Are Relay Puller Pliers Worth Buying? • Cars Simplified Tool Reviews
Are Relay Puller Pliers Worth Buying? • Cars Simplified Tool Reviews

Is it worth getting a set of pliers specifically for removing relays? Let’s head on down to the garage and find out! Here we are at a pretty standard fuse and relay box. We’ll open it up and wow, these are packed in really tight! A lot of these are even too tight for needlenose pliers to get a good grip on there, and if you use needle nose pliers you’re probably going to damage these things; at least the shell. You definitely can’t get any fingers in there to grip it either. I think where this is really gonna shine is on this really right here. I’ve taken this relay out before and you have to pull another relay off to the side out of the way. Sometimes even two to get a good grip in order to actually access that and pull it out. Let’s see if we can use these pliers to avoid that! Oh yeah, that was super easy! And see how they grip, you don’t even really have to squeeze tight on it. These have hooks on the bottom and then you just squeeze together just enough so the hooks catch on the bottom and pull up. That’s on a small relay. Let’s see how it handles one of these big ones. Super easy! See, this didn’t even grab on the bottom and it was still super easy! I wonder if it also works on these fuses… Let’s pull out this blower motor fuse. I wonder if it’ll even pull out one of these tiny fuses? Yeah, it won’t hold them this way, but you can grab them along the full width of it. So yeah, this is a pretty handy tool! It makes life easier it makes the job quicker. I can see mechanics really putting this to use. For DIY though it’s kind of a luxury item. If you’re low on funds or space for tools, I would pass on it. Thanks for watching! If you’d like to see other product reviews, check out our playlist over here! Otherwise, here’s a few other videos you might like!

6 thoughts on “Are Relay Puller Pliers Worth Buying? • Cars Simplified Tool Reviews”

  1. Melker Jonsson says:

    did not even know they existed, thanks!

  2. 802 Garage says:

    Should get an Amazon associates account to link tools and parts people can buy! Makes me almost as much as my channel does. 🙂

  3. mike_HVAC says:

    Cool tool, hadn't heard about them till today.

  4. Remi Moore says:

    Well that takes a lot less time!

  5. Cars Simplified says:

    If you feel these are for you, you can get them here:

  6. Kelvynn Lee says:

    yes, those damn under dash relays are pain to remove. I sure would like to smack the dumb ass that design the relay holder in the head.

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