BBInfinite BB30 Bottom Bracket Module for 30mm Spindle Crank Sets
BBInfinite BB30 Bottom Bracket Module for 30mm Spindle Crank Sets

Why doesn’t your BB 30 cranks spin like
this? Does it creak? It will spin like mad in absolute silence with a BBInfinite
BB 30 module for 30 millimeter spindles. Let’s install one now. Oh, and if you’ve
got a Shimano, GXP, or campi crank in your BB 30 bike, head over to to see our full lineup. I’ve already removed the crank, the bearings, and the
snap rings so that the BBInfinite module can go through unobstructed. We
just start it by hand and it’ll stay right there. Without any grease or
Loctite on the module we’re going to begin pressing. We’re going to use our BB
infinite master tool press for this. All I did was throw the crank in the
freezer for an hour or so and this will make it slide in a lot easier and I
won’t have to use a hammer, and it allows the wave washer to compress correctly. I
would have had to use the hammer there. Let’s get this thing bolted together before
it thaws out. Well there you have it BB Infinite has cured all that ails BB
30 and BB 3OA. Now all you need to do is go get one for yourself. Visit to get your BB 30 solution today.

1 thought on “BBInfinite BB30 Bottom Bracket Module for 30mm Spindle Crank Sets”

  1. Michelle White says:

    Okay, guys, I finally got one of these for my pretty little CAAD10 and she spins like made. I'm blown away by how good it feels. Seriously, when I go to clip in the slightest touch sends the crank spinning away. My Rotor2inpower crank is great too. Get one.

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