2011-2014 Mustang LTH Exhaust Sound Clip Over Axle Pipes (GT & GT500) Review & Install
2011-2014 Mustang LTH Exhaust Sound Clip Over Axle Pipes (GT & GT500) Review & Install

Hey guys, Stephanie with AmericanMuscle.com
here with a quick review of the LTH over axle pipes for 2011 to 2014 S197 GTs and GT500s. These over axle pipes from LTH are going to
be a good option for anyone looking to upgrade exhaust components in stages. An entirely new exhaust system can get expensive
fast, especially if you want a nice setup. And LTH gives you a way to upgrade in stages
with these over axle pipes being a separate upgrade so you don’t have to purchase an entire
catback. The stock over axle pipes have resonators
in them and they’re also kinked, which doesn’t help with exhaust flow. Not only are they restrictive because they
have resonators but they’re restrictive for flow reasons, too. So eliminating those kinks and the resonators
is going to open up some sound and performance from the S197. These pipes will work with both an aftermarket
axle back or a midpipe and the stock axle back or a midpipe. They’re the same diameter as the factory pipes
are, they’re just smoother. So they’re two and three-quarter inch which
makes them more compatible with different axle back options. Paired with the factory axle back, I would
rate them as a one and a half or two on the loudness meter, and with an aftermarket axle
back a three out of five. The sound gains are obviously going to change
depending on what the axle back and the midpipe setup is on your car. So keep in mind that if you decide to change
your midpipe or headers or axle back down the road that the sound these produce is going
to change. These are a full 304 stainless steel pipe
so they’re going to be perfect for all cars, even the dailies that see harsh elements and
road salt. The 304 stainless will protect from corrosion
here. Another thing that’s going to help protect
these from corrosion is the Titan Satin Finish that LTH has added here. LTH puts the product through a process that
gives it a bright uniform satin finish so you’re not going to see any discoloration
from welds or heat, and no scratches on the product, either. But the finish is about more than just creating
a nice looking exhaust. It strengthens the stainless steel as well. You guys can see right here these are a little
bit dirty but that’s because we did install them to get the sound clip for you guys. These are two and three-quarter inch pipes
which I mentioned earlier, so the same as the factory over axle pipes. But the difference is going to be the elimination
of the resonator which would be right here in the straight portion of the pipe. And the other difference is going to be at
the other end. The factory pipe has to flatten out here to
fit on the car and the factory pipe makes a funky S-type of curve. These pipes eliminate that as well and they
just have a smooth mandrel bend instead. When it comes to price, you’re looking at
spending about $400 for these pipes. Like I mentioned earlier, the whole point
of this product is to upgrade your exhaust in sections so you don’t have to shell out
a ton of money for an upgraded system all at once. Some of the top of the line catbacks are $1000
or very close to that price point. If you pair these pipes with an aftermarket
axle back then you’ve made yourself a full catback and you didn’t have to shell out that
much money all at once. As far as the install, it’s not going to be
a difficult one at all. You can plan on spending about an hour or
two to get it all done and you can expect a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty
meter. Your stock over axle pipes will come out easily
enough. It’s just a few bolts to loosen the clamps
at the midpipe and the mufflers to get those out. And snaking the pipes out is easy enough. These pipes then install the exact same way
and they are side specific, so just be careful there. All right, wrapping this up, these over axle
pipes from LTH offer a way to upgrade your exhaust system in stages. They’re 304 stainless steel two and three-quarter
inch pipes that will work with both stock and aftermarket midpipe and axle backs. If you pair these with an aftermarket axle
back then you’ve effectively created your own catback and you’ve probably saved money
while doing so. As always, you can check these out more online
right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

7 thoughts on “2011-2014 Mustang LTH Exhaust Sound Clip Over Axle Pipes (GT & GT500) Review & Install”

  1. Neon Genesis says:

    That sounds awesome! Totally wasn't expecting that.

  2. Austin Fox says:

    sounds like heaven

  3. Big Grime says:

    definitely a difference

  4. Coyote Drew says:

    Same principle as getting rid of the big resonator on the 2015 models. The 2011-2014s have a resonator on each pipe just in front of the axle. This is why cat back kits always sound so much better that an axle back, because they all eliminate the factory resonators

  5. Geo I says:

    will they rub on anything if the car is lowered?

  6. Max Power says:

    Would these fit on my stang 14' with Corsa Extreme and Pypes X-Pipe ?

  7. Marcus Coker says:

    Can these fit if I have Long Tube headers and X pipe?

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