2018-19 Engineering Challenge: Monster Effects

– Oh, hello! – You’re here just in time. We could use your help explaining this season’s Engineering Challenge, – [Both] Monster Effects! – For this Challenge, your team will design and build a structure that can support weights without failing. – To build your structure, you’ll use materials like these. – You’ll test your structure by placing weights and then removing them, like this. – Along with your structure, you’ll create and present a story that surprises the crowd with the sudden appearance of a monster! -ROAR! – Actually, for this Challenge, a monster can be any creature, real or imaginary, with an unusual shape or appearance. – Right, or behavior. (cackles) – Or character. – But wait, there’s more. You’ll use your technical know-how to feature a special effect live on stage! – Special effects make everything cooler! Use yours to wow the audience with the sudden appearance of the monster. Put it all together and create an ultimate, monster-ific presentation! – We can’t wait to see your Challenge solutions for. – [Both] Monster Effects!

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