[RCSparks] – This is it, I finally
get to say thank you to a couple of the people
that helped me make Loading Wars possible. Sluicebox Steve is in the
house today, Joe is almost here as well as Rookie, all three
of these guys are on their way. They don’t even know
what’s about to happen. All they know is they’re
about to have a great time and I said, “You guys are
gonna have something new “for Loading Wars”, and I wanted to promise you
guys that have been anticipating Loading Wars some new trucks,
so I’ve been putting together some packages for some people. Check this out. This is what the boys
are playing for today. I know those guys, Sluicebox
has a Scania already, so does Rookie, and Krazy
Joe has a Globe Liner. Now, I figured if we threw
some American trucks in there. The King Hauler, I went
down to Action Hobby, which is a local hobby store of mine and picked this up there, as well as the Grand Hauler right here. Both of them, I picked up
paint for while I was there, I also have a three-cell LiPo battery, I went all the way in guys. Here is a Tekin Element
Proof ESC and the 3.0 HotWire with Bluetooth and the MKS Servos, these are the X6 HBL599’s. Now, this is is a package all on it’s own. LESU sent in a package
for me to include in on today’s fun, where
this one is a surprise. It is already beautiful on the inside and so they will get the
option of prize number two. Which is also a battery right here, notice no Servo’s or anything. Now then the Grand Hauler comes in, this should be an amazing build. A couple of Servos again, I decided to go with a Hobbywing this time
because the Crawler Brushed ESC comes with a program card
and is very easy to use. There is another 3-cell battery
and one extra can of paint for this because there are
extra features on this truck that are not on this truck over here. So I say, may the best man win. Who knows their RCSparks trivia the best? – [Joe] I had just found out
that we’re not gonna make it and I’m gonna have to work Saturday. And I’m like, dude, I gotta be on set, I don’t work here on Saturday’s. – [RCSparks] You work here on Saturday’s. – That’s right. (laughter) – [RCSparks] How are you KJ? – I’m fantastic. – [RCSparks] Welcome
back, Rookie in the house, and of course Sluicesbox Steve. – Morning. – [RCSparks] Are you ready
for what’s gonna happen today? – I’m not sure. I’m not sure what’s happening. – You don’t know what’s going on do you? – We wanna know what’s going on. – I’m totally ready. – We’ve been guessing all week. – [RCSparks] Krazy Joe. – Yes sir. – [RCSparks] I need you to do me a favor, I need you to come and gently lift this. – What? – [RCSparks] You’re right. No, no, you’re right. Come on, come on back. – He was here first. – [RCSparks] No, sit down, doesn’t matter. No he screwed it up for you. Now you’re just gonna have to sit there and wonder what’s going on. (laughs loudly) Three different bells gentleman. (bell rings) Hopefully we’re gonna have
to use these cameras here for photo finishes, but we’ll see. (laughter) Jeanette and I, my wife and I
have made up several questions and as you’ll see here, round
one is worth five points each, round two is worth 20 points each, round three is gonna be
worth 100 points each. – Wow. – [RCSparks] Okay? Six questions for the first two rounds, four questions for the last round. Rookie, I’m gonna be trusting you, and you guys can watch him of course, to be adding up the points as we go. Cause there’s only me here and
I’ve got a lot to do myself. – I can do this. – [RCSparks] Thank you sir. – I’ll need some form of– – [RCSparks] Writing utensil. – The end of your finger, you wouldn’t even let
me take the sheet off. (laughter) – [RCSparks] Well ruined it
for you now, you gotta wait. But I’ll tell you what, whoever has the highest amount of points
at the end of all rounds, will get to go first. – Cool. – [RCSparks] Will it be you? – Maybe. – [RCSparks] Will it be you? – Go where first? – [RCSparks] Will it be you? – Most likely, of course. – I’d rather think– – [RCSparks] What kind of
beer are you rocking today? – Red truck beer. – I like the themed– – Golden ale, Endless
Summer, cause you know. – [RCSparks] Endless Summer. – [Rookie] I think these are
the best kind of beers to have. Themed. – It’s a ’72 Bronco. – [RCSparks] Gentleman,
the candy jar of questions. This is about as random as it gets. Oh ones jumping out at me here, you ready? – Ready! – [RCSparks] You must wait until the end of the question
being read, to ring the bell. In what boat model did RCSparks use to catch a 25-inch Pike with? (bell rings) Joe. – The Streamline RC Jet Boat. – [RCSparks] What’s the model? – He said you were specific model. – I don’t know what it is. – [RCSparks] Next! – It was the Streamline RC Thrasher. – [Joe] Thrasher. – [RCSparks] It was but who rang in next? – I think actually Sluices did. – [RCSparks] Sluices, okay. – But you pointed the
camera at me so I answered. – [RCSparks] I did, I did. No points this round. That’s okay, good try, good try. We’ll ask another one. – Don’t ding unless you know it. – [RCSparks] Here we
go and you can’t answer until I fully have read it. What hydro dipping company has RCSparks been known to feature? (bell rings) Rookie! – Pitdawg Hydro. – [RCSparks] Pitdawg Hydro is right! One point for Rookie, no
in the first one sir, yeah. – We’re just gonna ignore the first one– – [RCSparks] Yeah. – I’ll leave that check mark there– – [RCSparks] I love that. – Hey no cheating! – [RCSparks] Hey hands on the table, I like the way Steve’s doing it here, hands on the table gentlemen. In fact, you, where’s
the ringer comfortable? Okay, move your hand. Your hand will have to
be on that orange mark. Sluicesbox, put the bell
where you’re comfortable, move your hand. On the orange mark. You must make a bell sound. – Ding. (bell rings) – [RCSparks] There you go. Thank you everybody now has
their hand mark, excellent. I like this game already, this is fun. Question number three. What vehicle did the
build Overkill end up as? (bell rings) Rookie. – Optimus. – [RCSparks] Optimus. – Optimus Prime Overkill. – [RCSparks] Optimus Overkill is accepted. Rookie point. – Yeah! – [RCSparks] Oh nice! – [Rookie] Walking away with it. – [RCSparks] Don’t worry gentlemen, as we move on in the way, you get a chance to win more points. – I can see us all going home tonight and re-watching every
video he’s ever put up. (laughter) – It’s only 1,500. – [RCSparks] What was the
name of the first electric RC skateboard that
RCSparks featured in 2014? – I have no idea. – [RCSparks] Hard one. – I remember it but I don’t
know what the name was. – I can picture it sitting right there. – [Joe] Yeah, I can too. (buzzer noise) – [RCSparks] It was the Thick Big Daddy. Thick Big Daddy. Sorry no points there guys. That’s all right, well
it’s been out there. – Great question. – [RCSparks] Thank you very much. Next question. How many years has RC Adventures
been posted on YouTube? (bell dings) Steve! – Eleven. – [RCSparks] Eleven years is right! Steve rings in. – Well all knew that one. – [RCSparks] How many more questions? We have three more spaces in round one. – I’m winning. – [RCSparks] Joe, needs a win here. What color did I paint
Jem’s Spectrum controller? (bell dings) Rookie! – Pink. – [RCSparks] Pink it is! – Yeah! – [RCSparks] We’re rooting for you Joe. – Not fast enough with the bell. – [RC Sparks] Hey that’s okay. Hand on the spot. Now if anybody notices anybody
else’s hand not on the spot, call it out because we all
know that YouTube viewers are watching and they’re
not gonna cut us any slack even though we’re all best friends and we could care less who wins today. (laughter) Okay, here we go boys. What was the official color
of the LESU KOBELCO excavator we just built? (bell rings) – Coral – [RCSparks] You rang in
before the question was done. Penalty for Steve, take away a point. (groans) (bell rings) Yes. – Coral blue. – [RCSparks] Correct, Joe gets the point. Sorry Steve, you can’t
ring in before the bell or before the question is done. – Faster than I thought it was. – [RCSparks] You know what, you’re– – Because I’m taking a
point away from SluiceS, do I give Joe the point in that column or? – [RCSparks] No, just
give Joe the point, yeah. That’s too bad. So no one wins that one. Sluices you’re gonna have
to come back on that. All right boys, last question
out of the first round. (cheers) Here it is, the exciting
question, what’s it gonna be? At the time of this filming,
oh my god this is so hard, how many playlists has
the RCSparks created of RC Adventures? How many playlists? – How many playlists? – [RCSparks] How many playlists
are there on our channel? (bell rings) Go ahead! – I think there’s six. – [RCSparks] There are not six playlists. (bell rings) Point goes away from you, wrong answer. Yeah. – Three. – [RCSparks] Point goes
away from Steve, minus one. – I have no idea. – [RCSparks] There are 104 playlists, yes, of RC Adventures, different projects and
things we’ve worked on. Yes last question gentlemen,
the last five point question. – I knew that it was high. – [RCSparks] Yes. – I didn’t know how many. – [RCSparks] It was very high. – I wasn’t gonna lose a
point to answer it wrong. – [RCSparks] Here we go! Everyone at home. What is the RC Adventure
that has the highest views? (bell rings) Steve. – Mo and his fire boat. – [RCSparks] Yeah! Steve gets a point! – I knew it was Mo but I
didn’t remember which one. – [RCSparks] And the fire boat, yes. Who wins this round? – I do by– – [RCSparks] Rookie wins! That round, so next we move
onto the, how many points? – 20 point round! – [RCSparks] 20 points each! Six questions each. If everybody is watching,
I wonder if they’re playing around at home right now
marking their own points eh? – He’s stupid! (laughter) – [RCSparks] Okay gentlemen, the first question for the second round. (singing) Oh this is gonna be a hard one. – It’s a lot of paper. – [RCSparks] Dude, look at this, I gotta let my camera focus on it. – Oh my gosh. – [RCSparks] Okay boys, this is a good one for
round two, I like this. Name five series that
RCSparks has produced that’s not a build video
series. And you have– (bell rings) Go ahead. You rung in, you’ve got 25 seconds. Go! – There are multiple rude boys– – [RCSparks] Rude boys counts at– – That’s one series. – [RCSparks] What are you doing? You’re doing TTC? – Yeah, TTC. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – There’s been Rude Boys Garage. – [RCSparks] Yes. – There’s been fiscal racing. – [RCSparks] Uh-huh. – There’s been TTC Here. – [RCSparks] No, you already said TTC. – [Rookie] Running out of time. – There’s been YouTube gold. – [RCSparks] Yes. – There’s been Loading Wars. – [RCSparks] Got it! Twenty points! Good job! Almost out of time there. Good job. – You missed mini Z. – [RCSparks] Hands on the spots. Oh yes, yes. – There’s lots that I just,
that wouldn’t come out. – [RCSparks] Okay boys. Hands on the spot. Second question, second round. Name the company that RC Sparks
helped launch on Kickstarter by raising $20,000 more than the original $30,000 starter for a total of $50,000. (bell rings) Steve! – Streamline RC. – [RCSparks] Nailed it! 20 points for Steve! – I knew it. – [RCSparks] You totally did! Just a little bit on the slow side. – Hey! – [RCSparks] I mean on the ringer! – Mom says I’m very bright. (laughter) – The color of your shirt doesn’t count. – [RCSparks] What? Okay boys here we go, third question. How many 1/10th scale TTC’s
has the RCSparks studio filmed? (bell rings) Steve! – 10. – [RCSparks] 10 it is! That’s right, 10 films. 10, this year was our 10th. Which would have messed you up cause I knew I was messing
with you on that one. – It was Joe’s ninth. – [RCSparks] Yeah it was
Joe’s ninth, yeah, yup. Okay how many more? Two more eh? – Three more. – [RCSparks] Three more on that one? Good. – Three more on that one. Dang. – [RCSparks] Boys, what year
did RC Sparks go to Hong Kong? (bell rings) Joe. – 2015. – [RCSparks] Wrong! [bell Rings] Take a point, point away from Joe. – 2016. – [RCSparks] Yes. That’s okay bro, you’ve got
lots chances to come back. – All of sudden Sluices is coming– – [RCSparks] Sluices is starting to win! Alrighty gentlemen, fifth question. In 2018, the RCSparks studio
built a capital project, it was a jeep, what was it called? (bell rings) Holy cow, Steve! – JK Max. – [RCSparks] Yes! JK Max! Holy cow! Burning it, man! Pulling out ahead! – I was studying last night. (laughter) – [RCSparks] Hands back
on the markers gentlemen. One question left in round two. – Here we go. – [RCSparks] Good luck to you all. – Good luck to me. – [RCSparks] What company
makes the 1/5th scale truck called the Raminator? (bell rings) Rookie! – I just blanked. – [RCSparks] Joe, you were next. Oh you’re cheating! – [Rookie] That’s terrible. – How its that cheating? – [RCSparks] You’re looking at– – Primal RC. – [RCSparks] You’re
cheating, you looked at it. Looked at it. But I didn’t say you couldn’t look at it, you totally got it, Joe got it. – And I knew that. – [RCSparks] I didn’t
say you couldn’t look. – I knew it was P, I couldn’t
remember that it was Primal. – [RCSparks] Yes, end of round two. – [Rookie] That was terrible. – [RCSparks] Who won that one? Easily Sluicesbox, right there. Nice job. Well don’t worry boys. – It’s anybody’s game. – [RCSparks] It’s anybody’s game. For the next four questions,
it’s 100 points a question. – That’s a game changer. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s a game changer. Everybody, you have to
be as fast as you can be on your bells or else you
may miss your opportunity. Here we go. In what year was the first Loading Wars ever posted on RC Adventures? (bell rings) Steve. – 2009? – [RCSparks] No! Deduct 100 points from Steve. – Oh that stings! – [RCSparks] Yes. – It was a long time ago. – [RCSparks] Rookie? – Gonna go with 2012. – [RCSparks] No! Deduct 100 points. Did you even wanna ring in on this? – I didn’t ring the bell. – [RCSparks] No you didn’t. – It’s ’14. – [RCSparks] You didn’t wring the bell, but you did guess and it was the last one and you guessed right. It was 2014 gentlemen. Joe gets 100 points! (bell rings repeatedly) Nice! Deduct 800 points for ringing the bell prematurely eight times. (laughter) In an event that is similarly
named to its bigger brother, the Big Dirty, what event is it? An event similarly named
to its bigger brother. (bell rings) Oh, that was, you guys
right together on that one. (bell rings) – Go ahead. – [RCSparks] Oh, hold on. Joe said go ahead,
sportsman-like, go ahead Steve. – Little Dirty. – [RCSparks] Correct, 100 points. That was very kind of
you there Mr. Krazy Joe. – Yeah, thanks to you. – [RCSparks] That looked right on point. Now we may review the
video in slow motion– – Hey he just offered me half his points. – [RCSparks] Did he? 50 points to Joe, 50 points to Sluices. Sorry Rook, you got left out there buddy. – [Joe] Half marks, see
that, good job buddy. – Nice sportsmanship. – [RCSparks] I like that, 50 each. All right, so second
last question gentlemen. Are you ready? – Ready. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] Name two
different TV networks that RCSparks has spoofed. (bell rings) Joe. Two different TV networks
that RCSparks has spoofed. – Discovery Channel. – [RCSparks] Uh-huh. And? – The Life Network. – [RCSparks] The Life
Network, no you are incorrect. – [Rookie] Oh that– – [RC Sparks] That stings. (bell rings) Yes? – Discovery Channel and History Channel. – [RCSparks] Yes! You are correct. The other answer I would
have accepted was the BBC. For talk year. – Oh – [RCSparks] Yes, yes, yes. Rookie, you need to get in on this buddy. – I liked round one better. (laughter) – [RCSparks] Last question. This is gonna be it. It could be easy, it could be difficult. It is this one. Hands on your places, everybody together. In what year did RC Adventures
start Skate Park Pain? (bell rings) Krazy Joe! – 2012. – [RCSparks] Wrong! Deduct 100 points. Anybody else? – Nope. – [RCSparks] The answer was, 2010. (Joe sighs) – [RCSparks] Sorry Joe, 2010,
Skate Park Pain started. Which we do not do anymore
because it is illegal and video is called evidence
in a court of law, correct so. – Correct. – [RCSparks] So we will
have one final question on top of that, wow nice. Everybody ready? Last question is, what company makes a waterproof grease
called Utter Butter featured– (bell rings) Oh! Minus, deduct 100 points. – Oh that’s right he didn’t finish. – [RCSparks] That’s correct. You are out, deduct 100 points. You two are still in on this. What company makes a
waterproof grease called Utter Butter featured on RC Adventures? (bell rings) Rookie got the– – Cow RC. – [RCSparks] It is Cow RC for 100 points! Come on boys, you guys gotta decide
who’s gonna be the winner. I can hold the camera. – Minus 70. – [RCSparks] Who wins? – I win. – [RCSparks] You win! (horns honking) What do you win indeed? – I’m curious. – [Joe] First choice he said. – [RCSparks] No, I didn’t. – [Sluices] First choice? – You get to choose first. – [RCSparks] He gets to spin first. – Spin first? – [RCSparks] Ah. – That’s new. What are we spinning for? – [RCSparks] You look a little nervous. – Question jar he still
has a lot of questions. – [RCSparks] Here we go. (people exclaiming excitedly) – Nice! – Sweet. – [RCSparks] All right. So here’s what I’m thinking. There’s three separate packages. I put them all together to thank you for doing so much hard work around here. – Oh my gosh. – [RCSparks] Okay? So we all wanted new
trucks so here’s the deal. Steve, you get to spin the wheel first for whatever package there is. Now let me tell you, King
Hauler, Grand Hauler, LESU 6×4, or swap with anyone. Now here’s the deal, if
you get swap with anyone, right off the first hop here,
cause you only get one spin, you get to pick any one of those prizes. Any one of the three. – That’s a good deal. – [RCSparks] Okay? So my man, step up here. – Well, cheers. – [RCSparks] Cheers to you! Come on Steve! Give it a spin buddy, as hard as you can. (wheel spinning) Come on Steve! What’s he getting? – He’s getting the Grand! – [RCSparks] The Grand Hauler! So you got paint, you got your ESC, you got your two Servos that you need, you have everything there
to paint a beautiful black, or beautiful green truck. – That’s an amazing truck. Green eh? – [RCSparks] Yes. Green is going to be the
color of this Loading Wars truck for you sir. – I love it, actually
I think I have two cans of this at home too. – [RCSparks] Now I would say,
just sit there for a moment cause I’ve got a little bit
of a trick up my sleeve. – Uh-oh. – [RCSparks] Now I need
you to do me a favor. These are labels that
split down the middle, you can peel the backing off of them. Here help him please. Peel that one off the back. They split down the middle,
and now in the spot, of yours, which is Grand Hauler, I want you to stick that
sticker over the spot that says Grand Hauler. – [Rookie] Oh, what? – [RCSparks] Grand Hauler,
okay so, Grand Hauler. (people talking) It’s another swap with anyone’s sticker, so now Grand Hauler is gone. Now there’s three swap with anyone’s. Who was next? It was you Rookie. – I was next. – [RCSparks] That’s right, so you sir, get to spin the wheel. Good luck on winning
your next build project. (people cheering) – Come on Rookie! – [RCSparks] Yeah buddy! – [Rookie] I already know what I won. – [RCSparks] Swap with anyone! – Now I can pick anything right? – [RCSparks] You can
pick anything you want. You can’t touch it, just
tell us what you need. – Just because I have never built one, I’m going with the LESU. – [RCSparks] You’re going with the LESU. – I like different type,
never built one, gotta try it. – [RC Sparks] LESU, well, then
I’ve got one last one here. Joe. I want you to take that. – Can you see what that says? – [RCSparks] Yes, swap with anyone. So right over that sticker. And now sir, because
you came in last place, you get to spin the wheel. Good luck on winning the
truck of your dreams sir. (wheel spins) – [RCSparks] Come on Joe! – Swap with anyone. – [RCSparks] So you can either swap or take any truck package you want. – I’m good with the King. – [RCSparks] Then the
King Hauler is yours. – Thank you very much. (cheers) – [RCSparks] So that case,
you get to keep your LESU, and you sir– – Get the Grand. – [RCSparks] Get the Grand. – Awesome. I can’t wait to get into that. – [RCSparks] Guys, take your presents. Take them, take them! Now just so you guys don’t feel left out, I got you one of these. Little bit of black paint. I got you one of these,
little bit of black paint. But what you didn’t see was the LESU comes with this package also. – [Joe] What is it? – [Rookie] What is that? – [RCSparks] Well take it
over to the table boys, let’s all see what you got. – It’s got a picture. – This is a cab. – [RCSparks] Ah-ha. This is the cab. – This is the cab in this box. – [RCSparks] Correct! – It’s already done. [Rookie] Holy crap! – [Joe] Pull it out, let’s see. – [RCSparks] Look at your bumper. It’s red dude. – [Joe] Yours is already
painted, your whole truck. – [Rookie] That is beautiful. – [RCSparks] Look at this. Looking gorgeous man. – Oh my gosh. – [RCSparks] You have a
long build ahead of you. – You sir will be wondering, because most of yours is built already. But you have quite a bit of assembly. – A lot to go here. – [RCSparks] Yes there is. So LESU had sent in this
truck for me to throw in as a wild car into this contest
that I had for my friends. It is all tricked out,
all aluminum, oh yes. Hydraulic tank on the side. – [Rookie] Oh my. – [RCSparks] Aluminum
upgrades, metal drive-shafts. This thing– – [Joe] Look at that. – Wow. – [RCSparks] It’s an
absolute monster guys. – [Joe] That’s wicked! Oh my god! – [Rookie] And it’s got a hydraulic– – [RCSparks] Exactly, exactly,
exactly sir, absolutely. – Your styrofoam. – [RCSparks] Weren’t you saying that you wanted an American truck? – I totally did and I
wanted a Grand or a King. And I got the Grand, it’s awesome. It’s totally awesome. – [RCSparks] That is, yeah see
last year, we built the tank, which is on its way to my dad right? Who helped us build that. – That was an incredible build man– – [RCSparks] Exactly. We had to come up with something here to also re-build this year for the viewers cause they spend so much time inviting us into their living rooms. – Loading Wars this year, whoo! – [RCSparks] Yes, exactly man. So all I can say is take
your time on your paint. Light coats gentlemen. – I kicked ass with the paint. I am way ahead of you. – [RCSparks] This is probably
the best I’ve seen so far. You guys have a lot of
pressure up on you now. – It’s gonna be tough
to beat that paint job. – The suspension is, oh
my god it’s like sex. It’s so smooth and moves so nice. – [Sluicesbox] Oh it is really nice. – [Rookie] Oh that
walking beam is beautiful. – [RCSparks] Yeah I can
hear the weight to it. – [Rookie] Oh it’s, pick that up yourself. – [RCSparks] I have, I moved the box here. – [Rookie] But it’s not in a box. – [RCSparks] Yes. – [Rookie] It’s solid. – [RCSparks] Let’s have a look underneath. – [Rookie] There’s a spare tire. – [RCSparks] It’s all aluminum features. – [Rookie] Aluminum wheels? – [RCSparks] Yes, aluminum
spare, there’s air tanks. – [Rookie] And it is totally
set up for hydraulics. – [RCSparks] Yes and your shifting serval. Is that a shifting serval right there? – [Rookie] That should be,
that is the shift serval yes. – [RCSparks] Yes, very nice. Look at all the aluminum links. – [Rookie] Look at this front leafs. – [RCSparks] Oh those leaf
springs are gorgeous man. – [Rookie] She’s a thing of beauty, this. – [RCSparks] Already done. – [Rookie] I have some
learning to do though. – [RCSparks] Yes you do. You got a lot of things to do now. – [Rookie] Oh my. – [RCSparks] Okay so,
guys, instruction books, let’s see part one. – Part one. – [RCSparks] Look at this. Here is a YouTube gold
banner, this is not a poster, this is a vinyl banner. We’re gonna autograph
this and send this out to a random commenter so
make sure to leave a comment in the comments section below. What did you think of today’s episode? Yeah, Krazy Joe. – [Rookie] Hey there I am. – [RCSparks] There he is. Perfect. – [Rookie] Sluices! Where you at? – [Sluices] Nice! – All right guys, so there you go. Finally the RC game show we’ve
always wanted to do was done. Did you guys have a good time? (exclaiming) Yeah you know there’s no possible way for me to stop these guys
from building their trucks, they’re already doing it. And I could try to film that for you but it is like a chaotic mess back there. – It’s like three different
truck kits on the same table. – They are gonna be
going at that for awhile, they are looking forward to
loading more, starting up, guys I want you to comment
down below right now. How many points did you get today when you were playing along with us? Let us know your thoughts,
of course comment down below because we’ve
got the banner give-away and we’ll see you in the next
episode of RC Adventures. Now get outside and have fun
with RC or if you’re like us, stay inside and build one. Bye guys! (cheers) (laughs)


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