2017 Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo Review – Behind the Wheel
2017 Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo Review – Behind the Wheel

The Honda Civic is one of those cars that has generated a huge following in the Philippine market Even today, you’ll still see 6th and 8th generation cars plying the road and that trend, well, it looks like its gonna continue Last year, Honda Cars Philippines introduced this the all-New Civic It’s sporty, aggressive styling, and turbo technology made waves when it was first introduced So much so that Honda claims it received over 1,200 reservations right after its official launch That’s a lot of cars The exterior needs no introduction because well, look at it, it obviously stands out on its own Overall, it looks striking, aggressive, and isn’t short on sportiness Up front, the sharp looking LED headlamps, the gloss black grille and the angular bumper make the Civic look like a mean machine Like somebody poked the beast. Don’t do it, don’t do it. Aah! You did it On its side, it’s got straight character lines, protruding wheel arches and 17-Inch wheels. Adding to its sportiness is a sloping roof line which gives it sort of look like a fastback appeal The rear… Don’t move, let me flip the car around for you The most dramatic of changes has got to be with the rear I mean check it out, it’s got a massive bumper, huge LED taillights and of course a rear spoiler. We feel that Honda’s done about right with the exterior design of the Honda Civic and we know most people are gonna like it too The RS has a driver-oriented layout and black interior When you’re in the driver seat, the first thing that you’ll notice is this massive screen that is your tachometer and speedometer flanked by a temperature and fuel gauge which is complemented by red bars Now, all of this is all inside some honeycomb configuration and it’s actually pretty cool because as you’re driving along you feel like you’re… I don’t know, playing a really cool game on an Atari Wait… Did i just say Atari? Tito of Manila alert! It’s got some pretty fun toys too like an 8-way power adjustment driver seat power folding side mirrors, speed sensing door locks, a touch volume control on the steering wheel paddle shifters, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple and Android connectivity a rear camera, and rain-sensing wipers Now while there are a number of ports that you can use they’re not the really easiest to get to. You see they’re located behind the console Here, at the back. Now, some people say it’s great because it takes away the clutter of all the wires, but in this case, it’s just Well, it’s just bothersome and that is pretty much of a hassle really The rear, now that’s gonna surprise you With its fast back like appeal, what its done is that it reclined the seats a bit more than most. In turn has given you an enormous amount of leg and headroom. Definitely enough for your three average Filipinos But don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna take away anything on the sportiness of the car I mean the bolsters are still there and you can definitely feel it But the seats are so comfortable that it’s a shame that there is no vent or ports back here because you could so kick back, Netflix and chill. It’s that comfortable Driving the Civic around town is easy thanks to its light steering and good forward visibility Maneuvering tight corners in the metro, not a problem Plus it absorbs bumps within reason It’s on the open road is where it really impresses us You see, we figured that this is essentially the same engine that’s driving Alonso’s car Sure, he’s got a 1.6, we’ve got a 1.5 He’s got a turbo, we’ve got a turbo we’ve got 173 horses, he’s got.. Maybe a bit more, but he does have reliability issues Low blow? Sorry Kidding aside, power from the 1.5L turbo engine is more than enough allowing us to overtake with ease and a lot of fun The turbo kicks in at a relatively low rev and delivers a proper amount of torque At speed, the car is planted and stable and the steering tightens up to deliver a firm and accurate response To taper its acceleration, the car needs time shy of a moment to allow the turbo to calm down and let the brakes do their work Additionally, the suspension leans on the firm side but the overall ride comfort isn’t compromised The Honda Civic RS Turbo is yours for Php 1,425,000 Quiet a bit of coin considering what else is out there But, it does have a legion of followers and it was 2016’s Car of the Year Award Philippines So, that’s got to be worth something, right?

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