probably the single most important part
of your framing is your door framing proper door framing as far as installing the door go much easier I will show you how to do that, Lets get to work. now before you can frame for a door you have to understand door sizes, this door in particular that we are going to be installing today is a two six door. does not mean twenty six inches it means 2ft 6 inches and that is a 30 inch door in you always frame two inches wider than the size of the door to allow for this
door jamb material and to allow for shims for setting the
door same holds true on the height a standard door is 6ft 8 in you always frames six foot ten along side of your opening for the door you’re always going to have two studs the stud here that is 1 1/2 inch away from the opening we call it the king stud and it runs from the base plate all the way up to the bottom of your top plate at the top now this stud here will call it the crippling comes
even with your opening and this is what you you are going to attach your door to and it runs from the bottom plate all
the way up to the bottom of your header which is the top framing for the opening now there’s a reason why you always have
two studs alongside a door opening its because A) It has more strength for holding the
weight of the door B) if you nail these two studs together nice and flat on the face It will also help keep them from twisting or bowing and third reason is is when you had your box, when you put
your door trim on here It will hold your electrical box far enough away that a standard casing will fit. if you’re using a wider than standard
casing you can always add a block to install your box on to give you enough spacing for your trim. The
single most important thing you can do when you’re framing for your door is make sure that this is plumb hold the 4ft level about the center the opening put it against the two side studs and make sure that the bubble is as close to the dead center between those lines as you can get there’s only a limited amount of space
that you are going to have here to shim in behind the door if you have
this leaning too far one way or the other the door will not fit properly once you’re sure that your two sides are
plumb you also have to make sure that your
header is level now sometimes when you’re building on a
basement floor and the floor is running downhill one-side of your jamb may be kicked up higher than the other and make sure that you make any
adjustments that you have to do to make this level prior to hanging drywall. So
there you go you got your width right you got your
height right you have your two side pieces that are nice and flush with each other
that you nailed together strongly you got a level top of plumb sides
You are ready to get some drywall on this frame and this opening will be ready for a door. One
more thing i realized after watching this video that we maybe you need to
know this framing that we did for this wall is for not bearing wall, in other words you’re going to have weight above here a
roof load or floor load you’d have to consult an engineer to find out what size header you will need prior to building the wall yea that that was pretty it, Owww I forgot wait a second! in case you like this video we have
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