90s Kids Skateboarding And Hanging Out (1994)
90s Kids Skateboarding And Hanging Out (1994)

What are you videotaping? What’s up Mark? -Do you think you’ll actually find a memorable moment
-Let’s party! -in all of this sh*t? F**k that!
-Mark, let’s get crazy. There is nothing. We should all start a camp and kill ourselves -A camp?
-Make a statement to the rest of the world cuz it’s ALL gonna come DOWN. -Wanna help me slam this?
-I’m going to soak my toe. What was that? Where’d you get that, Len? What? Where’d you get that? Stole it. Just kidding. In the name of ROCK! Hey! Oh Jesus. Do you want some rotten toe? No, I don’t want no rotten toe. -mmmmmm!
-Let’s see that. mmmmmm! That’s crazy! What happened there? I didn’t take my shoes off for a month from drinking party-ness. Passing out in bushes and sh*t. Now you have to let it hang out for a while? I gotta let it air-out. That’s cool. -That’s cool.
-Take my shoes off, enjoy the sunshine. ha-ha-ha-ha! -Can I record?
-Sure. It’s going right now. Jeroma, you’ve got a car behind you. Car… Jeroma, can I use that for a little bit? Yep. Where’s the um… …the non-record button? Are you guys pissed off and crazy? Hell yeah, and I just farted. That’s cool. Hey Len, do you know what Jerome just did?
-What? -Pulled my penis out.
-Yeah! That’s cool. And it had a big old snake tattooed on it. Hey man, tell him about your board, dude. Let’s hear about it. Is that your board? Tell him about your board with the gold wheels. -You’ve got gold wheels?
-Not gold wheels, brass. Brass wheels? How much did it cost? Three hundred and something, I don’t know… -Three hundred dollars.
-Three hundred bucks? -Can I ride your board?
-I gotta skate, man. -C’mon man…
-It’s in my blood. Come on, let him ride your board. Look, kid… Let him ride it!! You ain’t gonna ride my board!

83 thoughts on “90s Kids Skateboarding And Hanging Out (1994)”

  1. itz James Vlogz says:

    great video

  2. Paul Harrington says:

    Mislead youth…

  3. The Death Twitch says:

    Pretty chill, just like I remember the 90's being : )

  4. SnazzyBoxx says:

    2:56 3:31 Bieber skating in the 90s !

  5. 444 CARTI says:

    I just wanted to see a video of kids not on their phones and actually socializing lol

  6. Marc Basso says:

    How Ironic, that punk kid.

  7. Xena and Zena from San Bernadina says:

    LMAO obligatory fat kid. 2:17

  8. TortureBot says:

    "Before launching his successful rap career in the late 90s, Eminem could often be seen hanging out with his skater friends and trying to look cool. Here we see him at 2:55 pulling off a dope trick."

  9. Tom Little says:


  10. Graham Malcom says:

    i love skating 90s to 2003 coz people can really hang out without checking out fashion u wear or set up u choose or wheter youre a youtube vlogger

  11. Patrick L says:

    I went back to where i used to live in 97-01 & passed by the spot where i would always see skaters skate & i just thought to myself what happened skateboarding? It used to be huge back then

  12. Swedish Food Fanatic says:

    02:17 Real life Ralph from simpsons.

  13. Gas Gotti says:

    These kids suck I’m about to upload some 96-99 shit. You guys are the worst I’ve ever seen on a board seriously everyone just flicked their boards around and hoped to land it.

  14. Ivy Green says:

    just look at all those beauties

  15. ReMarkAbleMagic says:

    Wow, dumb, I was in this….

  16. MILKYTOAST- says:

    You just don't see this stuff happen anymore.

  17. ACID RIDE says:

    Lol what if a scooter kid randomly rocks up and does febles in the curb

  18. Mel Elizabeth says:

    The blonde dude in the red shirt wow

  19. Brandon Meade says:

    Skaters annoying in this he woidlnt let that kid ride his board hes nigga skate this nigga ain't even good

  20. Lidette Micciche says:

    the 90' s what's that ha ha 😀

  21. irfan syafi says:

    Back that day kids always showing middle finger…

  22. Jack James says:

    @ 0:12 …..the creator of CKY.

  23. XCade X says:

    Hahah yall ass respect tho

  24. Robbie D says:

    It's weird how your perception of time changes.
    In 1995 when I was sixteen, I watched a documentary about punk's 20th birthday. I remember thinking that 1975 seemed like ancient times, yet the 20yrs since then have flown by, 1995 seems like yesterday.

  25. Fabrício Teixeira da Silva says:

    Kurt Cobain's death had happen just few days back…

  26. Pvt Peppers says:

    Reminds me of my youth, I miss the 90s. I wonder where these people are now. Jail, millionaires or dead?

  27. moviekid42 says:

    I feel like this'll get more views when Jonah Hill's "mid90s" comes out.

  28. PokeManDude says:

    Not a single trick was landed this day…

  29. 3rd Shædy says:

    Rep Washington you crazy mfs

  30. taban says:

    This is my favorite video

  31. Artist Pro01 says:

    I just came here when people had no fornite tablets phones only skating outside everyday wish I was 10 in the 90s skating with teens

  32. taban says:

    0:40 | 90s jokes: I just stole this! (not even a second passes) JUST KIDDING!!! HAHAHA | Modern day: I just killed like 15 guys… (20 seconds pass) in a video game AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  33. Eight days a week says:

    Almost all of my sibilino weren’t born, I wasn’t even born! My sister probably was as she was born in March of 94

  34. KnightWatcher11 says:

    I really do wish I was around for these times I hate the fact that I don’t see kids my age out having fun anymore…so fucking sad I’m 15…

  35. Dante Bleak says:

    I was a day away from being 2 years old on this day

  36. Lavern says:

    Life in the 90s just before cell phones and the internet. It seems rare to see skaters session parking lots anymore cuz of the skatepark boom. Those days streets was there skate park.

  37. Sad girl · says:

    I wish I was a teenager in 90s. Was born in 1999 though.. I hate today

  38. Brian E says:

    4:39 A wild Cliff Poncier appears. Damn I miss the 90’s.

  39. Chris Rod says:

    2:56 my boy eminem came out to skate

  40. Satan says:


  41. It's the fox! says:

    I was -5 years and -10 moths old….

  42. indigo 77 says:

    The guy in the leather jacket was correct about the World coming down, long live the 90s

  43. Erik Stronghold says:

    We would do that on the parking lot of schools! Back from n 1996! Or we’d just hang out by a strip mall, and drink boonz wine or MD 20/20’s 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. u god says:

    0:29 no jole i think thats my science teacher

  45. Jason Millers says:

    I might get shredded for this…

    It’s cool video and all…

    But I wish they landed more tricks than they bailed.

  46. takitogr says:

    I think one of these kids is my dad!!!

  47. Zharfan Adaniy says:

    The Type Of Life I Wanna Live 😩😩

  48. pine marten says:

    I would've totally dated the guy with the rotten toe. He looked really grunge 🖤
    This is so cool. Back when teens found it more important to be social in real life than on social media ❤️❤️❤️

  49. Bored Housewife says:

    This is literally the plotline in Mid90s. Including the kid trying to hang with y’all.

    Trying to figure out which of these sloppy boys I would have dated in high school. Which one of these little punks would had skated to my house every week like they did back in the day, stressing my parents out on the regular. 🤔

  50. Game Musings With Raziel says:

    How times have changed. Not a single kid on his phone. Just enjoying each others company until they had to go home for bed and school the next day. I started skating at age 12 in 1994ish. Skated hard til age 23. Just picked it back up at age 36. I miss those days.

  51. Bible Stuff says:

    @2:16 it actually looks like a giant kid ate your Friend on the skateboard.. lol😂😆🤣

  52. HHstutz55 says:

    What the hell is Chris Farley's little brother doing with you guys??

  53. Dummiborgir says:

    This makes me happy, I’m concerned..

  54. random account says:

    Dang I wish I was a teen in this era, 1994 was an era of great music ( also the year dookie came out ) and I bet Wal-Mart boards didn't exist back then either plus the clothing style. Out of all my friends I'm the only one that actually goes outside and let alone skateboards.

  55. Dolce Scarlett says:

    90's Rules

  56. 1990 Cambrian Angel / Cunt of England says:

    The 1990s are my favorite time of year. People actually socialized instead of being on their damn phones all the time. My childhood years were spent in heaven. I probably had the weirdest most edgy childhood out of all. I wanna go back to the 1990s.

  57. alexisgarbage says:


  58. J Mar says:

    Toejam! his new nick name.

  59. Jon Peacock says:

    this is so 90's, I don't even know what to do with myself

  60. ᴀᴛɪɴʏ says:

    I wish I could’ve experienced the 90's 🙁

  61. cashguy official says:

    lol it turned outt it was smart her recorded tthis xD

  62. Michelle Bone says:

    😂 My eldest daughter is now as old as I was in 94.

  63. Matthew Cody says:

    Oh zero two skateshoez and nothern light ,everslick boards and tiny wheels ,we where on the other side of globe doin the exact same thing . I have a deep nostalgic feeling for this time i just was to young to know how good it really was .. i bet the chubby red head kid grew up and became a cop lol or a drug lord … the first part with the guys monologue i just sampled hope thsts ok for personal use as i fuk around making music.

  64. larry stevenson says:

    We called these guys posers back then…..the word fag still flew also lmfao

  65. Whyler Plane says:

    I love how flat the boards use to be with the tiny wheels.

  66. Loli says:

    Well done, mate

  67. Dummiborgir says:

    I know that toe jam kid is probably 100% married with kids but like he’s kinda very cute.

  68. Guacamole Nigga Penis says:

    This reminds me of the film
    Kids (1995)

  69. LEO420 says:

    When video taping everything was wired

  70. RichhomieKDWEEZY 32 says:

    Mid 90s when my mother was a teenager 😇😇😇

  71. Lench Films says:

    Do you still know of the little kid with the brass wheels? Lol

  72. Matt Hibb says:

    Am I the only one wondering what happened to dudes toe?

  73. nicholasyoder says:

    I was 17 in 1994. I still am the same person, and I even dress the same way. I was the only one that wasn't a poser! LoL

  74. nicholasyoder says:

    Damn it I just want to go back and be 17 in 1994 again. It will never be cool like this again, unfortunately. Nothing but rap listening weirdo kids now days glued to their smart phones. No white culture. No skateboarding. No good music. Well, at least we have Youtube.

  75. Vurl says:

    This was honestly amazing

  76. Chosen One says:

    This is exactly what my friends and I did every day we could. I grew up in San Francisco at the peak of skateboarding popularity in the 90's, and it was fricken glorious.

    I was able to skate Chris Senn's half pipe because I knew a few dudes who were friends of Chris and they had his half pipe in their backyard. I also met Mike Carroll at FTC skateshop, he was a dick.

  77. SisterAudrey Grey says:

    Is it sad that I am going here because I miss it when people weren't on their phones. It was easier to meet friends. Now its really hard. Don't even know where to look and I am 23

  78. Dragon Fire says:

    This was the year I was born.

  79. Third Reich The Nightguard says:

    I wonder if you liked the 2000s and happy New year

  80. kaleel clark says:

    Does anyone when they think of the 90s think of a long summer day particularly late afternoon, the day seemed to last forever, that slow moving sun filled day maybe its just thinking of an ideal childhood day

  81. diplomatic skater says:

    I really miss the 90's. I miss being a kid. It sucks growing old.

  82. Robert Hartmann says:

    Look at that yellow escort… Hahahaha!!

  83. Robert Hartmann says:

    93 I graduated high school.. I was working for a woolen mill in corrina maine.. eastland woolen mill .. I used to skateboard.. in 86 I think I started skateboarding

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