TheFunnyrats. Morning guys. We’re taking a gamble. I looked at the weather this morning in Baton
Rouge, and it looks like it’s going to be a little rainy. So we’re going down to Blue Bayou / Dixie
Landin, and I have no clue what the weather is going
to be like. It’s saying that it’s going to rain but it’s
40%, and that’s one of those percentages where you’re
thinking “I don’t know if it’s going to rain or not’. Because usually if it’s like 60%, that means
it’s going to be raining. If it’s 30%, it usually means that you’re
just going to get a little sprinkle, but around 40% and 50%, those are areas where
you’re just not too sure. So we’re going to try and do this at Blue
Bayou. I’m really hoping that the rain kind of stays
back because i want to ride the roller coasters, and usually they turn off roller coasters
once the rain starts coming. But we can definitely get some water slides, and that’s one of the main things that I’m
coming for is that new ride, the Aqualoop. So, let’s go to Blue Bayou. Hopefully this works out for us. Stuck in traffic in the rain. We’re stuck
in traffic in the rain. Stuck in traffic in the rain on the highway. I should be there right now, but I’m not. Cause I’m stuck in traffic in the rain and
we’re trying to make it be alright. Ahhh… I’ve been stuck in this traffic for about
20 minutes now and this is just… I’m catching up on some podcasts. That’s a
positive to it, right? Trying to think of the positive here. Of course, I’m going to run out of podcasts
on my way back. Hopefully we get there soon. That would be
nice, and hopefully the park’s open cause it is raining. Here’s our problem. Ohh, Gosh. He got smashed up. That’s not good. Let’s go now! We made it! Yeah! Ohh look. There’s people on the slide. That’s a good thing. Alright. Alright guys, we are inside. That traffic sucked, but we made it. That’s awesome. Got my locker. You guys are in it right now. I need to find my underwater camera, and get
that put together. Then let’s go ride some slides! This is going to be fun! Mambo, guys. The Aqualoop. This is going to be the first ride and it
looks like it’s going to be so much fun! Ohh man! Ohh Wow! That looks scary. Ohh Gosh! This looks so freaky. Holy crap. You’re in like a capsule. What in the world. Ahhh…. 3, 2, 1. Conja. This is Conja guys. This one was fun. This is Conja guys. This one was fun. I was flipping all over the place and what
not. I had a good time on that ride. Now to get to the Aqualoop ride. That was the first one that I went on, and
I could not find it. I kept going, but you have to come all the
way around Conja, here, to get on it. It just took me forever to find it, and then
I was having battery problems, and I had to redo… try and find the right
camera that will work with what I’m trying to do. I finally got all of that figured out and
I came back and the Aqualoop ride. If I can I might go on this one more time, but I need to go ride the roller coasters,
but first I need to go eat some lunch. And I have some lunch with me in the car because I don’t want to have to pay the prices
here. This is the Aqualoop ride. It’s called Mambo. It’s awesome. That will probably be one of the first one’s
up. In fact, the video is probably up. If you want to click the sign right here,
and yall can go ride it. it’s awesome. There’s just a few of these in the USA. I know there’s one in Australia, and then
there’s this one here. It is so much fun. Probably the best ride
in the park. I’ll say that. LaFitte’s Plunge. Blue Bayou Water Park. Land of the Giants. Hey guys, this is fun. We’re about to go on
LaFitte’s Plunge, where you go almost straight down. Azuka. Racers. Hey guys, this one you have to get a mat for. So we’re going to ride this one. I’ve never done this before, where you race
down a slide. It’s should be fun. These three slides here. There’s Racers. This
is LaFitte’s Plunge, and that’s Azuka. Awesome slides. Those were fun. Lafitte’s Plunge, if you like straight down
slides like that, that’s the one that you want to ride. If you like that thrill. The Racers one was actually really fun. I was surprised at how much I like that one, and then that Azuka one was pretty cool too. It wasn’t the best, I’d say, but it was fun
none the less. Mad Moccasin right there. That’s an old school
one. That one’s been around for a while. That was a fun one. I actually forgot how
fun it was. The Flying Pirogue. He thought that I was about to wipe out, that
was awesome. He thought that I was about to wipe out, that
was awesome. This is the Flying Pirogue guys. That was
a fun one. This one right here guys, Voodoo. Darkness, then Redness, then Whiteness. What?!?
I just realized that. That is awesome. That is a Toby Turner ride
right there. Tobuscus! What!? Darkness and then Redness and then Whiteness
in the sky I guess. That will have to work. Look the Whiteness right next door. What?!? That is a fun ride. That’s one of the better
ones here I’d say. It looks like you’re … it’s dizzy in there. I don’t know if there’s something spinning
in there or what, but it is cool. Alrighty guys we’re going on I think it’s
called Voodoo. There’s no sign for it. It’s a black and red
slide. But it’s got this weird bowl thing. I’ve never been on this one before, so this
should be fun. I’ve never been on anything like this before. Look at it. Would you just look at it. Just
look at it. This ride right here is called High Water.
It’s actually not as scary as I expected it This ride right here is called High Water.
It’s actually not as scary as I expected it to be. I should probably go and ride the two other
slides, but I don’t have time for it. I think they are about the same. But this one has been here a long time too. It’s made for 36 inch tall people. Does that
make sense. So, pretty much anyone can ride it. It’s not
as scary as some of the others. But it’s still fun. High Water. Mad Moccasin. It’s been the ride that’s always
been here. I’ve always noticed the Mad Moccasin at Blue
Bayou just because of the snake heads on the top. It’s kind of really tall, so it’s kind of
a signature ride here, I’d say. Ever since the park opened, I think this ride
has been here. It’s been here for a while. The Awesome Twosome. This one doesn’t have any single riders, though.
I need to find a partner. Poop. Alright guys, we are going to ride the Awesome
Twosome. I found myself a buddy here. This is Coby.
We’re going to check out this white slide here. It’s been a while since I’ve rode this one.
It should be a good time. Coby just joined YouTube about two days ago. Thanks man. I appreciate that. Take it easy. He’s going to go and check out my channel.
Yeah! He’s awesome! Thanks man. I appreciate that. Take it easy. Alright guys, that’s all the water slides
right now, so we are going to go chill in the Lazy River
for a little bit. It’s going to be nice. In case you guys are wondering, we’re locker
number 1084. Have you guys ever been to Blue Bayou. Do
you know what locker number you were? Let me know down in the comments below. If
not, just make something up! Alright guys. We got dressed. We’re done with
all of the water slides. We are going to go eat something and then Dixie Landin should be opening up
in about an hour. And we’re going to go ride some roller coasters. Peanut. Peanut butter. And Jelly. and Nuts! and and apple, and some muffins. Yummy lunch. Let’s go ride some roller coasters now. I’m
excited about this. It’s just kind of drizzling now, so I think
that the ride are going to be open. I need to go over to Dixie Landin and check
it out. There’s Guilbeau Galaxy right there. Looks like a mouse coaster. Steel mouse coaster. It’s interesting being on the Dixie Landin
side of the park whenever there’s no body here because it seems so dead. You know. Nothing is happening. It reminds me of… if you look on YouTuibe, you can find videos of Six Flags New Orleans. I forget what they call that. I think it’s
just Six Flags New Orleans, but it’s abandoned because it got ruined during
Hurricane Katrina, and there’s videos of people going into there and just climbing the coasters and that type
of stuff. It’s really cool to see. It’s like you want
to film something there. It’d be that cool. Two more roller coasters here. I don’t know
what the names are yet though. There’s this red one… ohh look. Xtreme. There’s that one, and then there’s this green
one over there. And there the Rajun Cajun, which is basically
one of those… I don’t know the technical name for it. I
call it the boomerang coaster because the first time that I rode one of
those coasters was at the Knott’s Berry Farm in California, and it was called the Boomerang, and it this
style of coaster and so I’ve just always called it a boomerang. It’s one of those one’s where it loops and
it comes this way and loops that way, and then you do it backwards
and you loop, loop, loop. Let me see if I can go and get a better shot
of it. This place does have a lot of fair rides.
You have the swings here, You’ve got the little cart things here. They have a Tilt-a-Whirl. They have a Ferris
Wheel right there. A lot of those kinds of rides. I think they
are some kiddie rides. There’s a Somewhere Over the Rainbow thing, and a couple of other rides. It’s not the hugest park, but being that you
get the water park and the amusement park all at one price, it’s not a bad deal. Here’s a better shot of that Xtreme roller
coaster. The lights are on. That’s a good sign, right? And then this… you still can’t see it with
all of the dad-gum trees, but this is the boomerang coaster that I was
talking about. It’s called the Rajun Cajun, and you know,
you loop and then you loop that way and then you loop that way and then you go
up and then you do it all backwards again. Very fun roller coaster. They have one of these kind of rides where
you just shoot up and then you bounce, bounce. Those are always
fun. I don’t know if this is a kiddie ride or what. It’s called Loco Loco. I saw a YouTube video
of it last night but I didn’t see it on the map and that’s
why I was kind of interested in it but I don’t know how to get on that ride. I guess… maybe around this way. I need to investigate a little further. Carousel’s closed up. That’s no good. Booo! These are the kiddie rides that I was talking
about. Maybe we will ride one of those if we have
a little bit of time. Might be fun to be kids again. There’s the Loco Loco entrance. So there’s this ride right here called Splinter. It’s a water log flume ride, but it just goes
like up, down, around, and it doesn’t really do that much. And I think I have another log flume ride
already on my channel, so I don’t think I’m going to ride this ride because I just changed and I don’t want to
get wet again. Well guys, we were on Xtreme, right about
to go, and then one of the cars got stuck, so they
had to take us out. I guess we will go and ride Rajun Cajun now. And it’s not open yet. Pfft. I’m having poor, poor luck today guys.
This sucks. They’ve got the carts going. They are up. Let’s see how the launch goes. Looks like it’s working to me. Alright guys. We are riding the Loco Loco
at Blue Bayou Dixie Landin. Alright guys we just rode this all by ourselves. There was no one with us. What in the world? Let’s go see if we can find another coaster
to ride. Again. I’m on the ride and now they’re taking
me off… Preferably one with some people. Again. I’m on the ride and now they’re taking
me off… It’s just not my day, I guess. Not good. I was on the ride again guys, and the car
right before us got stuck. So I can’t ride it again. This is so annoying. I’m in line. These people are stuck. I have a curse on me today. Alright. Rajun Cajun. Blue Bayou. You ain’t never been on it? Not this particular one. I’ve been on one
like it. That was fun. Third time’s a charm. I got someone with me. Alright. Alright. Xtreme at Blue Bayou Dixie Landin. I’m going backwards I guess. This should be fun. That was fun. I finally got to ride it after
two times of it breaking down. I made it! Alright guys. I finally got to ride Xtreme. After two times of it breaking down, third
time was a charm, and it was fun. It was a good one. I can’t
wait to show yall the video. Just rode the Hot Shot guys. That was fun. I forgot how fun it is to do a drop. Last one I need to ride, Guilbeau’s Galaxy.
Let’s do it. Faster. Go! Galaxy! How you doing? How you doing? Yall want to be on my YouTube video? Yeah! HEY! YAY! Yall are going to subscribe to my channel,
ok? Alright. What’s your channel? Lanevids. LaneVids? LaneVids. Yeah! This is my rocket. The Flying Tigers. That was fun. Well guys the fun’s over. It’s time to turn
in our locker key and head home. Darkness, Redness, then White. What?!? They
got it right. If you rent a locker here, it costs $10, but
you get $4 back. That’s awesome. Alright guys. I’m done. I’m exhausted. Before we go, I figured that I would show
you this. The Aqualoop ride behind me. Doesn’t it looks
like a big butt? For some reason, I think those loops coming
out like that, remind me of a bug ole butt. Let’s go home to some cute kids. Hey guys. I’m running a little low on battery, but I wanted to let yall know that if you
guys want to see some of these videos that I took of roller coasters and water slides, make sure to subscribe to
the main channel. Also subscribe to this channel because if
we go down to Oklahoma er, go up to Oklahoma, I plan on trying to go to at least one theme
park. There’s one in Oklahoma City that’s not far
away called Frontier City. and I’d like to go and get some roller coasters
from that place, and if I can, I’m going to try and go to some
other ones, just no guarantee on that. So if you want to see those theme parks, make
sure to click the subscribe button on this channel because I’ll definitely do some more videos
as we vlog over there. Now let’s go find some cute kids. Daddy. Boo! I heard that you made up a song today. Do you make up a song today/ I made … Ite. You what? I make Ite. Uh huh. What’s that? Sing song with ite. You sing a song with ite? Sing song with ite. How does that song go? Can you sing it? ite, ite, ite, ite and ninis. Ohh… I like to ite, ite, ite ipples and
baninis. That song? Uh huh. That’s the song you like? I like to ite, ite, ite ipples and baninis. What else did you do? I played with some Playdoh. You played with some Playdoh. That’s exciting! There you go brother. There you go brother. Hey Bud! Yes sir! How was your day? Did you have a good day today? Huh? Did you have a good day today? Yeah, yeah! Tell me about it! Tell me about
it, Buddy! Blocked. I’ve got a secret that I want to tell you,
Buddy. Can you roll over? I’ll tell you a secret. Ready? Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm {baby laughter} Is that you ear? I don’t think that was your
ear. Is your eat right here? {baby laughter} I got you. I got you. You’re whooshing? Who are you whooshing for? I’m whooshing for brother. You’re going to make him a pallet on the ground? Alright. Sister’s making you a pallet, Buddy. Are you
excited? Ohh.. yes sir. I know. What else do you want
to say? There you go. There we go. Brother that’s for you. Are you going to go lay down on it? Are you going to go lay down on it and go
night night? Ok. Say night night. Whoosh. Amelia can you say night night? Night night. Ohh my god guys. I’m so tired. It’s 11:40
right now, and the vlog that you are watching right there
is not uploaded to YouTube yet. For some reason YouTube will not upload my
video and I’m trying to figure out why, and it’s
so annoying. But if you want to watch it, if it’s up, I’ll
annotate it and you guys can go and click it if you missed
it. If you missed the main channel video, you
can go watch that. That one is definitely up right there. It’s
about our gift that we gave to my dad. It was fun. For the mystery video today, I’m actually
going to link up a playlist for you guys. A playlist of roller coasters and water slides, since you guys watched this vlog, I figured that yall might be interested in
some of the other coasters and water slides that I have ridden in the
past, and that I that I have video of. So click the mystery video to be taken to
that playlist to get you some awesome coaster rides to ride Alright guys. I’ll see yall tomorrow. Bye!


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  60. diamond princeza says:

    that tree branch though πŸ˜‚πŸŒš

  61. diamond princeza says:

    im going wedneday hopefully i wont get scared πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŒš

  62. ExO says:

    went there yesterday RAJUN CAJUN WAS AMAZING

  63. Isabelle Bibbee says:

    I'm going to blue bayou in a few weeks, hopefully! When I go, I'll be sure to come back to this video and tell you my locker number since you abated to know 😊

  64. Matthew Eurystthee says:


  65. FaZe Restless says:

    I'm going for the 4th time in 4 days p.s mad moccisene is the best

  66. Adrianne Bajon says:

    Louisiana has the worst weather in America tbh

  67. Adrianne Bajon says:

    Last summer I went to blue bayou 14 times cause I had a season pass and I'm about to go back soon

  68. Omega Egg says:

    i went to blue bayou on a vacation 3 times + hotel and im never going on mamboo im 8 yr old and my moms back was riped. conja is amazing i couldent stop riding it!

  69. aceflyer66 says:

    Hey. Do you need at least two people to ride Azuka and Conga? Because I usually go to amusement parks alone.

  70. RealMjbGaming says:

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    I-10…The scariest ride of them all

  74. walid hamed says:

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  75. walid hamed says:

    I live seven minutes away from blue bayou

  76. Donna Farr says:

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  78. Breezefur says:

    i went this summer it was super fun but i never ride all the rides I LOVEEE THE HOT SHOT!

  79. Noel Boudreaux says:

    Why are are you going to blue buyou if it is raining

  80. Christian Vargas says:

    i whit to the waterpark my number 2856

  81. j gaming says:

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  82. Lane Hicks says:


  83. Andrew Lee says:

    I was locker 1122 tight next to the girls room

  84. Theguywhoplayscod D says:

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  85. Dr Awsome The Wizard says:

    9:02 R.I.P The Knotts Berry Farm Boomerang
    Who can't wait for Hangtime

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    I usually get a season pass

  93. mobile play says:


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  96. KMONEY TV says:

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    16:24 Your baby son is so cute! What’s his name?

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