4   Floor Load width (FLW)
4 Floor Load width (FLW)

G’day and welcome back to Buildsum and in this the fourth video on AS 1694.2 Timber Framing code. I just wanted to go over Something called the floor load width or the FLW, and how we work that out So as you can see here the floor load width is the contributory width of floor measured horizontally then imparts floor loads to a supporting member namely the bearer floor load width shall be used as an input into the span tables in the supplements for all bearers and lower story wall framing members So you need to be able to work it out so what we have to do is we have to work out the floor load width for all our different load bearing scenarios So in this case. We’ve got four different piers and then whichever one works out to be higher that so I’m going to use for all of our calculations, so we’ll go through and have all these four different scenarios, so Pier 1 The load that Pier 1 is carrying is really only half the distance between Pier 1 or sorry, Pier A and Pier B Because half of this loads been carried by Pier B so to work out the floor load width for A is half of this span Span 1 or Span 1 divided by 2 so that’s That’ll give us the floor load width for that scenario there For Pier B or Bearer B It’s now going to be carrying half of this floor on this side and half of the floor on this side So in this case it’s this span plus this span Divided by 2 to get half of each That gives the floor load width for B C is going to be pretty much the same situation It’s carrying half of this load and half of this load So it’s span 2 plus span 3 divided by 2 And then in the case of D Because this is a cantilever. It’s going to be carrying all of this and half of the span back here So for D Its span 3 divided by 2 Plus whatever the cantilever is, Span 4 So there you go, that’s how we work out the floor load widths and it is required as an input into our span tables So we can get the right size bearer for the situation that we’ve got

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