Alternator Clutch Pulley Fault VW
Alternator Clutch Pulley Fault VW

Hello Guys and Girls have you got a
diesel engine where the alternator belt keeps snapping or the belt tensioner
keeps failing? Well after a lot of investigation on my Volkswagen diesel
engine it turned out that it wasn’t a faulty belt and it wasn’t a faulty belt
tensioner but actually it is the alternator clutch pulley. You can see
there this is my engine running, this is all the pulleys going around and what
I’m going to do is I’m going to pause it here, so this here the belt tensioner,
if on idle that is bouncing up and down that is indicating a problem with your
alternator clutch pulley, and if the alternator clutch pulley fails then
basically that will lock and then the belt will just shred to pieces, so on mine this is the alternator clutch pulley here, as I say if that fails you are in big
trouble and you can replace as many belt tensioners as you want but it is likely to be the alternator clutch pulley, so get this replaced as well as changing the belt
and the belt tensioner if you want to. So hopefully that’s helped somebody out
there with some investigations, as I say if the belt tensioner is bouncing around
like it is here then your first port of call is to look at the alternator clutch
pulley or get that replaced. So that is the end, thanks for watching hope that’s helped somebody out there. Cheers. Beautiful.

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