5 Tricks Every Beginner Poi Spinner Should Know
5 Tricks Every Beginner Poi Spinner Should Know

Hey gang! Drex here from DrexFactor.com and I got asked
a fantastic question during a recent Q&A: what are 5 tricks every beginner poi spinner
should know. I love this question because it can be hard
when you’re starting off to know what you should focus your time on learning, what tricks
are going to be the most useful, and why. I’m sure just about every poi teacher will
give you a different answer to this question, but here’s the answer that I’ll give you. Before we dive in, I just want to take a moment
to give a shout out to the friends of the channel! Big thanks to Dark Monk, Emazing Lights, Flowtoys,
Spinballs, and Ultra Poi for helping to make the videos on this channel possible. You can visit them all on the web by following
the links down in the description of this video. So let’s get started! I’m going to do these in what I’d consider
to be the order of difficulty for them. That is, the stuff at the beginning tends
to be easier or faster to learn than the stuff at the end of the list but that’ll depend
a lot on your own experiences. I’ll include links for tutorials I’ve
done for each of these tricks in the description! [First up: reel turns. These are generally the first trick I recommend
anybody learns as they’re getting into poi spinning.] (full body slow) They teach you very basic skills about plane
control and how your body moves in relation to a poi plane. [One of those first big hurdles you have to
get over with poi is realizing that when you turn your body, the orientation of the poi
tends to change as well.] (POV) [You’ll also get your first exposure to
plane bending as you move the poi from one side of your body to the other. This’ll be important for everything from
thread the needles to weaves and body tracers.] (head on full body slow) This sets you up to be able to turn with pretty
much any poi move down the road. The lessons you learn here will be with you
for the entirety of your poi spinning journey. [Next up: butterflies. Butterflies are usually the first wall plane
move that most poi spinners learn as well as the first trick they learn where the poi
are spinning in opposite directions.] (slow-mo) Few people realize it, but they also require
a good degree of plane control. [To keep the poi from hitting each other at
the top or bottom of the move, so you have to be able to tilt one plane slightly off
of the other one so this one is a really good backdoor way to practice your planes.] (slow-mo side) [Third: windmills. This is that place where reels really get
cooking and you can start to see some of the cooler applications for them. It’s also a great use of split-time same
direction.] (slow-mo) The other great thing about windmills is that
they force you to do some level changes. [Up until now, everything we’ve looked at
can be performed at shoulder or hip level. Windmills require you to start performing
tricks up high.] (full body reels & windmills) Fourth is stalls. Now there are a LOT of different things you
can do with stalls but the ones that are best suited to beginners are definitely down stalls
and bottom stalls. [One feels like dropping the poi and the other
feels like casting it away.] (full speed demo CU) [Stalls are absolutely essential for doing
transitions between different tricks. You can change the direction of one or both
poi or change their timing in relation to each other. This will help you get back and forth between
split time moves like windmills and together time moves like our reels and butterflies.] (full body transition: reel to butterfly to
windmills) I seriously cannot overemphasize how useful
stalls are to learn. These are one of those tricks that you’ll
be using constantly no matter how long you spin. Finally: weaves and waistwraps. Confession time: I don’t actually think
these are as essential as the other tricks on this list. Everything else I’ve listed here has broad
uses as you go forward, but weaves are both difficult to learn and have limited potential
compared to the other tricks on this list. That said: they look cool and as a beginner
this is almost certainly the trick you’re looking at and wanting to learn. So let’s go with it. [More often than not, weaves are that first
trick that make you think: “wow! I’m actually spinning poi now!”] (full body slow-mo) [They’ve definitely got more wow factor
than any other trick on this list and are probably the first thing you’ll show your
friends and family that will really impress them with your skills.] (CU angle) So…I also have an ulterior motive for picking
these particular five tricks and that’s that they all fit neatly together to create
an easy combo. [You can start off with reel turns and then
stall out one poi to enter a butterfly. Stall that same poi again to enter a weave
and waistwrap around to your heart’s content. Take the weave into a windmill and then stall
one of your poi to get back to a butterfly. Stall once again to get back to your hip reels. Lather, rinse, repeat.] (full body demo) Pretty cool, right? Not only are these tricks super useful but
they all fit together like puzzle pieces. One thing many beginners talk about wanting
to do is finding transitions between the tricks that they know. This approach is a fast way to do just that! What do you think are the most essential tricks
for beginners? Let me know down in the comments. Did I leave out one of your favorites? Thanks so much for watching. If you got anything out of this video, please
hit that like and subscribe button to help my channel grow! Special thanks to all my awesome supporters
on Patreon–you guys are the ones that make these videos possible. If you’re not a current backer and would
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    Learn more about poi by checking out my 9-part Introduction to Poi series! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGRWu2f31dFVYp558VqSHdeESHGVkMbvz

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