Ball Bearing = The Most Dangerous Thing To Crush With Hydraulic Press
Ball Bearing = The Most Dangerous Thing To Crush With Hydraulic Press

[heavy metal music] Welcome to the hydraulic press channel. Today we are going to continue the press explosions with ballistic gelatin series and this time we have even more dangerous stuff than the last week. We have some hardened steel stuff. Some grinding disks and some rocks. Yeah. But I think we are going to start with the steel stuff because this probably the most dangerous one And I am a bit nervous. And let’s start with the ball bearing. And last time we had it like this, but today it’s going to be like this. And it’s much stronger like this so we are going to have huge explosion if we are able to explode it. I’m not sure if we have enough force. But let’s try. Yep. And since this so dangerous We are behind the blast shield and the plywood. And we are looking this through the camera screen. And here we go. [explosion] Oh my! [laughing] I think that was pretty good! Yeah, let’s have a look. Yep so let’s see the gelatines. This was on the left side. And we have some stuff here. That’s really brittle. And we have.. I think I’m going to just pull with my hands Yeah it was It was like this. Would hurt. I think we don’t have anything else on this. [laughs] This was on the right side. And have a look on this. [gasp] [laughs] It was like this deep there. So, this was, this was by far the most dangerous one. so by far I have no… I think this is part of the outer ring of the bearing. Yeah, we have.. Holy shit! That one is big. I have to get knife for that one. But let’s look. That last one And we have One here. That wasn’t this deep. And some small stuff here. Yep there is actually two in here. Oh! This is pretty bad. And it was like It’s like maybe one inch inside. And then how about, how about this. I think this is the deepest one. Yeah, it’s really deep. It’s really tiny but it has moved up really fast. Yeah. And it was like [laughs] It was This has been has to been moving like at least hundred meters per second so it can get so deep. Because it’s so small. Yeah, really dangerous. And here we are filming so fast And inside with the [unintelligible] lights I decide this time to use black and white camera. And I think we should film even faster because that’s so fast. Yeah you can, there you can see it’s not, it’s not sharp at all. But you can see it there. I think that line there is the one that went really deep because it’s stupidly fast. Yeah really interesting. Yep. And then we have this tool installation part. It’s hollow and it’s hard and it’s steel. And it’s pretty long. And I am not sure if it’s going to explode or just slip out from there. But nevertheless, I think this is Personally I feel that this is one of the most stupidest thing if not the stupidest thing that we have ever done with the press. So don’t try this at home. [loud bang] Enh! No, it didn’t explode. Yeah it broke like this. I think there was too much of non-hardened steel compared to like hardened steel or something. and I’m not even sure it’s that. I think the surface is hardened because this should last quite long. But I’m not completely sure. Yeah but it didn’t explode. Yep. And then we have obsidian. It’s like really dense lava rock. And rocks are pretty hard. And according to videos on the internet obsidian should break into really sharp pieces. They used to make like arrow heads and tools out of this in the stone age. So if everything goes according to plans there should be like some arrow heads flying out of the press. And here we go. [loud noise] [laughing] Oh. Yeah I was already thinking that it’s not going to explode. but we had that really tiny explosion on the end of things but uh, this wasn’t dangerous. Yeah but at least for once, the internet was right. Look how mean these pieces looked. are still here And then more rocks This time we have this rock ball. And here we go. [groan] [laughing] Yep. And then we have some cd’s. These are a bit like the playing cards but much harder. And, probably more dangerous. Uh-oh. This looks really bad. [bang] Whoa! [laughing] And here we have CD pancake. And most of the CDs are still here. and and and This was just slightly there. Like maybe couple millimeters. And we found this behind our blast shield. It flied like, straight up. There was also smell of burning plastic after the explosion. So I think the plastic got really hot and all the stuff that was flying was like like this partly melted plastic so no penetration. Yep. And then the last one. I think there is 12 grinder disks. They are 2 millimeters thick. So quite similar to CD’s but not plastic and probably much worse. And I have no idea can we crush them. And will they explode? But it seems to be pretty stupid idea to try. And here we go. Uh-oh. Oh! Yeah no they are just like, getting crushed. Yeah, I think they are a bit too soft material for explosion. Yeah I think the bearing laying on its side It was one of the most dangerous crushes ever. I don’t remember any other than that and anvil that could like Seriously injure you or even kill at least I think the anvil would have been deadly if it been in your face. I’m not sure. I think this wouldn’t been deadly. Probably but still pretty bad injury. And it’s good to remember because this can happen when you like try to remove or install bearings so it’s probably good idea not to use full force with the small bearings because you are not going to need it if everything is ok Yep and I try to find large hardened steel parts for the next video. Because they seems to be the most dangerous thing. And that is all for today. Thank you for watching, and have a nice day. [heavy metal music] And for today’s extra content we have yellow [unintelligible] I have no idea what kind of animal it is Looks like stupid fish. So it can probably attack you while you are swimming. And because of that, we have to deal with it. It almost escaped. Now it’s a yellow hole then.

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  10. DaSpoonyBard says:

    I think a star would be the most dangerous thing to crush.

  11. DaSpoonyBard says:

    I think a star would be the most dangerous thing to crush.

  12. DaSpoonyBard says:

    I think a star would be the most dangerous thing to crush.

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