says:

    I know what axleback I'd get if I get an 05-09 GT.

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