8 Physical Traits In Women That Men Are Most Attracted To
8 Physical Traits In Women That Men Are Most Attracted To

eight physical traits in women that men
are most attracted to evolutionary biology is patterned human beings and
all other life forms to strive for passing on of genetic material we are
groomed to look for the best mates who have the best chance of passing on our
genes according to midge Wilson who is a
professor of psychology and Women and Gender Studies at DePaul University
there are certain traits that are more desirable to men she called this
reproductive fitness assessment which showcases the process in which a man
checks out a woman now keep watching to find out the top physical features that
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8 waist to hip ratio when it comes to what men want and what men like the
waist to hip ratio is a big one although this ratio may be distorted nowadays due
to mainstream media in the current conception of the female body our male
ancestors would check out a female’s hips in order to determine if she was
fit for childbirth researchers found a ratio of 7 to 10 to be the most
favorable since men like small waists but with childbearing hips
number 7 having a high-pitched voice men enjoy a nice high-pitched voice since it
usually indicates a smaller and younger body this is because women are more
fertile when they are younger ages between 20 to 31 and that excites would
be mates are you curious about what traits about men that are the most
desirable to women well stick around till the end because we’ll give you the
flip side and let you know what women are attracted to the most in men
number six healthy hair what men like most about women is their hair they like
healthy long full and shiny hair because it shows that they are youthful and
therefore fertile number five makeup the study also showed that men prefer women
who wore less makeup the researchers found that men prefer women where about
40% less makeup than what they originally wore number four smile this
is pretty straightforward many people prefer a mate with a nice
bright sparkling smile additionally the researchers found that
the whiter the teeth the more attractive the person number three wearing red red
has long been shown to stimulate the senses and also to enhance attraction
some studies have even found that the color red acts as a form of aphrodisiac
number two arms the study found that men like women with long arms
the researchers revealed that men preferred women with longer and more
slender arms but with a wide girth number one hygiene and finally hygiene
like all people overall grooming and cleanliness play a huge role you can be
the most aesthetic person in the world but if you look dirty and ordered smelly
then good luck attracting a mate so now that you know what men won let’s move on
to the top positive personality traits men look for in women being in a great
relationship can be one of the best things in life finding exactly the right
partner that makes you feel loved and appreciated can mean everything how do
you know if you have a perfect woman if she has these positive personality
traits then she’s definitely a keeper a long-term relationship is sustained
through love respect and good communication if you do your part to
foster a good relationship with a woman who has these positive personality types
then you’ll be much happier women who have these types make for great partners
if you’re wondering what men like when it comes to personality traits keep
watching number eight honesty it’s good to have
someone who calls you on your behavior even if it’s hard to hear an honest
relationship is the kind of relationship that can last a lifetime
number seven optimism sometimes life is going to throw you curveballs and it’s
hard to see the good side of things you want to be with someone who stays
positive and keeps you going number six intelligence dating someone
who is smarter than you will force you to examine your own points of view being
challenged intellectually will make you a smarter person as well
number five supports your goals and has her own if a woman wants you both to
succeed at things you love doing then she’s looking ahead to the future number
four a good relationship with her parents
if a woman treats her parents well and relates to them it means she values the
positive traits in their personality and will bring them to yours
number three kindness what men like about women is their kindness this may
seem obvious but your partner should be kind if she is constantly criticizing
and insulting you or others then it’s not worth staying with her number two
accepting you for who you are you may not be perfect but a good woman knows
that you’re small annoying habits don’t define you entirely
number one confidence she stands up for herself and speaks her mind if she
believes in herself it makes it easier for her to believe in you and push you
to do better now that you know the physical features
about women that are most desirable to men
here are traits about men that are most desirable to women love at first sight
might actually be more than just a corny quote since a recent study conducted by
a london-based company called pink eye tracking determined what parts of a
man’s body a woman notices first the study was
performed with an advanced eye tracking technology that tracks the gaze and
glances of the study participants all participants were given an identical
picture of a man in a swimsuit the machine would then track the eye
movements of the participants when they are given this picture in order to
determine what they look at first and last interestingly enough a woman’s gaze
would almost always never go to a man’s privates whereas men were much more
likely to stare at another man’s junk the study resulted in a heat map that
showcased the most viewed areas of the images the eye tracking technology was
able to determine using this data the researchers were able to surmise that a
woman would generally first look at a man’s midsection followed by his face
shoulders and then biceps according to a sex and relationship expert named Wendy
Walsh she says that this is female preference and has to do with our
ancestors seeking a male companion that could protect and provide Wendy Walsh
PhD an author of the 30 day love detox said think about our cave woman brains
we want to know can this guy climb a tree and pick fruit for me
can this guy slay a wooly mammoth for me so even if men and women were at a beach
or a mall their eyes would generally go to the same predetermined places women
will tend to check out a man’s abs first than his face followed by his shoulders
and arms men on the other hand tend to be predetermined to look at a woman’s
breasts hip to waist ratio and her butt because that’s how male ancestors would
determine if a female was fertile and good for
childbearing while the face was the second body part that women looked at
first the study noted that a handsome face wasn’t always chosen while a
well-groomed face was almost always favored so now that you know what men
want as well as what females want what are some physical traits and personality
traits you look for in a partner let us know in the comment section below
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    What are some physical traits and personality traits you look for in a partner? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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