2011-2014 Mustang GT MBRP Pro-Series Axle-Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Install
2011-2014 Mustang GT MBRP Pro-Series Axle-Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

So MBRP’s Pro-Series that we’ve got here today
is gonna be a good option for any Coyote owner out there that wants to improve their exhaust
note without getting too loud, and without too much drone, all while not burning a hole
in your pocket. Now axle-backs for the ’11 through ’14 are
gonna install with little to no effort at all. For that, you are looking at a very straightforward
one outta three wrenches on a difficult meter here, about an hour’s worth of wrenching,
and I will show you how coming up soon. So right out of the box, guys, what you just
heard is definitely gonna be on the quieter side of the spectrum here. And I’m gonna be giving this a one outta five
on the loud or the wake the anybody scale here. These mufflers will ditch your heavy factory
setup for another chambered style muffler, but one that’s gonna be giving you a slight
bump in tone and volume over your factory cans, while shading about 15 pounds off the
back of your car. Now with that said, this quieter axle-back
is still a huge improvement over the factory muffler, as those stockers just don’t do the
Coyote and justice, and let’s face it, honestly just make any Mustang sound like any of the
car out there on the road today. So if you like the relative volume of your
stock system, you like the cabins pretty quiet and livable, but you wanna make the motor
actually sound like it’s supposed to, these are gonna be perfect for you. And these are gonna give you a marginally
decibel level increase, while not creating too much drone, you are still gonna be able
to have a conversation in the car and enjoy the long drives. But from sound to steel here, guys, the Pro-Series
is made out of a three inch aluminized stainless steel tubing, which is considered entry-level
in terms of the materials. And that’s directly going to affect how affordable
this system is. Now it’s worth pointing out that if you’re
on the coast, somewhere where your’re gonna be seeing snow a little bit more often than
not, or if you’re just in a wet part of the country, aluminized steel may not be the best
material in terms of resisting corrosion. Now it’s gonna be inherent that any exhaust
system is gonna discolor or rust over time. And this is something that will likely turn
a little bit faster than stainless. But with that said, it’s really not gonna
be visible as it’s gonna be under the car, and it’s really not something that will keep
me up in the middle of the night. But where it counts here, you are gonna be
getting a very nice polished set of 304 stainless steel tips, and they’re always gonna look
great, they’re not gonna rust or corrode, and they will polish up nicely. Additionally, they are gonna be etched with
MBRP’s logo, which is a nice little touch too. On the flip side here though, if you are overly
concerned about that finish under the car, MBRP’s stainless series will yield that same
exhaust sound as it’s gonna come with the same mufflers, but the build quality is gonna
be 304 stainless, and expect to be spending over 500 bucks to get into those. So for the money here, I think it’s very aggressively
priced for what it is. And if you’re the owner that’s after a slight
bump in volume and tone, but looking around at the same price range, you are gonna see
there are other options from Heartthrob and pipes, which are gonna be [inaudible 00:04:18],
they will inherently be louder, but the materials are gonna be slightly better. At the end of the day here, guys, it’s ultimately
gonna come down in sound that you are after and what you wanna spend, though. But installation wise, like I said earlier,
axle-backs are really a piece of cake. They install in under an hour with basic hand
tools. And for that, it is gonna warrant an easy
one outta three wrenches on our difficulty meter here. Now some tools for the job are gonna call
for a pair of jack stands, a basic socket set, a ratchet, pry bar, Channellock pliers,
and some WD-40 or any type of spray lube to hit your hangers. So you wanna begin by loosening up the clamps
connecting the exhaust pipe to the muffler, and then move the muffler lose from the over
axle pipe. Once that’s done, guys, it’s really just gonna
be a matter of getting your MBRPs in place, clamping everything down, clamping your tips
down, giving your work a good once over, and then you are ready to make some noise. So that’s gonna wrap up my quick review with
MBRP’s Pro-Series Axle-Back, fitting the 2011 through 2014 Mustang GT, that can be found
right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  1. Bertrand Barraud says:

    Well… A detail important to mention: you have to cut the clamps off the OEM to be able to put them on the Axle back. You have to update the needed list of tools as well.

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