A trick that can repair roller blind in 2 mins
A trick that can repair roller blind in 2 mins

Next I am going to show you how to put chain back to drive unit or bracket. Now what you can see is the chain is outside of drive unit or bracket. You only need screwdriver as a tool. Both slot head screwdriver and phillips head screwdriver are ok. Then the trick is First of all, to put chain into drive unit or bracket as much as possible. Have a look on top of it. chain can’t be put inside the unit or bracket. There is a cover on top of unit or bracket. This cover prevents chain from sneaking out. The second step, it is also important step. hold screwdriver upside down. and press on the top of the chain. then hold by your left hand. then turn axis clockwise by your right hand When listening a ‘Click’ sound, which indicates chain been put back into unit or bracket already Now I can pull it up and down. Thanks for watching!

7 thoughts on “A trick that can repair roller blind in 2 mins”

  1. Lizzy 818 says:

    great trick -without having to remove everything
    My daughter fixed this in less than 2 min after watching this video
    Thankyou Para Dise !!!

  2. Leah Godson says:

    Thank you, it worked for me!

  3. Livia Tan says:

    Thank you!!! I been asking my husband to fix this but he said it’s too complicated to take the whole things down in order to fix it. Well, I watched your video and fixed it within 5 seconds without taking anything down. Thank you! You are my lifesavers! 你是最好的!

  4. dan mei says:

    我一定要试一试, 中国人的智慧。 西人的都是全部拆下来装回去

  5. dan mei says:

    没成功, 哭

  6. dan mei says:


  7. irishwan says:

    This video saved my life, works well took a bit longer than two mins but that was my own fault

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