640 hp Stealth 64 G2 for LB7 Duramax
640 hp Stealth 64 G2 for LB7 Duramax

(rock music) – This is Duramax Tuner, Scottsdale. It’s a 1985 Chevy square-body, sitting on a 2003 HD chassis, powered by an LB-7. In the valley is DT’s new turbocharger. – Man!
(engine revving) if you want that jet sound, this is it! Oh my God! – Like the torque, mid-range in this thing is just out of this world, I feel. – Introducing the Stealth
64 G2 for the LB7. It’s still a direct drop in, bolt-on stock-appearing replacement, but with features you
won’t find anywhere else. The G2 improves power, towing potential, and overall performance through the use of a custom-designed
high-flow turbine assembly. (rock music) And a 7075 billet compressor wheel. (hard rock guitar) – What the larger turbine does is allows lower drive pressure, better balance between boost and drive, more overall peak power, and a better matched rotating assembly. So the wheels are now
over-square on the turbine side. You’re not gonna find that anywhere else in the aftermarket in
a truly stock-appearing bolt-in IHI turbocharger. This takes our Stealth-64, and improves every element of it, including the sound. (revving up turbo) – We do all this in a
liquid-cooled package, package protected by 360 degree thrust bearings. (rock music) This improved balance under heavy loads means more efficiency and power at a given boost number, resulting in lower EGT’s under load. (rock guitar) Overall peak power is also improved where the Stealth-64 G1 would normally tap out around 600, 610 horsepower, the G2 now pushes through that to the 640 mark. The G2 is designed to
take a stock long-block LB7 as far as possible
with stock connecting rods. That’s where that 640
rear-wheel horsepower ceiling comes in. To set a strong forward trajectory on our turbo program, we’ve aggressively brought as much of a development and build process in house. Our machinists and
builders are enthusiasts who are empowered to look for and actively pursue improvements in design to hone the product quality at every point in the process. On the Stealth-64 G2, that means improved tolerance and attention to compressor wheel design. That means sectioning
several exhaust housings to ensure consistency in exhaust-housing scroll and exducer profile improvements. Every Stealth turbocharger is inspected in QC before it ships. You’ll see that sheet in the box, and it’s also backed by our Duramaxtuner warranty. The Stealth-64 has been
on the market since 2013. The G2 represents everything we’ve learned along the way, coupled with our in-house manufacturing and quality control, to bring the Stealth-64 to the next level. (rock music)

23 thoughts on “640 hp Stealth 64 G2 for LB7 Duramax”

  1. Johnny Koch says:

    Sweet truck..

  2. Thomas - sav300 says:

    I'd love to have one of both…pickup and turbo!

  3. johnfehr13 says:

    how much for the G2?

  4. John V says:

    Between the Apache and this your living my dream, good job brother! Did you have to mod the gram much to get the body to fit?

  5. Talon Brannon says:

    I was getting ready to buy the G1 but forget that I'm for sure getting a G2 now

  6. John Dyke says:

    If I put that on my truck with 220k miles with stock head gaskets. Will my headgasket fail fast? It's making ruffley 550hp. Thank you

  7. MrRojoneck says:

    Is this stock tranny safe?

  8. Brendan Hollingsworth says:

    Side by side with a Fleece Cheetah

  9. Upshift Z71 says:

    I got to get one for my cummins

  10. Mitch Peecher says:

    It's been a fun year with the stealth 64 but I can see I need to upgrade. Will be calling Chris soon to learn more about the g2 !

  11. Dans Diesel says:

    Will there be one for the lml

  12. michael smith says:

    I'm currently running a stock bottom end with a G1. When you say "push the envelope" is their concern of failure? I love my current setup, but wonder if the King Tune with anymore power is a time bomb?

  13. Lee Bergeson says:

    I just put one of these turbos on my 04 lb7. Very impressed and a huge upgrade from the original stealth 64

  14. Jose Martinez says:

    Do you have this for the LLY

  15. Everette Martin says:

    Do you guys make turbos for the second gen cummins?

  16. Jerry Jackson says:

    I have an stealth 64 on my lb7 n I wouldn’t want to spend the money to buy a whole new G2 turbo, would you guys sell just the G2 wheel n shaft?

  17. Dallas Wyatt says:

    are these numbers on stock trans or built trans tunes??

  18. CJ Vaughn says:

    is there a video out there of what this turbo might sound like through straight pipe exhaust?

  19. Brian Holland says:

    Can u add the ppe boost increase valve to this turbo as well ? And with having a zf6 trans do I just need to have an upgraded clutch to get the max power out of it?

  20. bob johnson says:

    all u guys don't waste ur money on this turbo. my stock turbo with a wicked wheel puts three times amount of air thru the eng. the stealth 64 is a complete waste of money. if u do u will be soley disappointed in this turbo. i took mine off and put a stock turbo with a wicked wheel back on my lb7. the 67 mil. cheeta turbo or the 68 is a hell of lot better and u won't be disappointed in the cheeta turbo.

  21. Talon Brannon says:

    My stealth 64 g2 just got here and I'm so excited

  22. chad Thornburgh says:

    I love the truck old and new together … however I have always wandered why do you want the turbo to look stock ? for cheating on drag race inspections or am I missing something I just bought my first LB7 not long ago always have been a 7.3 guy highly impressed so far

  23. Gerardo Ortiz says:

    Will It work with stock injectors and fuel system?

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