(fidget spinner bangs can) – Oh my god! (glass shatters) So high up! Three, two, one! Hello g– (Morgz’ Mum laughs) Jesus. Hello g– Hello guys and welcome
back to another video. Today we have a crazy
Fidget Spinner experiment. Let me just get my Fidget Spinners out of my Morgz hoodie, which you can get in the description down below from my shop! Here we go! (mariachi music) So I went out and bought a bunch of different Fidget Spinners, starting with a standard one. Second one I’ve got is
this double sided one, but this one’s kind of like aluminium. So this one goes a hell of a lot faster than the plastic one. We’ve got another standard
plastic one in white. I don’t really know why
I got this one as well. – [Morgz’ Mum] It matches as well. – It matches my top
which is a Morgz hoodie, which you can get down
below in the description! – Stop it, get some help. – And finally, we’ve got the craziest one. This is an aluminium one,
but this is a triple one. So this one will go
literally so damn fast. This one is crazy. – [Morgz’ Mum] What are they for? – They’re just for playing with, but today what I’m going to be doing is putting them up against the items that are down on this table. We’ve got glasses, Wubble
Bubbles, Diet Coke, even a cheeky banana! What I’m gonna be doing is spinning them super fast, getting them as fast as I can, and then dropping them on to the items, seeing if they’re gonna get
through ’em and destroy ’em. It’s gonna be so damn fun, and actually kind like
a bit of an experiment, seeing what items it goes through. And seeing how well the
more expensive cool one does against the more standard plastic one. It’s gonna be fun. Are you excited, Mum? – [Morgz’ Mum] Yeah. – Good ’cause I’m frickin’ excited. And also guys, I wanna
make you a deal, right? I wanna make you a deal. If a banana randomly just flies
out of the sky and hits me, then you have to leave
a like on the video. Like seriously, why would a banana even drop out of the sky and hit me? But if it does, you have to leave a like. Go do it right now! What even happened there? You know what, we may as well start this video off with the banana. Just because, you know, why the hell not? – [Both] Yay! – As you can see, we’ve cleared the table. We’ve got the banana on there, and Mum, which Fidget Spinner do you
think we should start with? – [Morgz’ Mum] White one. – The white one? – [Morgz’ Mum] Yeah. – Let’s start with the white one then. The real question is do
we peel the banana or not? – [Morgz’ Mum] Try unpeeled. And if it doesn’t work, peeled. – Yeah, let’s do that. I’m gonna spin the Fidget Spinner. I’m gonna get it super fast, literally that is as
fast as I’ve ever got it. And get ready, I’m gonna drop it on to it. Three, two, one. Ooh. It didn’t do it, did it? – [Morgz’ Mum] No. – Didn’t work. Looks like we’re gonna
have to peel the banana. Mmm. Ugh, I ate through a bruise! Three, two one. Ah, I missed! That’s fast. Three, two one. Ooh my goodness! Guys, take a look at that! Seriously, take a look at that. That went so deep into it, but it didn’t go all the way through. – [Morgz’ Mum] Try a different one now. – That’s exactly what I was thinking, Mum. I like your thinking. Great minds think alike. We’re gonna pull out the
double-sided metal one. This one’s a lot thicker. A lot faster. We’re gonna get it spinning. Three, two, one. Ooh, look at that accuracy! I literally got it in
the exact same place. Guys, I’m gonna finish it off. Let me get this spinning. (record scratches) Oh. (Morgz’ Mum laughs) Well, I guess for the first test, the banana, it passes guys! It didn’t get destroyed. Okay, for the second test, we’re gonna put it up a little bit. I’m not sure about this one, but we’re gonna do the can of Coke Zero. Now, the cans are pretty sturdy, but I believe in the Fidget Spinners. Anyway, that’s what the experiment’s for. So let’s lay that down on the reinforced with tissues table, and let’s get this thing started. And you know what? I’m not gonna keep you
guys waiting any longer. The big one. The big guns are coming out. We’re gonna need them
to break this Coke can. Three, two one. Oh my god! No way! I fully didn’t expect that! It actually when through the can! I didn’t want to sound like
I was fake reacting there, but I 100% didn’t think that
was gonna go through one bit. I didn’t believe in the
power of the Fidget. So it pierced it, but it
didn’t go all the way through, but we’re about to change that. Three, two, one. Oh my god! Yo, it’s spraying! Oh my god! The Fidget Spinner went flying! But the can, Mum, it’s done for! – [Morgz’ Mum] Yeah. – [Morgz] It’s done for, isn’t it? – [Morgz’ Mum] Have
you just brought things to eat and drink for this one, Morgan? – Yeah, that was my strategy. So we know what the
aluminium Fidget Spinner did to the Coke can, but now we’re gonna figure
out if the plastic ones and the not-so-strong ones
can penetrate through the can. – [Morgz’ Mum] No way. – Okay, we’re gonna go with the black one. The only one we haven’t done yet. I’m gonna give this a massive spin. Ahh, damn, I didn’t connect well. Three, two, one. Ohhh, no! Oh god! Wait, can that just go back in? It just went back in. – [Morgz’ Mum] Oh. – Oh. We made a big dint in it as you can see but we didn’t quite break it. So I think we gotta give it another go with the white plastic Fidget Spinner. Three, two one. Oh, wow. Well, we broke the white
one now it looks like. Well, it looks like the cans can resist the plastic Fidget Spinners, but they can’t with the metal ones. Let’s move on to the
next experiment, guys. So guys, it’s time to move
on to the next experiment, and this is probably the craziest one. We’re gonna be putting a Fidget Spinner up against a Wubble Bubble! This is a Super Wubble Bubble. You may remember a while back, I did a video on these things. And these are genuinely,
like, indestructible. I struggled so much breaking this thing, but in the end I did
break it with a hammer. So that got me thinking, can it withstand a Fidget Spinner? And today, we’re gonna be finding out! – [Morgz’ Mum] Just talk us through what you’re doing, Morgan. – I’m sticking my finger
in trying to find the hole. It’s a perfectly normal thing to be doing. Oh, you got it! – Yeah! – [Morgz] You got it! She got it! – Yeah! – [Morgz] She got it! – [Morgz’ Mum] It’s a nice colour. (gasps) Oh, Morgan! You’ve pulled it out too soon! – I’m so sorry, Mum. – [Morgz’ Mum] Just a minute,
this is the weirdest… Oh, fu. That’s not broke it has it? – [Morgz] Yep. – [Morgz’ Mum] Oh, sh, no! – Okay guys, so the other
one was completely dead. We completely ripped it, so we’ve gotta start with another one we did bring back up, and we actually managed
to get it in this time. Once again, it was Mum, so
shout out to you, but yeah. Here we go. (pump whirring) Boys and girls, here we go! How big should we actually get it? Okay, I’m gonna stop
in a few seconds, guys. I don’t want to get it massive. But we’ve gotta get it just
a little bit bigger first. Mum, count me down from five. – [Morgz’ Mum] Five,
four, three, two, one. – Oh, there we go. – [Morgz’ Mum] Ah, that’s amazing! – And we’ve got the Wubble Bubble! – [Morgz’ Mum] Oh, I
don’t want it to break. – Okay, the Wubble Bubble is in place. I was thinking, which
one are we gonna use? but you already know. It’s gotta be the big metal one, guys. Leave a like if you’re excited
right now, because I am. I’m gonna try and get a perfect connecton. There we go. So high up. Three, two, one. – [Morgz’ Mum] Ah, excellent! – Oh my god. I’m gonna have to throw it, aren’t I? Oh, that’s it. You ready? Three, two, one. Oh my god! No way! I have another idea, Mum. I’ve another idea. For the final test, metal one and the other metal one. Three, two, one. Oh my god, the Fidget
Spinners have gone flying! Guys, I think it’s pretty clear. The Wubble Bubble passes the test. Next thing we’re gonna move on to has to be a potato. Now this feels really solid, so again, I’m fully not expecting the Fidget Spinner to come
across and win this round. I’m fully not. But anyway, it surprised
me with the Coke can, so we’re gonna put it down. We’re gonna go for the big bad one again. We’re gonna give it a big spin, and then three, two, one. Ooh, look, so close. Three, two, one. Ooh, yes! We got connection! Guys, as you can see, it pierced it quite a little bit there. It did break through a little bit, but not too much. I think we gotta give it another go. We’re gonna go for the metal double one. Give it a big spin, guys. Three, two, one. Oh god. Three, two, one. – [Morgz’ Mum] Oh my
god, you keep missing it! – Three, two, one. What do you do when you get knocked down? You go again. Three, two, one. There we go! That one didn’t do too much at all! You know what, Mum? It passes, don’t it? It has to pass. Let’s move on. So for the next one guys, it’s gonna be a piece of card. This isn’t paper. This is card. Card is pretty hard. And we got the triple-sided metal one. Give it a big spin. There we go. We’re gonna pick up the paper. Three, two, one. It just went straight over it, didn’t it? – [Morgz’ Mum] Yeah. – It just went straight over it. Oh god. All right, last try guys. Come on. Three, two, one. Well. – [Morgz’ Mum] Paper.
Paper’s tougher than cans. – It certainly looks that way. – [Morgz’ Mum] Let’s start
selling Coke in cardboard. – Sell Coke in cardboard. There you go. Okay guys, it’s time we move on to the POM-BEARS. We’re gonna grab a little POM-BEAR. There he is. – [Morgz’ Mum] Aww! – And we’re gonna put him
down there on the table. Three, two, one. (laughs) It fell off the table. (laughs) – [Morgz’ Mum] It looks like
you’re electrocuting it! – [Morgz] It’s a goner. – [Morgz’ Mum] Poor little thing. Can we eat it now? – You can eat this one if you want. It’s been on the floor. Well guys, the POM-BEAR fails. And now we’re gonna
move on to the glasses. We’ve got three different
thicknesses down here. If Mum’d actually be a good
camera woman and show them. I’d say this one is the thinnest. This one’s about medium. And this one’s is fairly thick. So we’re gonna start with this one now. And guys, we’re probably
gonna break some glass. (Morgz’ Mum gasps) This is gonna be very dangerous, guys. Don’t try this at home. Now, I did bring some face protection. I don’t know how much protection these will actually offer, but it’s better to just
stay safe, I guess. Okay guys, I’m gonna give it a spin. I’m gonna get it proper fast here. I’m gonna move all the way back. Three, two, one. No way. (Morgz’ Mum laughs) Mum, seriously. What is up with that? Three, two, one. Did I miss or did it bounce off? – [Morgz’ Mum] No, it hit it. I’m sure. – [Morgz] No way. – [Morgz’ Mum] Yeah, yeah. – Three, two, one. Damn it, I missed. Three, two, one. Damn it! Three, two, one. Three, two, one. Oh my god. How have I missed from there? Three, two, you know what? This glass wins. We’re moving on to the other ones. Guys, it’s wine glass time. We’re gonna get this spinning really fast, and we’re just gonna throw it. – [Morgz’ Mum] No! – Get ready. Three, two, one. Aww, I just had it skim the edge. Three, two, one. God damn it, you freaking wine glass! Three, two, one. I’m not very good at this, am I? – [Morgz’ Mum] No. You keep missing. – Three, two, one. Oh my god! – [Morgz’ Mum] Oh god. – [Morgz] Mum, don’t
move! Don’t move, Mum. Don’t move. I think it’s pretty clear
that the Fidget Spinner won. Guys, we’re moving on to the last glass. Mum has got further back, and we’re just gonna see
if the Fidget Spinner can finish off the last glass. Are you ready? – [Morgz’ Mum] I’m scared. – Three, two, one. I don’t think that broke. I think it was just the sound. Three, two, one. Oh my god. (laughs) Oh my god. Mum, do you have shoes on? – [Morgz’ Mum] No! – Why didn’t you put shoes on? Mum, this is absolute carnage. – [Morgz’ Mum] I know, I’m in shock. – Should I grab the camera
and I’ll let you kind of get some shoes on? That’s probably the best option. Well guys, that was
Extreme Fidget Spinners versus wine glasses. (Morgz’ Mum coughs) Thanks for coughing. (laughs) versus food, versus Wubble Bubbles. Guys, if you enjoyed and you want another Fidget Spinner video, leave a thumbs up on this video down below and also subscribe to my channel if you’re new for more crazy,
extreme challenges like this. Huge shout out to Mum over there who is in a little bit of a
sticky situation right now. Huge shout out to her. I really hope you all enjoyed the video and thank you all so much for watching. Check out my merchandise
in the description below. There’ll be a link. Check out all the other
stuff I have on there. And also remember to check
out my other social medias. Again, all the links
are in the description: Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, guys. Check them all down below. But guys, as always, I’ve been Morgz, you
guys have been awesome, and I’ll see you in my next video. Peace out!

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