2011-2014 Mustang V6 NXTSTEP Performance Axle Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Review
2011-2014 Mustang V6 NXTSTEP Performance Axle Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Review

If you guys are looking for one of the most
affordable, full stainless axle-backs available for your 2011 through 2014 V6-powered Mustang,
then should consider checking out the NXT Step Performance that we have here. Now, this axle-back will combine 304-grade
stainless steel along with the 4-inch double-walled tips, offer that mid to high $200 price point. Installation is not going to involve any cutting
or permanent modification, but since all of your work is done underneath the car, the
site is gonna knock this one up to a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter
in about an hour or so from start to finish. As far as the sound you can expect with this
thing installed, a nice deep tone overall and really not that loud. So going to my patented wake the neighbor
scale, I have the NXT Step axle-back coming in at a healthy three out of five on my one
to five or one to wake neighbor scale in a relatively quiet in-car experience while cruising. But now, I’m gonna to show you how to get
it installed. Tools used for this installation include a
13-millimeter shallow socket, 13-millimeter deep socket, extension, 3/8 ratchet, penetrating
oil, impact gun, and some eye protection. All right, guys. So your first step here is to obviously get
the car in the air. Now if you have the benefit of working with
a lift, this is gonna make life a whole lot easier or if you’re doing jack and jack stands,
that’s fine too, just make sure you support the car safely. We’ve got our 14-millimeter on our impact
here, I’m gonna start by loosening up this first bolt. Now our car is a bit rusty, so if that’s the
case for you guys, just make sure you get some penetrating oil you have on hand first. Well, guys, what started out as a 14 ended
up being a 12 after we knocked about a quarter inch of rust off this bolt. But the northeast hasn’t been kind to this
poor V6, we got our first casualty of the day here. We kind of knew this was inevitable. So at this point, we’re just simply gonna
try to separate the clamp here at the ball socket, and then at that point we can remove
the rest of the factory axle-back. Well, guys. After we waged World War III on this bolt,
it is finally free. I had to use a combination of heat and penetrating
oil, hopefully, your installs a whole lot easier. But now with that out of the way, we can get
to the rest of the removal of our factory cam. So, we have our hanger removal tool here,
this is gonna make life a whole lot easier. If not, you could always use a combination
of pry bars, flat head screwdrivers, whatever you have laying around the garage. But trust me, spend a couple of bucks, grab
one of these guys, you’ll thank me later. So let’s go. With our front hanger disconnected, now we
can have enough room to slide it back out of the rear hangers. Now that we have our factory axle-back uninstalled
from the V6, you can really compare the two systems here on the table and there’s really
no comparison, right guys? Factory cam, designed to do one thing and
that is keep things as quiet as possible through the more traditional chamber design. Now that’s not the case here with the NXT
Step Performance System, as you can see straight through by design, so you’re gonna be getting
a lot more sound here with this system in place. Nice step up in materials as well, guys, 304-grade
stainless steel throughout is gonna be your main material, pretty decent welds on such
a budget-friendly system. And the next notable difference is going to
be the tip, 4-inch double walled tips here with the NXT Step System as opposed to whatever
that is on your factory cam. A couple nitpicks here though with our new
system. First and foremost, they included the wrong
clamp, so that just simply means we’ll reuse our factory clamps from our factory axle-back. Secondly, the flange here was kind of out
of round, so we had to reshape that a little bit. These are kind of the give and takes to expect
when you go with a more budget-friendly system. So, you have to work a little harder to get
it in place but you are saving some money at the end of the day. So, with that said, let’s get this thing in
place. So we have our factory clamp transferred over
to our new NXT Step system here. And one thing I did want to point out during
the uninstall, I didn’t mention, there’s a couple of ways to go about the uninstall. Some guys will actually remove the actual
hangers up here, drop everything down at one time. But because this car is so darn rusty, guys,
I just figured I’d go the old school way and just kind of push it out of the clamps, leave
the hangers up there bolted in. It really doesn’t matter which way you go,
whatever’s really easier for you. So with all that said, now let’s get this
puppy up here. With the axle-back secured in the rear hangers,
now I’m gonna secure the hanger closest to the exit or tip here and it will be fully
hanging. So the axle-back hanging in the hangers now,
we can go ahead and secure the clamp that we transferred over from our factory system. Got our 13-mill ready to go. And one thing to point out here guys, just
make sure that the tip itself is well centered within your exhaust openings because once
that guy is tightened, that’s pretty much where it’s gonna be. So here we go. Well, on the driver’s side here, guys, it
did have to end up dropping the rearmost hanger, at least if you’re looking at your axle-back
here in order to get everything in place. Like I said, sometimes you can get away without
doing that. In this case, because these tips aren’t removable,
had to be this way. So I’m gonna get this thing up and we’re almost
there. With the rear hanger fully installed, now
we can insert the hanger towards the opening here and we’re almost there. All right, guys. So our last step is to tighten this final
clamp here at the ball socket style flange. When you’re doing this, in order to have the
tip situated just how you like it and to be able to tighten this up fully, you have to
have four hands. So, in that case, if you have a buddy around
to help you either hold the tip in place while you hammer it home, vice versa, I highly recommend
it. Well, guys. That’s gonna wrap up our review and install
of the NXT Step Performance Axle-Back Exhaust System for your V6-powered S197. Thanks again for watching and remember for
all things Mustang keep it right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. jamdc2000 says:

    with my eyes closed I hear a 350/370z

  3. Rated R Cars says:

    Sounds like a BOSS.

  4. Vulcan Taurus Performance says:

    Everytime a new exhaust product come out for the V6 it makes me think it was a big mistake discontinuing them.

  5. Christian Puga says:

    Still doesn’t sound as good as 8 cylinders lol

  6. DDAA says:

    Personally feel like a muffler delete is the best ab exhaust mod for the 3.7s

    A good 1/5 the price of most other (worse sounding imo) exhausts too lol

  7. Will Keen says:

    Real world install challenges, great video! I installed Borla axel backs on my 2016 v6 and the tips weren't centred. Local shop had heat and bend the hangers slightly to centre, just goes to show you all aftermarket parts need a little love

  8. Jonathan Borcsani says:

    Sounds horrible honestly

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