2015-2017 Mustang LTH Exhaust Sound Clip Muffler Delete Axle-Back (GT) Review & Install
2015-2017 Mustang LTH Exhaust Sound Clip Muffler Delete Axle-Back (GT) Review & Install

Hey, guys. Stephanie with AmericanMuscle.com with a quick
review of the LTH Muffler Delete Axle-Back Exhaust for 2015 and up GT Mustangs and I’m
gonna go over the sound, materials, price, and install of this axle-back. This is an axle-back that’s gonna be a good
option for someone that would like a loud and aggressive sound at a very budget-friendly
price. This is a Muffler Delete Axle-Back, so if
it was anything other than loud, I would think something’s wrong here. This isn’t a quiet upgrade, so if you’re looking
for something tame, I’d say go back to the product page. This axle-back’s going to provide a huge change
in the S550 GT. It’s loud, it’s aggressive, and it’s throaty. It has a deep tone on start-up and it’s got
a little bit of a rolling rasp to it as you’re going through the RPMs. Since this is a Muffler Delete Axle-Back,
I’m going to rate it as a solid four on the loudness scale when compared to other axle-back
options. Keep in mind that if you decide to change
your mid-pipe or headers down the road, that the sound this thing produces is going to
be even louder. This is already a night and day difference
in sound and volume even with the factory headers and mid-pipe still installed. So like I said earlier, without a doubt, this
axle-back is deeper sounding and more aggressive than the factory exhaust. You can hear that you have an aftermarket
axle-back on the car from inside the cabin, but I wouldn’t say there’s too much drone. So this could be a good option for daily drivers. If you’re looking for that aftermarket forceful
sound, then this is gonna be a good option for you. This is a full 304 stainless steel axle-back,
so it’s going to be perfect for all cars, even the dailies that see harsh elements in
road salt. The 304 stainless will protect it from corrosion. And another thing that’s gonna help protect
this thing from corrosion is the Titan satin finish that LTH has added here. LTH puts the product through a process that
gives it a bright, uniform satin finish, so you’re not gonna see any discolorations from
welds or heat, and no scratches in the product either. But the finish is about more than just creating
a nice looking exhaust, it strengthens the stainless steel as well. This is a 2 and 3/4 inch axle-back, so it’s
a bump up from the factory axle-back which is going to help with exhaust flow. But speaking of that, you’re really opening
up a lot of exhaust flow since you’re completely deleting the mufflers here. There’ll be no more filtration of the exhaust
gasses after the resonator. This is also gonna drop some weight from the
S550 as well. And as far as tips go, these are 4-inch slash-cut
tips that have the LTH logo blazing on them. LTH does offer this axle-back with black tips
as well if you’re looking for that type of style, but that version is going to cost a
little bit more. When it comes to price, this is going to be
one of the more affordable axle-back options that are currently available which is really
nice to see from a full stainless steel axle-back. But then again, you have to keep in mind that
you are missing a big component with no mufflers. But if you start to consider the prices some
of the other options that are out there, coming in at over $1,000, the $400 for this system
sounds nice. The black tip version costs about $20 more. You’re going to be looking at the typical
cut and clamp design with the install for this axle-back, like all other axle-backs. I’m gonna call this a two out of three wrenches
on the scale just like all other axle-backs just because of the cutting that’s involved. It’s nothing difficult, but I would just recommend
some eye protection and a fresh blade to make the cutting easier. Overall, you’re looking at about two hours
to get this done. All right, wrapping this up, this axle-back
from LTH is a Muffler Delete Axle-Back, so you can expect a big change in your exhaust
tone and node. This is a loud axle-back that’s going to provide
a lot of volume and a little bit of rasp. It’s a full 304 stainless steel system that’s
easy to install, but it’s like other axle-backs in the sense that it does require some cutting. You can check it out more online, right here
at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  1. ProjectScarlett says:

    I have to say the Roush sounds better

  2. Trekkin18 says:

    for even more fun, take a drink everytime she says "axelback"

  3. Mustang860 says:

    Is that a Honda tattoo Stephanie has on her arm ? :/

  4. AlmightyAlbert says:

    Thats So Dumb That Your Telling Me 2 Pipes Are Worth 400 Dollars. Nah Fam.

  5. Incredible Me says:

    I think the 2013 n 2014 had better exahust sound.. The 2015 is to raspi

  6. Robert Kohut says:

    Why do they say "Long Tube Headers" on it?

  7. JesseAndMike says:

    Sounds good! Awesome review! Liked!

  8. Victor Reyes Roussell says:

    loud the Flowmaster super 10's I have in my V-6 , 2015

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