Adjust A Bike Wheel’s Cup And Cone Rear Hub

Remove the wheel from the frame so you can
acces the rear hub. On a rearwheel the cone and lock-nut on the
drive side may not be accessible. The right side lock-nut and cone should be kept locked
tight together and all adjustments done on the other side. If the right side lock-nut
and cone aren’t locked together the hub needs to be disassembled and serviced. An cup and cone hub has a lock-nut on the
outside, then maybe a washer, then the cone which has two narrow flats. Cone spanners
are thin spanners that fit onto the narrow flats. You need one that fits the narrow flats
exactly this is likely to be somewhere between 13mm and 16mm. Hold the axle still with an axle vice and
turn the lock-nut anti-clockwise to unlock the bearing. Screw the cone in or out to tighten or loosen
the bearing on the rear cup and cone hub. Make small adjustments and check the bearing
between each. Once the bearing on the rear hub is in the
target zone of not-too-loose and not-too-tight hold the cone still and screw the lock-nut
tight against it to lock the bearing. Check the bearing on the rear hub and readjust
if necessary. The act of locking may change the tightness of the bearing so if your first
try at locking ends up too tight start again with the bearing very slightly looser.

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