2015-2017 Mustang GT SLP Exhaust Sound Clip Loudmouth Muffler Delete Axle-Back Review
2015-2017 Mustang GT SLP Exhaust Sound Clip Loudmouth Muffler Delete Axle-Back Review

Hey, guys. Stephanie with AmericanMuscle.com
here with my review of the SLP Loudmouth Muffler Delete Axle-Back Exhaust for 2015 to 16 fastback
GTs. Loud, that’s the first thing that we’re going
to say about this system, even though it’s just an axle-back, and for obvious reasons.
We install this on the ’15 that still has the factory resonator and cap, and you can
hear the huge difference in the sound clips. What I like about this axle-back is that it
gives a really throaty sound that has virtually no rasp. Personally, I’m thinking that this
is going to sound mean as hell, even at idle, and it’s going to turn heads for sure. So
I’m going to rate it as a solid three on the loudness scale. I’m giving it this rating
because while this system is loud, it is an axle-back. It could get even louder depending
on if you change the rest of your exhaust setup. There’s a lot of room to change the sound
through different things like mid pipes, offered setups, or long tubes, and that’s one of the
nice things about an axle-back. You can see a big change in tone from a good quality brand
without having to ditch your resonator or ditch to a catback, which could end up draining
your bank account, and you always have the option of adding on later. Even with the stock
resonator, the straight pipe set up does have a lot of drone, but that’s kind of expected
with an axle-back like this. If that’s a feature that might bother you, then you might want
to check out some other options. You are ditching some weight with the SLP here since there
are no mufflers, so you’re going to be about 29 pounds lighter than your stock setup. This
keeps your two and a half inch tubing, but this axle-back is stainless steel and includes
four-inch polished tips. Now, SLP says that this axle-back provides
the most aggressive, free-flowing exhaust possible with the factory mid type in caps,
and that’s a point that’s kind of hard to argue. Literally, there will be no more filtering
of exhaust after it passes through the mid pipe section at all. All right now, price
point. This system’s going to come in with a price point that’s lower than the normal
axle-back, which is what I would expect, considering you are missing the heart of the material
here with no mufflers. If you compare the SLP to other muffler delete axle-backs and
even expand that to other rate series setups, we still see that the SLP here is less expensive
and very budget friendly. Now, we all kind of know that if you’re installing
an axle-back, you’re going to be doing some cutting, and this axle-back is no different.
It’s a standard cut-and-clamp design that we’re used to seeing with other axle-backs,
and for that reason I’m going to stick with what I’ve said in the past and call this a
two out of three wrenches on the scale. Time-wise, it shouldn’t really take too long to install,
probably about an hour or so, but you do have to be careful when you’re cutting. And remember
that this system is not compatible with convertibles. I still just recommend a fresh Sawzall blade
and some eye protection just to make sure everything goes smoothly. Wrapping things up here, the SLP is one of
the inexpensive options in the axle-back scale when you compare it to the rest of the market,
and it’s an axle-back that’s going to provide you with a ton of sound and the option to
further change your exhaust down the road. As always, feel free to check out the full
lineup of axle-back options here at AmericanMuscle.com.

19 thoughts on “2015-2017 Mustang GT SLP Exhaust Sound Clip Loudmouth Muffler Delete Axle-Back Review”

  1. Juan C. says:

    sounds good.

  2. AlmightyAlbert says:



    I think that it sounds best out of all the other axle back exhaust systems I'VE Hurd and I'VE Hurd them all!!!


    SLP LOUDMOUTH axle back is the way to go in my book and its lighter!

  5. Robert Kohut says:

    Wow, you're getting good at product presentation!!  Sounds really nice!! Seems like the muffler delete options are a bit over priced considering it's just straight pipe and tips. In fact there are less expensive solutions with that have substantially more "build" to them.

  6. The Doofus Network says:

    your hair looks good girl.

  7. Master Mario says:

    Nice sound – but you need resonators deleted as well to free up more power & ultimate sound

  8. WackoKillerDan says:

    $420 for just a couple pipes? Lmao I can go to the exhaust shop and tell them to weld on a pipe in place of the mufflers and reuse the stock tips for under $100

  9. EcoBoost_Matt says:

    sounds good. I like the borla and this SLP. Its crazy how much different all these axle backs make the mustang sound.

  10. The Yellow Cursor says:

    Stephanie Wood is giving me wood.

  11. Dylan harris says:

    Girls that know about cars are a gift from God

  12. DOC HOLLIDAY.45 says:

    Uuuhhh….so what does it sound like again? Yeah I'll never get that time back. Why even bother of your not going to give a rev. Just a suggestion.

  13. Mr. Mosley S550 says:

    I installed this set up but I feel like I've noticed a loss of low in power. Anyone else feel the same thing?

  14. Spencer Leeper says:

    Damn Steph, I thought that car was loud! Im glad I was already on the pot, cause I would have shit my pants for sure when your voice blasted through my headphones!

  15. rellik187redrum says:

    That doesn't should anything like mine, I got the SLP PerformancevPac for my 03 cobra and its the loudest old Cobra around here. Claims to be 575 HP with the badges.

  16. infA111ous says:

    How about a sound clip for ecoboost version!!!

  17. infA111ous says:

    Lm/2 *

  18. yoyo 19 says:

    just installed these on my 16. love it. definitely turns heads

  19. Tommy says:

    Greatest sounding coyote I’ve ever heard. Just needs an H pipe.

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