2015-2017 Mustang GT Corsa Exhaust Sound Clip Touring 3″ Axle-Back Review & Install
2015-2017 Mustang GT Corsa Exhaust Sound Clip Touring 3″ Axle-Back Review & Install

Hey, everybody, I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com,
and this is my detailed review of the Corsa Touring Series axle-back exhaust system fitting
all 2015 and newer Fastback GTs, available with your choice of either a black or polished
tip. Now, when it comes to premium exhaust systems,
Corsa continues to be one of the top dogs in both sound quality and overall build quality
and subsequently price. Now, insert your favorite cliche here, you pay for what you get, you
know the deal. But it certainly applies when you’re talking about exhaust systems, and
the Corsa is one of the best I’ve seen. Now, even though this thing is pretty much
at the top of the food chain when it comes to overall impact to your bank account, it
still continues be a favorite with many Mustang owners out there on the site and yours truly.
So Corsa essentially has two different mufflers with the S550. They have the Touring muffler,
which I have with me here today and the more aggressive sport muffler. But what they’ve been able to do is essentially
create four different totally unique sounds by starting with these mufflers and then adding
in their Double Helix X-pipe. So let’s run them down for you. We’ll start with the Touring
axle-back again here. Add in that Double Helix X-pipe, and you have the more aggressive sport
cat-back. Start with that more aggressive sport axle-back and then add in that double
helix X pipe, and now, you have the crazy, loud, and aggressive extreme cat-back. Now, I know this is very confusing, but it’s
important to point out, because essentially, this isn’t the end-all be-all. You start with
the axle-back, you add a mid-pipe, and you can totally grow and transform your sound
depending on that mid-pipe. And since this is an exhaust video after all, let’s talk
about that sound a little bit more. Now, as you guys just heard the Touring axle-back
is gonna be pretty mild. Now, a portion of that is due to these mufflers themselves and
another portion of that is due to the fact that that factory resonator is still in place.
So for these two reasons alone, it’s an easy two out of five on my one to five or one to
wake the neighbors scale. It’s gonna be just a little bit louder than stock as it sits
now, but it’s gonna give you a lot better tone. And with that said, this exhaust, it
could be for somebody who values tone over volume. It’s a classy sounding system, and
it’s gonna help you fly under the radar with your GT. Having said that, this would also be an awesome
choice for those of you guys at home who are considering adding long tubes into the equation.
And here’s why I say that. Now, as I talked about a little earlier, Corsa does offer the
more aggressive extreme system, and if you haven’t heard it yet, cruise on over to the
product page and give it a listen. Now, that ear-bleeding tone is with the stock
manifolds in place. Add long tubes into that equation, and you’ve essentially maxed out
the wake the neighbor scale, and you are now entering into the wake the dead scale. It’s
just crazy loud, and it might be good for some people out there, but for those of us
who are getting a little older, maybe a little lamer, you’re gonna want something you can
live with everyday. And the Touring series muffler is gonna help keep those sound levels
down to a sane level with those long tubes in place. All right, guys. Now, that you know what to
expect when it comes to tone, let’s talk construction. And again, nothing but quality here form the
Corsa. As you might expect when forking out over a G for an axle-back, premium grade 304
stainless steel throughout, 3-inch mandrel bends here with the axle-back, again, the
Touring series mufflers with the patented RSC or reflective sound cancellation technology,
it’s gonna allow for all that tone but without any drone while cruising on the highway, and
finally, these massive and glorious four-and-a-half-inch tips. Polished is gonna cost you a little
bit less, but believe me, forking out the extra money for the black chrome here is definitely
money well spent. All right, so we’ve talked about tone, we’ve
talked about build quality, now, let’s talk install. If you didn’t know, axle-backs do
require cutting with the S550 chassis. But it’s really not that bad, so we’ll call it
two out of three on my difficulty meter. Again, if you have a fresh Sawzall blade on hand,
a Sawzall, of course, to go along with that blade, and some eye protection, you should
be making noise in about an hour or two from start to finish using some basic hand tools. Ok guys, I know I say this a lot around here,
but I do really enjoy the Corsa, and here’s why. If you’re okay with making a sizeable
investment in an axle-back, well, then the Touring from Corsa is gonna be a great starting
point for you new GT owners out there who are looking for just a little bit more volume
and a little bit more tone out of that new ride but don’t wanna be too loud right out
of the gate. So be sure to check out the full Corsa line up at AmericanMuscle.com.

8 thoughts on “2015-2017 Mustang GT Corsa Exhaust Sound Clip Touring 3″ Axle-Back Review & Install”

  1. Borr Magilicutty says:

    Corsa, with its double helix mid-pipe and its mufflers appear to be the best there is right now to compliment the brand new modern sports car V8 engines. The Extreme Cat-Back is great too.

  2. onebadstang says:

    Please do a SLP loudmouth exhaust on the next one

  3. Shawn Raines says:

    Awesome!! love the upgrade-able option

  4. Horace Brewer says:

    I prefer 409 stainless. That's why I'll just go Flowmaster or Borla for the price of this.

  5. Jweeks Gaming says:

    whats it sound like with long tubes

  6. PJ Wolf says:

    awesome exhaust sound , not aggressively loud.

  7. Darryn Rudings says:

    BEST Sounding Exhaust bar none..

  8. Myles T says:

    What volume would you rate this if i added this to my Corsa headers and double helix vs the stock axle back

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