Bearing Removal Tutorial. How to Remove a Bearing. Motorcycle Rear Sprocket
Bearing Removal Tutorial. How to Remove a Bearing. Motorcycle Rear Sprocket

I planned to add this part at the end of the video. But better watch it now:))) I applied the heat for too long!! A Mistake Bearing is pretty hot. Could kept it cooler if I applied heat for a shorter duration Youtube’s own subtile engine is not very accurate. So do my pronunciation.:)))) hi I wanted to talk about how to how to
take bearings out from their place as far as I know this is the first foot
bearing or interference it’s bearing but if I’m wrong excuse me I am sure that
there are plenty plenty videos out there but I just wanted to talk about my
experience for or for very short how to take them out we use in general we use
socket wrenches so sockets from a socket wrench set the reason we use them if you
are easily with these kind of things it’s certain that you have a socket
wrench set and you choose the size which mesh your bearing and then you just
hammer it from behind this is why we use a socket wrench but to be honest how the
method you use to take a bearing out is really up to you unless unless you don’t
damage the bed the bed it sits on you can take out however you you wanted to
but it’s very important that when you fit the new bearing inside you can only
do it you should only do it from the outer outer race of the bearing
you should not hammer it from the center that’s very important otherwise if you
do it from the center if you sit if you place the bearing from the center from
hollering from the center you will certainly damage the bear and you can
use wd-40 perhaps it has no advantage perhaps it doesn’t do any good but what
I use because I am sure that it doesn’t do any harm either so when I take a
bearing out I use wd-40 to to lubricate the bender and the area
between the bearing and spent I don’t know how to explain it section yeah the
key point is the usage of heat and that was what I was doing in human stage the
thing is you will need to apply a high high heat for a short duration the
reason you just want to expand the aluminum the metal around the bearing in
this case that is aluminium but it may not be a lavinia meaning for your
situation what I was doing wrong I was thinking and I because I was using a
heat gun because I wasn’t using a propane torch I was thinking that the
heat I was applying wasn’t enough in this case actually I was applying too
much heat for too long then I was heating everything and that means
everything is expanding so you should use a high you should use high heat for
a short duration and it should be focused this is why I said propane is
better because you can focus it much better it has much more heat and you can
apply it for short duration so the last thing is about the heat short duration
high heat and keeping the heat transmitted to the bearing to minimum to
keep it as cool as possible that’s all I can say about it for now and thanks for

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