BBP-1.2 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Set
BBP-1.2 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Set

The Park Tool BBP-1.2 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press
is specifically designed and built to quickly and accurately install bottom bracket bearings
into press fit bottom bracket shells. The press features a quick release
design for fast tool installation and removal and a large handle for leverage. the precision bushings allow for compatibility with
most modern press-fit bottom bracket standards. The BBP 1.2
works on bottom brackets of all widths from less than 68 millimeters
to over 150 millimeters.

9 thoughts on “BBP-1.2 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Set”

  1. Jeffrey Wagner says:


  2. DUKE LA MODE #1 says:

    200 dollars kill me with that price

  3. ThunderStruckCoach says:

    All my BBs screw in and out on threads……

  4. Mersuharrastaja says:

    What's the difference between bbp-1 and bbp-1.2?

  5. FranksFlyTraps says:

    Nice. the cheaper original press works fine for me, but if i had some extra loot laying around i might pick this up.

  6. Matthew Gies says:

    Which fatbike is that?

  7. Shreyas Mahimkar says:

    Where can i find parktool products in india .
    I found some on amazon but they seemed way overpriced like 3 to 4 times the actual msrp.

  8. MTB/ST says:

    I just bought the BBP 1

  9. Ll Kk says:

    I love the way you guys do your advertising. You guys are really good at showing off the tools.

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