Annoying Orange Plays HAPPY WHEELS: MORE Knife Levels!!
Annoying Orange Plays HAPPY WHEELS: MORE Knife Levels!!

Cuz we’re happy Happy wheels yeah, we’re playing happy wheels you’re doing some annoying overzealous? Hey? What’s up guys a to go back here with another given video, and you know what time it is. This is a real game Hey, wait for Shortcut I ain’t [believin] you for two seconds never You guys always try to do that to me till I can’t go to the shortcut then go to the short cut and get smashed by a million wrecking balls Every single time I know why you guys do [up] Just got yourself good job buddy. Good job trolls you go back. All oh great great. Now. Let’s pee all over the ground I’m cleaning that up. It was like that when I found it Okay, I might have smashed that guy into the back of football into the back of the toilet and a nice bloated So if you guys haven’t figured it out, we’re doing some more annoying orange levels We’re not going on at all and just [floaty] one. Thank you. See. I knew it every time go to the shortcut now I can’t go to the shortcut, then you get smashed by a million wrecking balls blow up by some mimes Or you shoot me in [the] grind with four thousand arrows. I don’t like to be shot in the groin four thousand arrows That’s way too many arrows even [what] stuff ah? [no] now, my bike is all smashed. I’m gonna have to recycle it Get it [free] psycho psycho bike. It’s a joke. Yeah [lot] of all girls got spikes in the face despite popular belief you do not want those You don’t want spikes to the face okay? Come on. Fan on the fan of the fan Timmy got help me God, Timmy, you gonna leave me don’t leave me TV. Where’s goes wow? I wonder if he’s okay Probably not all [right] let’s see what you get come on now No, no, don’t try and massage the [fan] with your face that also is not a good thing won’t work if you’re at home And you have [a] [fan] [do] not [use] that don’t try and do what my guy tries to do? Hey there, [good-looking] orange guy. How you [doing] look at that guy’s looking real good [I] always loved it the levels that you guys make for me when you wake up Pictures of me in the gang if somebody I love it love it fantastic and fruit tacular oh I lost my hat again. That’s gonna be a problem now. I’m not as aerodynamic You are the wind beneath my wings [yeah], I did. It [finally]. I just had to sing a little song Sometimes that’s all you got what is that? Is that a space toilet? I don’t know I don’t want to kind of want [to] go near the space toilet cause I’ll be really crappy Hey, good-looking, dude. Whoa, okay. No no no no thoughts back to face huh, you should try not to land on your face. That’s Probably helpful if you don’t want to get your face exploded on by the happy wheels head removal service always open 24 hours a day One eye one waiter what a chicken tip that’s good level that was a tough one [I] like that one good job buddy. Hush mallow joy. That was a great level isn’t that fun, okay? Let’s move on the next ones. You look real [good]. Okay pizza guy 100 what you get for us Okay, oh, oh, it’s the kitchen. It’s the kitchen. We got the hot water we got the cold ah oh Oh, oh, I see I see the faucets in the way, I gotta get over the process there we go That’s how you do it. [oh] hey. Hey nice. Hey look at that orange guy. I like that [one] guys looks good Hey, what somebody you’re looking fruity hey? Nice look out. Oh Well, I did warn myself, but I really should have seen that coming I can’t believe I didn’t I mean I signed but I thought I could go through it for some reason Like that has ever happened. Oh, hey. Why is my like inside [Timmy] [said] [Timmy]? Are you trying to eat? My leg, Timmy tony my leg that’s not for dinner. Oh, you still try to eat my leg okay? That’s all okay never mind [I] thought I could only get hit by the front of knife TV still snacking on my leg. No he wants it He’s always a zombie zombie Timmy wants each leg Timmy at what point did you become a zombie? I did not even realize did you get [bit] when I think I? Did you bite me in the back of the leg you better not have? Trying to snack on my leg. Sorry about [that] night orange is so obsessed with saying night. Oh Wow, maybe God maybe God maybe god maybe god maybe god maybe back then that that baby got back into the knife All right, let’s do the whole yeah looking good over here grapefruit Richard Apple Hey, I thought you know it doesn’t matter. [I] thought we still look real good [I] like all your gadgets interpretations of how we look I should take screenshot of all the different by Parameter pose that may be huge. Oh all the worlds in Trouble – Oh that was selling so much fun. I want more I wanna. I wanna bug on why [why] I pooped out of him and I do eat humans crap [host] I didn’t know this I didn’t know this about myself. It’s always a weird day when you poop out of human All right, but you know you know what they say everybody poops and it’s true. Oh Try this orange buoy. Oh, you’re trying to eat your food aren’t you lady you got to wait till you get home? [oh] no, no, no okay. Maybe this is the way to go Happy wheels are removal service at your service [ladies] stop trying to wear your arm like a necklace? Just put it in the in the hand basket put in the basket [put] in the basket with your diet. Coke we’ll give it to Sami Timmy later. He wants limbs He wants limbs to eat so [wait], okay. There’s something in the way Invisible wall [bleep] what the heck I spilled my diet coke Now the weird level thanks. I’m mad. I’m mad are you mad bro? Hey Big guy look I go timmy hey, [uh-oh]. I see mines. I see mines in front of me Ha ha ha yeah, push that ball. [hey] Yeah, winner chicken dinner It’s called annoying orange kill, but you couldn’t do it fun. Dude one two three. I saw your games [I] saw what you played I saw those mines laying out on a row which is much better than a bunch of mimes laying out in a row [hey] I have annoying orange. I’m alarms not annoying. [why] don’t look so badly [choke] on here I think you drove it up on me on the worst drive now now. I’ve got the most experience, so I’m the worst one I’m so badly drought of it. You can’t tell who I am. Oh boy. This is supposed to be I’ve met you. It’s [passionfruit] I bet you that’s [who] it’s supposed to be oh crap But I don’t have the segway guy so how am I supposed to crack through this okay? Maybe maybe if I use my front wheel I can yeah Sighs lady I decide face you so I could get no no no oh [we] in a bottleneck with a bottleneck in the situation when I call for an appointment You said you could squeeze me in I didn’t know this is what you meant I Can’t get down. I’m gonna have to try again one more time [murray] [oh] no no no. No [aah] okay. I got a I gotta pick somebody else the Lady Screams, why [no], no, it’s happy wheels you got to come to expect these kinds of things? I mean, [what’d] you think was gonna happen when you’re driving full bore towards a better spikes don’t you get the point? All right, okay. Come on now break the glass break it there you go don’t shatter my dreams Yeah, yeah, [oh] [wait]. Could you call this the drying of the greatest grapefruit know the greatest grapefruit of all time? No, no, you could not Although the but level [good] job [poop] you pee. Ha ha you got a great name do opie opie I really like that level. I’m looking really good. [I] kicked that levels behind just like I should Yeah, [uh] [whoo]. Oh, I think I played this level before turn ha ha that’s a great version of [butt] man Yeah, I’ve definitely played this level. Okay. Let’s try anyone. It’s a nice level [knife] to the knife knife knife night. Oh, okay? That’s good. Okay. The boss should fall down security security you’re not helping me okay? I’m gonna throw [all] this my shit – oh a side pumpkin sorry. Why is he oh [no]? Wow, I was just trying to juggle the knives. Oh my gourd. Oh Yeah, take [them] [all] out with water head except for the boss. Come on boss. Come on boss. You want somebody else Don’t you oh no, I try to catch up, but again Juggling knives over here there we go here. We got all almost got you the behind come on. Yeah knock you down Come on pumpkin you want some of this knife. [oh], yeah Oh, yeah, knock him down, but [I] don’t win the game. Maybe I actually have to stab him pleat, okay Yeah, I’m gonna get bad right through the breadbasket. Oh Winner well come on Come on. Oh sorry pumpkin knife Huh? Grab it grab it grab it [now] grab it you can do it put your back into it or got it Oh, no, come on. Come on. Yes. Oh now. You’re just wasted at all right no nice level knife or a knife knife knife Hey, buddy Hmm Well, that’s a lot of [buildup] for nothing nice. Oh man. Just hitting with the handle come on Let’s do it all now what happened when the going gets tough you must uh night-night, okay? I [just] wasted three knives Finally all now yep, nice. Don’t go in the back. That’s not where to go, okay Get this out of my back, please help me. Yeah, wow [I] got the other one. [oh], okay No, no, no okay, so I kind of made [like] a holster for the third knife So now I just made a holster for [the] third knife on my back. That was I meant to do that. Sorry I can’t get it out. Help me hmM. All right. Well. It’s gonna stay in there forever [oh], thanks guys so much for watching [you’re] awesome Make sure to like favorite subscribe [and] [do] everything you can to [make] the smoke pop to pity on the internet cuz it whole exhibit [cuz] it’s so good cuz got me in half a where’s the next time later. [haha] divers

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