80/20 Inc: Linear Motion Overview
80/20 Inc: Linear Motion Overview

Hello and welcome to 80/20’s product highlight
series today we’re going to take a look at linear motion. These components are great
for adding motion to any project. They are easy to install, come in a variety of styles,
and are customizable. They’re available in both fractional and metric, and compatible
across a wide range of profile series. The first type of linear motion component we want
to talk about is our flanged style. These come preassembled with extra shims. They’re
available in both single and double style. Our next style is UniBearing . This option
is great for running two profiles parallel with each other. Now although these come preassembled,
a bolt assembly will be needed. More information on 80/20’s recommended bolt assemblies can
be found in the 80/20 product catalog. Now before you install this component, we want
to point out that all of out bearing pads come self lubricating and with rounded edges.
This is going to help ensure easy installation and smooth motion. Now to install this we
are going to take our linear bearing, put one last bolt and washer in it, take our Tnut,
preload it on there, and we want to make sure that your pilot projection is facing downwards
or away from the bearing. From there, we’ll just line it up with the open Tslot, and slide
it on. You’ll find the position that you want, take your wrench, and you’ll tighten down
the bolts. Now once you have those tightened down, you can put your project into motion.
Something else you may want to consider is the option of a brake. Our flanged styles
come with and without brake holes. So if you decide to use a brake, take your linear bearing,
feed a bolt from inside out, put a washer on the outside, and just tighten down your
handle. Now it’s worth noting that our brake handles come in a variety of styles, as seen
here. Now one other option you may want to consider is what type of bearing pad to use.
We have our standard style, then we have our high-cycle style. This is perfect for using
in heavy duty applications that have sudden starts and stops, and high cycle rates. Now
the next type of linear motion we want to talk about is our UniBearing . It’s available
in both single and double flanged options. They come preassembled with all recommended
hardware included. Now when it comes to installing it, you’ll simply loosen up the center Tnut,
slide your profile on, and you’ll tighten down the bolts on the other side. From there
you can put it to use depending on if it’s a single or double style. Now the last thing
we want to mention is our black anodize. All of our linear motion is now available in both
clear and black anodize to suit your project’s needs. Now hopefully you found this segment
on linear motion helpful, for more information please visit 8020.net and be sure to subscribe
for future 80/20 videos, and as always make it a great day.

15 thoughts on “80/20 Inc: Linear Motion Overview”

  1. Michael Nushart says:

    A demo of the uni-bearing would have been helpful.

  2. mdesm2005 says:

    The "make it a great day" bit at the end sounds like Oblivion's "are we an effective team?"  Just "thanks for watching" would suffice I think.

  3. Jon Miller says:

    This was helpful as I have been having trouble picturing how these function. I think more in-depth demonstrations of the different bearings and their differences, including some suggested or popular uses of each, would be well worth the time you would invest in creating the demonstration and video(s).

  4. BlackSparksWindow says:

    Hi, I'm Pablo (16y, from Spain). Could I shop some pieces of your product and email them to here (Spain)? I wanna be engineer so I want to build some stuff.

  5. cmorrowk says:

    Could these be used as the primary bearings in a CNC application?

  6. UnleashTheBlob says:


  7. Q says:

    So if I wanted to create a slide-out keyboard tray I would use linear bearings that attach to the underside of a desk… and using say a 1020 profile, one half would interface with the bearing while the other half would hold the panel for the tray.
    Does that sound right?

  8. Cameron Garcia says:

    can you make a large sliding drawer using linear bearings that could fit between the wheel wells of a Van?

  9. Alex Gorbatchev says:

    Please include links to items in the video!

  10. Jennifer Rissetti says:

    i cant wait to start placing orders, but the shipping costs are going to kill me into canada

  11. David Bitton says:

    The fit inside the flange looks loose. Is there a higher tolerance version?

  12. Cupido Muzik says:

    What is the maximum payload? I’m working on putting together an Assembly line solution. I'm looking to install a Flat surface cart and slide each cart up and down an assembly line. The idea is to have the cards slide on & off the assembly line, can I use extrusions in combination of this item. My load capacity needs to be 750 lbs per flat surface cart. 6-8 carts total. Would this be a suitable solution?

  13. Harsh Vardhan says:

    Hello Captain America !

  14. Nit says:

    I'm looking for a linear uni-bearing for floor type and wall type (aprox 10kg load). What is the max payload of these product? Couldn't find the detail about payload in your 8020 product catalog.

  15. JZ WakkiZakko says:

    I like your videos but wonder about the practical application of these components. Would they be used for drawers?

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