Amazing Discovery With Magnets
Amazing Discovery With Magnets

I am very fond of magnetic toys and I have
quite a number of them in my collection. Only very occasionally, in fact only twice
I think, I have come across magnetic toys which have a completely new principle, and
this is the second one I have come across. Extraordinary.
And it consists of just four neodymium discs which are very strong magnets, and then here
we have a ring containing six very small neodymium magnets.
And now to make the effect we simply have to join these pieces together, thus. That
is quite strong now. And this one here, that is a strong one.
To show how strong they are, we will just bring them together and see what happens.
It is going to push it away from quite a distance. Anyway we want it to be attracting, so I am
going to put it in that mode there, where it is going to come towards it. I will keep
it away. Now the ring here, we are going to get this
into repulsion mode, to try and get it to push away.
Oh, it is attracting. So I will turn it over, and now it should repel.
Yes, it is repelling. Now the clever part is when we put these two
pieces together as an assembly; we have now got a single magnetic system in
which we have one that is going to be attracted to this, and the little set of six which are
being repelled by this outside magnet. What is going to happen?
When I bring it towards it, it is being attracted by the middle one but it is being repelled
by the little satellite ones on the outside. What could happen?
Oh. It was attracted and it stopped; it is being repelled.
There is about an eighth or quarter inch air gap there, where it cannot get any closer,
but not further away either. That is absolutely amazing.
If I turn this one, well nothing much there. If I turn the big one though, the ring,
let us see what happens. It turns round with it. Still maintaining
that air gap of about an eighth to quarter inch.
All the way round. It refuses to get any closer and yet it will
not go any further away either. It is a kind of equilibrium – it is stuck there, like an
invisible arm joining the two together. It is called an Inverter by the inventor,
and it reminds him I suppose of the tractor beam in Star Trek. Invisible.
But anyway to me it is magic. It is a physics I do not understand, but it is wonderful.

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  1. Michael Brydon says:

    The moon’s relationship to the earth?

  2. Henry Deguara-Pagan says:

    Well, Clarice – have the lambs stopped screaming?

  3. ZelosZelo says:

    magnetic fields dont cancel each other, they interact with one another. What happens is the placement of the magnets on the ferrite ring is creating a subtraction that gets strong enough as the other rings get close enough to off-set the amount of attraction the other one will offset the amount of retraction, the design creates a "gap" or that empty space with a combination of apposing magnetic forces. This is very similar to how small magnet based motors work, but the "gap" is much closer, that moment is when the hand off to the next field happens, and since its happening on opposite poles, on at least 2 sides we get rotation. Then the rest of the field creates force- which gives us 😉
    i dont believe iron dust will show this effect, the dust would be simply attracted to the strongest field. I would like to see this though.

  4. Ikbal saya says:


  5. Chandra S says:

    Fundamental for MagLev trains

  6. Donald Watson says:

    Are we really have here is a reverse Polarity causing a split in the space time continuum which has an inverse affect on the causal relationship between the two magnets. Einstein’s theory of relativity & newtons law explains this quite easily. This is physics 101.

  7. Cy Brunel says:

    So in theory you could use this as a levitation device.Maybe the ancient builders knew about these properties after all. Either way that is a very interesting find.

  8. Sleepydog says:

    If you used electricity to generate the magnetic fields (the 6 + 2) and then adjusted their strength ………. it would be really cool to see!

  9. Valdimar Helgason says:

    Great 🙂 Where can I buy that. The plastic ring with the magnets and the right size of the other magnets for that plastic ring.

  10. JustWasted3HoursHere says:

    I though this was going to be some lame repulsion/attraction demo, but actually that was kind of interesting! And "tractor beam" is actually a good way to put it!

  11. Nikola Milovic says:

    Such displays can be done countless, if one knows what is magnetism and who causes it. REMEMBER ALL! : any chemical element that has more neutrons than protons, possesses magnetism, which grows if the number of neutrons is greater. It means that the copper plate can also act as a stronger magnet. This is the most important basis for finding out what is magnetism and who causes it. Who wants a detailed explanation, should ask the Nobel Committee to allow me to explain it in detail to the prize, know what !!

  12. Eddie says:

    Ask Jeeves in 3D

  13. Evil DroneZ says:

    53.00 $  includes shipping ?  Too high priced for a cheap toy guys

  14. X-filesfan Truthseeker says:

    That’s pretty cool

  15. John Mcgarvie says:

    I would like to recreate the experiment what type of material is the disc made out of

  16. Danibolical 1 says:

    I think that's the 2 D version of the way electrons behave around nucleuses.

  17. Mark says:

    Thank you sir you have such a kind and calming voice

  18. jeffrey friant says:

    awesome man…thats probly how the triangles do it!

  19. ovwarrior says:

    but how do they work?

  20. Reno Simpson says:

    Stick to drinking tea, it would better suit you

  21. Marcin Ligas says:

    I have something one's better with very strong magnetic power , and this is very simple to doing and also kent working too with twice magnetics fields in the one time together .

  22. danilo e jesus says:

    this are not toys..they will be the most important back bone of civilization..0 wear 0 friction.permanent power. 0 emissions..there is a second part of technology that marries this magnets in order to make them work..once is discovered it will change the face of the earth….we keep trying to make them work.but unless that key is found is hopeles..i have found some clues on ancient tex and it have smthing to do whit sound waves affecting the magnetic flow

  23. Steve D says:

    This effect would only be valid on a 2D plane… Or, could the effect be mathematically molded to 3d space. And, if that 3d modeling is feasible, what happens when you introduce the 4th equation? I suspect the mathematical derivations of the field equations keep this effect in lower dimensions

  24. John Smith says:

    Not a Tractor Beam, a tractor field

  25. Roger Limoseth says:

    If you turn it up on its end will it suspend the magnet in the air?

  26. WhiteDragon says:

    its Repelling😨🔫😲

  27. Adam Mackey Smith says:

    Does this remind anyone one else of the hexagon on Saturn's pole?

  28. Steele Solid says:

    Looks an awful lot like LaGrange Points surrounding bodies in space. Very interesting.

  29. vineet kiran says:

    Here is a simple method of doing it using a ring magnet.

  30. Emanuele Civetta says:

    Usefull for magnetic levitation of train

  31. BLACK HOLE GAMER X says:

    Yor mother shuk

  32. Siddharth B says:

    I know this.😀

  33. Kadar Andrew says:

    Now lift it up

  34. Stephen Howlett says:

    I can't wait to see what the next advancement in magnets is, they have changed so much with vastly more powerful magnets now. I'm sure one day magnets will be involved with perpetual free energy. I'm sure Einstein said it couldn't be achieved but what did he know.

  35. Supertyp says:

    The physics of this are simple. At the point where it stops, the repelling force of the small magnets is at the same strength as the attracting force of the bigger one – which is more far away. The smaller magnets have a smaller reach so that's why the equilibrium is reached at that very point.

    Would be interesting to see what happens, when you
    1st put the magnet on top of the disc
    2nd do that in a tube

    Would it float?

  36. Gladiator7 7 says:

    Is it another theory maybe of how planets retain circular motion?

  37. Rennie Ash says:

    The bigger magnets' effects reach further than the smaller ones. I believe magnetic strength falls by a square root or cubed root. I forgot now 🙂

  38. zankpetsu says:

    searl effect

  39. Rashan Sankofa says:

    Explains the Earths magnetic field that protects it.

  40. Reinhold Kemper says:

    I want one….

  41. Goran Majnaric says:

    It is the planet and moon

  42. I Play 2 Win Truth Seeker says:

    Aliens use this technology

  43. Beadybonce says:

    Maybe this is how planets hold moons? Or what is called gravity?

  44. Brad Osler says:


  45. T. T. Miller says:

    I love to play around with these magnets and now I think I need to order me some mu h smaller ones to try this trick as well…How much do you want to bet there will be other,
    Undiscovered tricks lime this in the future too??
    Also…am I the only one who thinks this guy looks and sounds JUST LIKE the "psychologist dude" (who said he built the Matrix) from the secomd Matrix movie…??

  46. ALL CAPS says:

    What's under the table old fart?

  47. Guyver's Lab says:

    Why r we not using this to make frictionless bearings?

  48. Dan Schwartz says:

    Impressive. But what if you move the ring perpendicular to the direction where the disc is stuck? I expect the disc would still keep the same distance, but I was surprised and disappointed that wasn't shown.

  49. Chad Ginsburg says:

    That's how atoms and solar systems work. There is no gravity. 😉

  50. Punit Patel says:

    Turned out to be extremely helpful with the development of my new design of magnetic bearings. Thank you

  51. Xiere Teefv says:

    I don't give a fuck

  52. Guilt Azaour says:

    One step closer to free energy. It's not magic BTW.

  53. tsatele21 says:

    We can use this idea to hold our ships together in space

  54. Palash Pratim Deka says:


  55. POLICE MATRIX says:

    this is how snow works in a cloud it is electrically charged

  56. Jeffrey Koelewijn says:

    It's also called a tractor beam magnet

  57. Jayrich Zhanra says:

    Amazing! it seems you discovered how Earth and Moon works.

  58. Rongxiang Liu says:


  59. Amita Jain says:


  60. _ HackX _ says:

    In a big size this could be use to do the effect of objetc's levitation

  61. Shreem says:

    Like tidally locked planetary bodies..

  62. David HK says:

    This was very interesting which makes me wander if the planetary system is something like this except the earth has diffrent setup

  63. Stupid Man says:

    That is 'called SPACE

  64. KLJF says:

    has anyone tried a central spinning circular magnet to induce suspended iron particles to "orbit" like planets round a rotating sun ?

  65. Parsil says:

    God i fucking love this channel

  66. Quest for knowledge says:

    Ya we have seen this since the first time humans looked at the moon

  67. John C says:

    Magnetic Lagrange point awesome

  68. Anup Gawati says:

    What the ring is made of?

  69. Venkatesh D. Bhattacharya says:

    Is this the sort of principle used in Maglev? I understand that Maglev involves super strong electro magnets, but so far as I know, the wheels of the Maglev don't touch the tracks.

  70. Roshan Jamdaré says:

    Magnetic levitation!

  71. Ram Ji says:

    what happends when we lift it ?
    is that fly with other? or not.

  72. Patrick Band says:

  73. JEFF JACK says:

    will it stay like that if you pick it up?

  74. Dean Almadin says:

    Levitation space

  75. bridgendesar says:

    I think I know how to do this in three dimensions

  76. McLovin says:

    I’m so glad this guy makes videos

  77. armas GEDDON says:

    thanks for see professeur .

  78. Foust2014 says:

    Reminds me how an observer who detects and understands the universe as three special dimensions might see an interaction between two objects who are colliding in a dimension the observer isn't able to sense properly.

  79. RUSHbeast says:

    Harness that energy

  80. Nonconcensusical says:

    Like. Likes, Like. (Feynmann).

  81. Jimmy Catalina says:

    Magnets and magnetism are magic!

  82. vikas s says:

    I will use this technique in agriculture…… To pull truck . Thank you for idea

  83. Max Kopstein says:

    Is this at all similar to the way Lagrange points work in space with the two small magnets that are nearest the free magnet being at the equivalent of the L4 and L5 positions or am I mistaken?

  84. B60 Delta Wing says:

    Now hold the large magnet set and rotate the magnet set with the six magnets.

  85. Stefan Schömberg says:

    German magnetic wood joints! Take that Ikea. I love magnets, and linke this Video i was amazed.

  86. odaze5 says:

    Can you control a magnet wirelessly? Like press a button, then it magnetizes or demagnetizes at will?

  87. Mr Me says:

    Can you lift it?

  88. Xeno Bardock says:

    That's why solid planets will never get any moons to orbit it as it will just result in collision. Because planets are hollow with attraction and repulsion at the same time where the core of hollow planet is attracting the moon while the hollow shell is repelling the moon, therefore locking the moon into the orbit of hollow planet.

  89. Doug Prebula says:


  90. Asphalt Gaming says:

    Why does a magnet repel when it's close the other side of another magnet

  91. Always Good says:

    I have a question if anyone can answer if he slid the two pieces to the edge of the table and slowly manoeuvre it off would it float or if you held it in two fingers could you balance the second one on top??

  92. Jerrico King says:

    Hey can we use those things to make that little bicycle that go ahead and Hero 6 or whatever that movie is called

  93. Marcel P. says:

    Brainac intensifies

  94. George Washington says:

    Why don't you show real magnetic equilibrium when one magnet is hanged in space fixed distance from another magnet no matter how you spin the whole set?

  95. Gonzalo Bernal says:

    Relativity sir

  96. Rustam Evloev says:

    I believe that you have proven the principle of an atomic bond?

    The central magnet being a nucleus and the second large magnet being an approaching electron from a second atom. I would love to see if two of these set-ups could also find an 'equilibrium' between the repelling and attractive forces. Amazing!

  97. LC_ 1999 says:

    0:41 me : trying to socialize to make friends or having a girlfriend

    Everyone: they are the second magnet

  98. seachangeau says:

    no coincidence it looks like a planetary system?

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