2015-2017 Mustang GT MAC Exhaust Sound Clip Axle-Back Review & Install
2015-2017 Mustang GT MAC Exhaust Sound Clip Axle-Back Review & Install

Hey everybody, I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com
here with my quick review of the MAC Axle-Back Exhaust system available for your 2015 and
up Fastback GT. You should be looking at the MAC Axle-Back if you’re not happy with the
quiet factory exhaust system, and you want something with a deep tone and something that’s
not going to totally break your back financially. Now with that said, the MAC is going to come
in around the $500 mark which is going to put it in the same level as the Roush Axle-Back,
the BBK Varitune, and at the same time it’s going to be substantially less than a lot
of the more premium options out there on the market. Now, as I said a little earlier guys, and
as you heard with your own two ears, the MAC Axle-Back is certainly going to deliver a
deeper tone. That’s a tone a lot of you guys might be after with your S550 GT. A big portion
of that is due to the factory resonator still being in place, but even with this muffler
and an X-pipe or even MAC’s Pro Chamber H-pipe, these flow path mufflers do a great job of
keeping the overall tone in check. Be sure to cruise on over to the product pages for
those catbacks, listen to the sound clips and you can hear what I’m talking about. With all that said, guys, this muffler with
the factory resonator still in place is going to be an easy two out of five on my one to
five or one to wake-the-neighbors scale. Again, it’s got some great tone, but it’s not going
to be the loudest option on the market. All right guys, on to my nitpicks. Personally,
I would expect a little better build quality, maybe a little better finish quality overall.
The welds could be a little better, and they even got the logo upside down on this one
muffler here. I’m not saying that every one’s like that. I’m just pointing out a few examples.
Now again, I will counter that statement with saying that this is an exhaust. It’s going
to live under the car. You’re not going to see 90% of this thing. The 10% you are going
to see, the tips here do look pretty good when installed. Now for the good news. You are getting a full
stainless steel build for $500 so that certainly doesn’t hurt, two and a half inch mandrel
bent tubing throughout, the flow path chambered mufflers here from MAC, and finally we’re
looking at rather large four inch polished tips. That full stainless build of course
is going to help with the longevity and durability of the system overall, and help maintain the
quality throughout the years. Now no surprise here, guys, this is a cut
and clamp design just like any other after market axle-back for your S550. So make sure
you have your favorite cutting tool on hand before getting started, along with a fresh
metal blade, and of course, your eye protection. It’s not a hard job, guys, but you’re going
to want to leave yourself about an hour or two in the garage or driveway to get this
one banged out. Since there is a little bit of cutting involved, we’ll call it two out
of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. The moral of the story here, guys, again – if
you’re not concerned with having the prettiest axle-back on the market, then the MAC will
deliver some of the deepest tone in the price range. You can grab yours right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

7 thoughts on “2015-2017 Mustang GT MAC Exhaust Sound Clip Axle-Back Review & Install”

  1. MIKE n TEXAS says:

    Man that's nice😍😋

  2. Jimbo obies says:

    S550 exhaust video #22 or 23 in the last 3 months. Does it really sound any different then the same exhausts for the same motor from 11-14… Still love you AM, and still going to spend my years savings there haha

  3. sup_im_filipino says:

    Too quiet. And not a fan of the sound. The slp's sounded much better and throatier. Just my opinion though…

  4. EcoBoost_Matt says:

    nah to this one

  5. Daryl Ogalino says:

    Will this work for ecoboost?

  6. chris2furr says:

    Nice. Are these available for the 11-14 gt?

  7. Robert Minjock says:

    How is the cabin drone?

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