2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Ford Edge AWD rear wheel bearing replacement
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Ford Edge AWD rear wheel bearing replacement

All right so here we are today and we’re
gonna do the rear wheel bearing on a Ford Edge 2008 so what we got to do is
take off the center nut here, we have our 32 mm socket so that’s gonna go like
that and then at the rear here you can see there’s some bolts for the calipers
there those are both 15mm bolts so we have our trusty ratchet we’re gonna get in there and then we have a
“specialty tool” I’ll show you later how that has to work because if you don’t
have this tool you’re never gonna get it out so we’ve taken the first nut off, and
if you can see here there’s actually another one behind it as well, both 32mm all right so we’ve taken off these bolts here we’ve just un-loosened
the 15mm one, and then on the bottom to come off so what we can do now is
take off this whole caliper assembly but there’s no need to split it but as you
see it’s really really tight so what we’re gonna do is just get a pry bar in
here just like this and then as you can see there you go we’re just pulling it
off like this so we’re just gonna pull it off alright now we’ve given the rotor a
couple good whacks to free it up so you can see here we’re pulling off and now
we’ll have to get the bolts from the back with a special tool and I will show
you how to do that okay so we are underneath the vehicle and you can see
the Torx bits where they go one, two, and there’s a third one now without this
tool you will never be able to get a socket in there so we can put this tool
in and you can see there it’s in and you can see actually how close it is to the
ABS ring so without this tool never gonna happen and then here now we have
room we can just put a regular socket on it a 9/16 and then we’re gonna zip them
up with the gun okay so we’ve taken out the first bolt right in there, it’s loose
it’s still there, there’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the other side, okay so I
have learned that the impact gun can’t get into all of them so there’s that one
right there with that bolt you can see it goes in there super duper tight there
we go focus on there there you go alright so here we have a
different view so I was able to get my ratchet on in there so we’re gonna try
wrenching it up just from from the back side down here and yes that that works
so we can see there we have still the extension on the special tool, if
you look in there there it is yeah, there’s a bolt turning so we can spin it
up on the back just like that and you can see it coming out from the back and
now we’re gonna try to get the top one, you can see there’s the tool can pull it
out put it back in and in the bottom you can see the other ones actually loose
that’s that other one down in there and there’s a tool from this side so we’re
gonna use a wrench and we’re gonna wrench it out and it actually worked out quite
quite well there. It is turning, and if you look in there you can see
y’all focus yeah you can see it’s loose you can actually see it moving right in
there okay so we got all the bolts loose from the back everything’s loose we can
actually see the clearance within the bearing let’s see if I can get you a
better angle you can hear it wiggling so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
put a special tool on because I can’t push this in and we don’t want to hammer on it okay so we have our tool all set up just
use lug nuts for these here’s the center screw, we have it attached to our gun, so
what we can do is just give it a bit, there you go and you can see it’s right in there like
that and we can push it out just like that okay so the bearing was stuck on to
the backing plate so here’s the whole backing plate you can see the bearings
there and this it just goes back onto here just like that and then you line it
up in to go through so as you can see the brakes are all rusty here’s the
bearing it’s still stuck in the backing plate there’s the there’s the bearing
right there so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna hammer it out right
from the back I’ll show you that in a minute and here’s those other bolts, also we’ll make sure they’re clean but you can even see there and they
won’t lose them okay so we have the new bearing this is it the new bearing looks
like just like that you can see brand new bearing assembly one piece
it matches this one perfect now if you look this lip right here I’ll point you
to it my finger this lip this is where we’re gonna bang on the old bearing so
if we look on the back we’re gonna be able to see that lip and that lip is
right there so we’re taking a close look, this lip, is
this lip, so we’ll bang there and it’ll pop right through the hole all right so
as promised we bang the bearing out, that’s it and there’s the back just like that
see just like that now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a wire wheel and
we’re just gonna clean this up a little bit here, put a little anti-seize so the new
bearing goes in nice, and then we are going to line it all up and put it together
okay so we’ve taken our wire wheel and you can see in there how the rust is all
cleaned up all the way around so we’re just gonna test fit our new bearing so
we can just go like this take it in yeah just drops right in, and
if we look from the back how it looks just like that you can see just like
that so now we’ll line it up and put it back together okay so in addition I
clean the bolts a little bit now a little learning thing here to tell you
all I did who was with the wire wheel is just clean the very tips of them, you
don’t want to clean the threads and the reason you’d want to clean the threads
if you’ve noticed none of these bolts are rusted and this material here Ford
actually puts on, like an anti- rust coating I don’t know if it’s zinc coated or what it
is so you don’t rust so if you take your while wire wheel and you clean this
whole thing up so it’s shiny steel again what’ll happen is they will rust in the
new bearings so next time you’re trying to take it off
they will rust and it will be difficult, so there it’s already got nice clean threads but you can see on
here there’s no anti-seize or any type of coating on it it’s just bare steel so
these actually have the coating on so just so you know don’t take a wire wheel
to the whole bolt just the very edges. Leave this coating on and then this way
it will come up next time because if you take this off and it rusts inside here
good luck trying to take it off next time!!! You might not be able to get it off
so my tip okay so so we’ve popped this thing back on here you can actually see
the bolts right there and then here’s your bearing, I put a little bit of
anti-seize just around the edges there you can actually see it right there
just so it’s nice so we would do is we pick it pick up the bearing like this
we’re just gonna slide it on just like this and then what we’re gonna do is
line it up there we go and then you can see the the bolts there and then what
I’ll do is I’ll basically just push it on and start the bolts by hand and then
we’ll tighten it off okay we’re back underneath now we have it sort of
snugged up, we’re still snugging up the bolts you can see there’s one two three
right up there and there’s the fourth one there there’s a better view of this
one, just have to snug up, you can see there’s the tool, there we go, and
I’m turning it okay so we got all our bolts tightened
you can actually see them right in there there’s one, there’s two, and then
the other two on the bottom, we got our center nut there, there we go, we’re gonna tighten up that nice and tight and then we got
to make sure we put our second nut on top which is this one right here and
that’ll go on top and I don’t know why Ford does it, I guess they lock together, and then we’ll
put the rotor on, caliper on, and then we’ll be done okay. So we’ve got the two nuts
on right there we put some anti-seize around there it sees quite rusty there
we’re gonna be doing the rear brakes a little bit later, but for now
we’re not gonna do that so we’re just gonna grab the rotors, or the “rotor”, now we’re gonna push it on just like that and what we’ll do is we just gotta
wiggle it for the emergency brake, The emergency brake shoes that are in there just to center them, then the rotor will pop on and then we’re gonna put the
brake caliper okay so I’ve thrown this on, you can see here’s actually the whole
brake caliper itself, I never took it apart,
I never split it so there’s just the two 15mm bolts in the back, you can
actually see there’s a hole right there one there, the second hole there, so that’s
gonna go there look at the back we will see you can see the two bolt holes one
and you can see the other ones down at the bottom so that’s good so what we can
do is just take our bolt just like this and then we’ll just jumble it around a
bit, and center our bolts two bolts in them that’s it done!!! I hope you subscribe!!!

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  1. Jeff Nickerson says:

    Do you have a link or suggestion where to get the "special tool"?

  2. Xavier Gonzalez says:

    Thank you man for taking your time in explain us every detail of your work! World needs people like you. New subscriber!

  3. Captain Rudy 4021 says:

    How hard did you have to fight to separate the bearing from the backing plate? I've seen videos where people were having a super hard time.

  4. Ryan McKay says:

    What’s the tool you are using to push the axel? The one you attach with the lug nuts?

  5. Soundmanfh says:

    Great video. I made my own special tool. I purchased a 3 1/2 inch T60 bit and used my grinder on it. Worked great.

  6. TonyM says:

    I have an 08 Edge. It's insane how rusted they are underneath. Look like 80 year old barn find.

  7. Brendan Nickles says:

    Nice vid!

  8. Junior B says:

    Where in Canada you're located

  9. K N says:

    Can you please place a link where I can purchase the Torx tool near the ABS ring?

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