Air Conditioning Fan Stuck Try This Before Replacing Central Motor

Got an AC not cooling. Check it out here.
See what’s going on. Haven’t pulled the disconnect yet. Go ahead and pull the cover off. Take
a look here. It’s actually a little bit cooler today. A
little overcast. Contactor is sucked in, compressor is not too hot. It’s got an original contactor. Looks like
it’s still alive. Hard to say. Maybe it just blew the fuses. Check the wiring. Go ahead
and pull the disconnect. Discharge the capacitor. Points look pretty good on the contactor,
being original. I went ahead and discharged the capacitor
by bridging the leads. All our wiring looks OK up there. Check the compressor wiring here.
Everything looks OK there. Huh. Gonna start with the fuses. Go from there.
Compressor is a little warm. I can take these back and test them with a multimeter. I checked
the breaker inside already and it looked OK. Nothing funny going on there. It’s actually a little bit cooler today. A
little overcast in Palm Springs. Which is good, because it’s been hot, to say the least. OK. Our fuses are nice and tight there. Go
ahead and plug the disconnect in and take a look here. Right here, I’m just going to
move this [INAUDIBLE] here. It’s [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] It survived this long. OK. I’m
gonna plug it in and see what happens. OK it’s kind of what I thought. Fan motor
didn’t kick on. And I was able to kick start it will my pen. So to get away easy, I brought
a new capacitor with me, because I thought that’s what it might be. The line is nice and chilly, nice and cold,
so that’s good. I’m going to change out the capacitor here. So pull the disconnect again.
And then we’ll have to re-discharge the capacitor. The capacitor holds a charge even after the
power is disconnected. So I’m taking my screwdriver, holding the insulated handle, to bridge the
leads. And this one has this little five microfarad
capacitor right here. And that’s what we’ll be replacing. Tape that pretty good. See the
capacitor is all bulged out. That’s a goner. There’s that side. There’s that side. Able
to kind of reuse this electrical tape. That’s pretty good there. OK. Now we’ll plug it back in, make sure our fan
starts up like it should. Take a look here, Beautiful. Another air conditioner, good to go. A nice
Palm Springs day, a little bit cooler. Muggy, but a little cooler. There’s another shot
of that blown out cap.

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