2019 Shimano Stradic FL IS HERE!  Up Close
2019 Shimano Stradic FL IS HERE! Up Close

gentlemen ladies in anyone in between I
welcome you all and today I’ll be getting up close and personal with the
latest and greatest iteration of Shimano’s well known been around forever
Shimano static and this my friends is quite possibly the most important
spinning real release that Shimano’s come out with in a long time damn at now
this was ordered off of the eBay’s shipped direct from malaysia i ordered
it on saturday it’s now wednesday and when I receive the tracking it said like
within minutes of ordering it’ll be here but you know 10:30 in the morning on
Wednesday and here we are at exactly 10:30 it came into male 1022 and here we
have the 2500 sized 5.3 to 1 gear ratio Shimano static F l have the schematic
more bubble wrap on the interior to protect it in the shipping we have some
shimming washers and you have some tape usually this tape is used to protect the
real foot although this may actually be better suited to keep the line on the
spoiler I’m slipping a fuse and braid and that’s it nothing else on the inside
at all whatsoever and of course the handle so this is gonna be a quick
unboxing and analysis I’m not going to do a teardown in this video but I’m
gonna follow this one up shortly oh that’s nice with a direct comparison to
the FK and we’re gonna compare it also to the ballistic and whatnot all right
so this this plunger slides and if you kind of reverse thread it
see how you can remove that if you ever need to clean out over there well one
thing I notice right away one piece there’s no hinge something that died Oh
has been doing for a while there’s no need for it to really
collapse to be honest but you just take the handle off genuine that’s a new
sticker that’s pretty nice way the mic to it so you guys can hear when
I’m killing buttery smooth nice and slow oscillation stroke and it
has a very tall this again 2500 size one of the selling features of the new fk-ik
sorry the new FL versus the FK is the taller long strokes pool that was found
on the older Stella’s I suspect the 4k was the the taller spool version let me
grab the 4k so this was the taller spool this is almost I don’t want say long
cast but essentially that’s what it was it was a super tall spool for a 4k size
reel and what that allows for is when you make a cast as a lines being peeled
off the spool it changes direction off as it comes up the spool fewer times per
inch of line and that that allows for less turbulence going through the
long-delayed line guides and longer casts how about that and know on and off
and to reverse switch so there’s a one less point for water to get in or debris
to get in what a nice real house the drag clicker sound looks familiar down here police in this
area you have a rubber lips seal on the main shaft here now alcoholically on
stripers online he had received his two days ago and he already submerged it in
the fish tank for 60 seconds and found out just how not waterproof this reel is
water got inside the body so this is not a real it can be submerged in any size
but what it will do is assuming it’s like the FK it’ll hold up a little bit
to exposure to salt splashes and just that kind of external water but you
high-pressure submersions so theoretically haven’t tested it haven’t
put any time on it it should hold up as you would expect a ballistic with the
mag seal and yeah this is a a nice real has a long cast pool it’s a 5.3 to 1
gear ratio which is only available unfortunately overseas and I’m glad it
is I mean I wish of all things if Shimano would offer multiple gear
ratios in the 2500 or 3000 sighs I wish they offered to I’ve been fishing at
3,000 Stella for a long time it’s got the higher gear ratio I find that the
lower gear ratio for my fishing since I’m not using it as a drop shot reel I
prefer the lower gear unfortunately with the largemouth bass market pretty much
driving all import decisions for most reels
most people want that higher gear ratio so they can reel back up real quick and
get pitch out another cast with the drop shot whereas the foam fish and jerk
baits or from dragon bottom I want the slower gear ratio and
everybody that I have talked to everybody I know personally they prefer
the lower gear ratio so or Trinity if you want the 5.30 one you got to get
it from overseas which has pretty much always been a case so yeah it’s a really
nice real super smooth out of the box it’s brand new I know it hasn’t put
any time on it and you know I’m curious I’m a big fan of double paddle handles
as you can see here this handle here costs the same amount as this reel just
to give you an idea this is a you Maya magnesium double paddle handle designed
for this Stella F I and it looks like it threads on mm-hmm
as it can hit the frame oh yeah oh yeah and if you look closely here I look at
the center screw see how it stays perfectly centered there’s no drift that
Center axis stays perfect they’ll let you know that everything throughout the
center axis is in line I’ve seen reels in the past where you can see that kind
of wobble around a little bit so we have a carbon fiber direct stack which I
believe is also found in the 2500 I’m not gonna really do a full teardown but
I do want to inspect that to see if that’s the case nope felt on the 2500 and is felt yeah
well all right it will CFD 3000 still a high school if it’s just for gits and
shiggles looks like it does so far wow that’s neat we turned it as quickly as possible I
wanted to see if this fits on the Stella it looks like it fits it doesn’t bump
doesn’t rub I’ll have to split some lines see if it works
the reason why I did that is because alcoholically on strippers on line
pointed out that it does indeed fit and I’m not taking anything away from him
I’m not doubting him at all anyway just wants to find out firsthand because I
have the two reels side-by-side so why not beautiful real a lot of Stella
technology found its way into a $200 form factor and from what I understand
this reel is not going to see an increase in price in the US market which
is nice I made the comment on one of the message boards stating that if this reel
found its way up into the $250 price which if you use currency conversions
compared to what the Australian market selling this thing for it would come out
to around 229 to 250 that would be absolute travesty well yeah so the rotor
design has changed a little bit versus the FK and we’ll see how solid it is oh
wow that’s a strong rotor and when we do the teardown we’re gonna weigh the
rotors compared to the other one with a 5.3 to 1 gear ratio there really isn’t
any startup nurse that I can find which I would assume would also be the case
for the six point two to one cosmetically has a rash guard that comes
around and follows the entire base of the reel look at that so you have this
darker gunmetal it’s a beautiful reel like this reel it
is one of the best-looking reels that I’ve ever really come across very
reminiscent of my old strat ik mg where the original the original magnesium
strategy only difference is I think this silver is a little bit lighter but has
the same kind of metallic a gunmetal nice and clicky bail everything about it seems very nice very
smooth finish beautiful so when we do just tear this
down we’re tear it down next to either a ballistic or tattoo Allah we’re going to
compare it to the FK and we’re a compared to the Abu Garcia premier
spinning real all around $200 reals it goes without saying honestly guys does
anybody else out there make a spinning reel equal to that of Iowa and Shimano
for freshwater applications I don’t think so
I mean baitcasting reels are a lot simpler so you have tons of competition
out there but when you handle a Shimano add Iowa and you compare to any other
Abu Garcia pen it’s they’re just not even in the same ballpark so I’m just
gonna bring keep it simple I’m just going to bring in the dial WA and I’m
gonna bring in one outside or if the Abu because we did the three the $300 13
fishing reel that thing was a complete pile I mean for $300 so we’ll just do a
quick basic teardown and comparison between these and then we’re gonna go
out and fish and see how it handles I mean it’s a strata guys Shimano wouldn’t
put this reel out if there any issues with it some stones with the bail
opening and stolen from Alan Hawks and washers sliding out but until then thank
you guys for showing up and checking out this video I hope you guys enjoyed this
one keep this as quick and simple as possible and yeah lovely real really is
nice sweet shimmed very nicely a little bit of play
it’s just a little bit handle knob pretty darn good works for me take care guys
tight lines I’ll see you soon

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